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The US Corporate Media Is Trying to Iraq Iran

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Dear David,

Tell the Washington Post Ombudsman to fact-check the publication's claim that Iran has "a quest to possess nuclear weapons."

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A key way that US media - in particular, the New York Times and the Washington Post - helped railroad the nation into war with Iraq in 2002-3 was by treating as "fact" key allegations about Iraq's alleged WMD program which had not been proven - and which, following the US invasion of Iraq, turned out to be false.

Now we're seeing some of the same behavior in the US media about allegations that Iran is seeking to acquire a nuclear weapon. As Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting observed on November 16, "Much of the corporate media coverage of a new UN report on Iran strongly asserts that Iran is close to building nuclear weapons. But the International Atomic Energy Agency report does not actually arrive at that conclusion, and many critics contend that the speculations that are in the report are misguided." [1]

A particularly egregious example is a "photo gallery" published by the Washington Post headlined, "Iran’s quest to possess nuclear weapons." [2] Of course, the claim that Iran has a "quest to possess nuclear weapons" is not a fact but an allegation. By making the claim a headline, the Washington Post treats it as a fact.

As Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh noted in the New Yorker on November 18, there is still no definitive evidence of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program. [3]

Join us in urging the Washington Post's Ombudsman to "factcheck" the Washington Post's treatment of the allegation that Iran has a "quest to possess nuclear weapons" as a fact.

Thanks for all you do to help bring about a more just foreign policy,

Robert Naiman, Sarah Burns, Chelsea Mozen and Megan Iorio
Just Foreign Policy

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1. "Iran, Nukes and the Failure of Skepticism: Iraq all over again?" Media Advisory, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, 11/16/11,
2. "Iran’s quest to possess nuclear weapons," Washington Post,
3. "Iran and the I.A.E.A.," Seymour M. Hersh, New Yorker, November 18, 2011,


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There's surely no proof that Iran has developed or is working on developing nuclear weapons.  
And if Washington ever had proof over the past several years, then it would've surely acted to 
protect its hegemonic position.  After all, Washington corruptors disapprove of real competition, 
wanting global dominance, instead. And it has 15 or 16 intelligence agencies, plus intell. 
agencies of so-called allies, NATO, Israel, and probably others.

If they're this concerned about Iran potentially developing nuclear weapoons, which'ld only be 
intended for deterrence, then they clearly don't have proof against Iran. Otherwise, they wouldn't 
have waited this long.  They knew Iraq had no WMD and also lied about Libya, always lying and 
always continuing to lie. 

What they're doing to Iran is criminal. I don't accept some things about the Iranian govt, but the 
sanctions, economic bullying, by itself, is criminal.  War would be by the USA et al and totally 

"War is a Racket" - Smedley Butler

"War is a Lie" - David Swanson


War is about Bloodshed Loss of Life and Suffering Not Least to Non Combatants

It was Morally Bankrupt for the Previous Administration to of Led the USA into War with Iraq and Equally it

is Morally Bankrupt any War Mongering against Iran

Iran has a Right to National Sovereignty and Not to have it's Resources such as Oil Plundered and Pillaged by

the West as has Happened in the Past Not Least with the United Kingdom Plundering Iran's Oil Resources

If any Country there should be Sanctitions On it should be the Peoples Republic of China Regime for it's

Evil Oppression of Ordinary Chinese and Tibetans such as Denial of Culture and Religious Rights Basic Human




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