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Lou Dobbs
Do you feel more or less confident because the president says he didn't know about the port deal until members of Congress objected after the deal was approved?
More confident
Less confident

Vote Here (While they'll let you.)

Current results as of noon est:

More confident 1% 164 votes

Less confident 99% 10852 votes


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This poll is flawed. It neglected to ask: "Do you BELIEVE that bush knew nothing until the deal was approved?"
I'm sure the results would still be the same 99% = "NO"

Incidentally, I'm convinced that the BIG Objection is NOT about UAE being Muslims, what we ARE concerned about is that Bush is tooo damned friendly with the same Saudi's who financed the 'Bombers' and the relatives of Osama (remember him?) whom BUSH FLEW TO SAFETY while the USAF was made to stand-down, and the same bosum buddy who sat with Bush and watched the towers fall... and the same place where many of the original Terrorists came from... (remember pre-2000, when there really were only a handful of "terrorists" in the world? Ahhh, those were the god Ole days, eh?)
Bush "needs" another Catastrophic Event, and this could certainly be the start of something big. Do we 'trust homeland security' to keep us safe? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Just for funzies, kidz - Who else wants the port contract? ;-)

I know I'm just ol' foolish North Carolina white trash, but I find it very interesting that the hitherto BushCo apologist main stream media would suddenly jump on this story . . . and we all know what bastions of TRUTH and INTEGRITY our Corporate Media has become since the demise of the Fairness Doctrine (R.I.P. 1949-87) and the 7-7-7 Media Ownership Laws. . . ;-)

Perhaps this is just another BushCo Fear psyop to act as a distraction to buy the frat brats time for Karl Rove & Co to slime their way out of the mess-o-potamia they have created . . .

. . .or perhaps it is yet another PNAC-AIPAC alliance plan to award even more of our infrastructure to our "only true friend" in the Middle East . . . you know, our pals that attacked the USS Liberty to frame the Egyptians . . . can't say their name anymore or the ADL will brand you anti-Semitic . . . look what happened to these poor rock & roll kidz, Poker Face, in New Jersey:

Cui bono? Who benefits?

Of course, now I find out that by challenging the "Official" 9/11 story, the Corporate Media is now branding me "anti-Semitic" . . .
I thought I was just talking laws of physics on THIS planet . . . ;-)

. . . and I didn't even say anything about questioning how many Swing Kidz, Intellectuals, and Gypsies/Bohemians the Nazi machine killed in relation to "Gawd's chosen ones." Isn't it funny, kidz, that if someone claims the earth is flat, or Elvis is still alive, or the earth is only 6000 years old . . . you just laugh at them . . . but if you question the "OFFICIAL" story of World War II, they throw your ass in jail now???

So, is this just another BushCo backroom deal or is this otherwise legitimate business deal being sabotaged by someone for their benefit? Of course, as one of the highly trained and specialized American engineers that was DISCARDED for "wrong thinking", I am still asking myself why the hell with millions of Americans going hungry there isn't an AMERICAN company that should be getting this port gig???? ;-)

"So hoist up the John B’s sail
See how the mainsail sets
Call for the captain ashore
Let me go home, let me go home
I wanna go home, yeah yeah
Well I feel so broke up
I wanna go home"
- Sloop John B by the Beach Boys


I'm more concerned with the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is in the current and '07 budgets as being reduced and trimmed by $1 Trillion dollars.

In my home city on the West Coast, some of our port is being rented to COSCO, a company based out of China. And yes, I unterstand the political ramifications of the UAE, Executive Branch members with direct ties to the UAE and the Dubai Ports World port managment, lunch with the Royal Prince and Osama bin Laden, etc.

Just for a moment, take the issue of the sale to the UAE off of the table and look at the secyrity issue.


As the 9/11 commission detailed, the Department of Homeland Security needs to be funded sronger, not less.

Current levels of cargo screening is at 5%-7% of all cargo the arrives to the USA.

Yes, read that again and ask youself, who's fault would it be if some terrorist group were to smuggle through our ports? It wouldn't be the UAE. It would be the DHS.

Untill we can assure that 100% of all cargo is screened, we shouldn't be allowing a known group, country, organization or company that is anything less than 7 degrees of sepperation from the #1 terrorist organization.

Excellent points!! - How secure is the Outsourcing of America?

Especially, when it coincides with budget reductions of the governmental agencies that over-see and regulate that outsourcing?

I still feel that the outsourcing of our government telecommunications is a MAJOR threat to national security given the new advances in CALEA compliant SS7 phone switches whereby any phone call may be compromised with a few keystrokes. . . blackmailers don't need warrants . . . sorta like BushCo and the NSA!!! ;-)

"I'm on a party line,
Wondering all the time,
Who's on the other end?
Is she big, is she small?
Is she a she at all?
Who's on my party line?"
- Party Line by The Kinks


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