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CBS 60min.: "Curve Ball"

By jimstaro - Posted on 14 March 2011

eighth anniversary of America's invasion of Iraq.

Yep, and it seems now that the U.S. media is trying to spin their own rovian revisionist history as to why they didn't do their jobs, eight years later!


And after all this time, questions still remain as to why the United States launched the war in the first place.

Really Simon, questions? Seems hundreds of thousands here with added millions, us 'focus groups', around this planet were questioning before, on the day the invasion started and all these years later, as well as paying attention to the better late then never Inquiries held as well as all the proof then and through these eight years. Where have all of you been?


So how did U.S. intelligence get it so wrong?

Did intelligence get it all wrong "who spun a web of lies which convinced America's top spies", or is it more reality that you all followed breathlessly what cheney and all his brother and sister neo-cons, who found a story line from a single source they could build up with what other 'intelligence?' they cherry picked, think powell at the U.N., and added to justify their destructive goals, sold you and few questioned, remember all that love towards rumsfeld!


Iraqi defector "Curve Ball" speaks out


March 13, 2011 - Next Saturday will mark the eighth anniversary of America's invasion of Iraq. And after all this time, questions still remain as to why the United States launched the war in the first place. The Bush administration said it was because of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

But there were no such weapons.

So how did U.S. intelligence get it so wrong? Incredibly, it was all because of one man - an Iraqi defector codenamed "Curve Ball" - who spun a web of lies which convinced America's top spies. His allegations became the crown jewel of the case Colin Powell made to the United Nations before the war.

Three years ago we told you part of this story. But we were missing one crucial element: Curve Ball himself.

We couldn't find him. Finally, we did and now we're going to introduce you to the man and ask you to ponder how anyone could ever have believed one word he said. {continued}


Done "In Our Names!", no journalistic hard questions from the so called mainstream but many from the suppressed real journalism professionals outside of the corporate media!

Still no calls, especially from the corporate media, for Inquiries within this Country, the leader of the propaganda and the wars of choice! As those policies created more hatreds with the death and destruction, torture and renditions, much more! Which destroyed that so called national security you all bellow about as a whole group of people are labeled as guilty, think the king congressional hearing, while ignoring our own criminal terrorist extremist within calling them just criminals, and not calling any involved in the policy, criminals!

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