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Focus: Syria - Apr 7, 2017

By bartolo - Posted on 07 April 2017


Putin considers US attack in Syria aggression against sovereign state: Kremlin - Sputnik

Putin to Netanyahu: Unacceptable to make 'groundless accusations' on Syria chemical attack -

Russian Foreign Ministry statement on US military action in Syria on April 7, 2017 -

Russian Defense Ministry: 36 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 did not reach the Ash Sha’irat airbase, total cost of the operation $110.271 million  -

Russian Defense Ministry decides on expansion in Syria following Putin's orders - Sputnik

Russia to take measures to Increase Syrian air defense capabilities -

Russian warship steams toward US destroyers that launched Syria strikes - Fox News

Russia expects US to provide evidence of chemical weapons use by Syria - TASS

Moscow reminds all chemical weapons were taken out of Syria in 2014 with US help - Sputnik

Syria has 'ridiculously huge' stockpile of sarin gas, Pentagon memo reveals - Washington Times

Rebel warehouse with chem weapons hit by Syrian airstrike in Idlib: Russian MOD - RT News

VIDEO: Weapons manufacturing facility in Khan Sheikhoun captured by Qatari TV, video begins by showing people being washed off after the chemical attack - Al Jazeera

White Helmets & SOHR can't be considered as reliable sources: Russian Foreign Ministry -

US probes possible Russia role in Syria chemical attack -

China does not assign blame for the Syria chemical attack or mention Syrian leader Bashar Assad, supports investigation - Fox News


UN Chief urges ‘very clear' probe into Syria's Idlib chemical attack - Sputnik




Presidency of Syrian Arab Republic: US aggression is reckless and irresponsible act – Syrian Arab News Agency

Eyewitness says Syrian military anticipated U.S. raid - ABC News

Al-Moallem: Syrian Army didn’t and will not use chemical weapons even against terrorists – Syrian Arab News Agency

Syria determined to carry out its obligations towards OPCW, rejects forging facts – Syrian Arab News Agency

Mikdad: We provided OPCW and the UN with reports on toxic substances transported into Syria by terrorist organizations – Syrian Arab News Agency

Did Assad or the Russians use chemical weapons against civilians in Syria or are we dealing with a false flag operation? Is Trump being duped by the neocons? - O Mouggos

What caused the chemical calamity in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria on April 4, 2017? - Rootclaim

Chemical Weapons 2017: What Just Happened In Syria? -

Tahrir AL sham said the warplane that did the airstrikes was Su-22 2/4 - Yusha Yuseef on Twitter

it's known that bombs used by this type of warplanes can't be filled with gas or editable ، Unlike let's say helicopter home made bombs 3/4 - Yusha Yuseef on Twitter

Also SAA command didn't know about existence of chemical supplements inside the targeted base 4/4 - Yusha Yuseef on Twitter

VIDEO: Minutes after the sarin gas attack on Idlib -



Syria strike disappoints Trump backers in media - TheHill

Trump's troll army isn't ready for war in Syria, The alt-right crowd breaks with the president - POLITICO Magazine

Trump’s Syria strike is sign of Bannon’s waning influence -

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Trump’s military strikes in Syria are reckless and short-sighted - Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

VIDEO: Ron Paul: "Zero chance" Assad behind chemical weapons attack In Syria; Likely a false flag - Zero Hedge

Trump supporter Marine veteran warns Trump: ‘You're being duped’ on Syria (VIDEO) -

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