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Focus: Syria - June 12, 2017

By bartolo - Posted on 12 June 2017

Syrian troops advance to a second location on the Iraq border, battle rebels in Daraa - The Washington Post

Syrian forces cut off rebel base in advance to Iraq border -

Syrian army and allies fortifying positions at Iraqi border (VIDEO) -

Iran's General Soleimani and his militia are stationed on the Syrian-Iraqi border - Al Arabiya English

PHOTOS: Iran’s General Soleimani inspects Iraq-Syria border - AhlulBayt News Agency

VIDEO: Iraqi resistance factions in Iraq & Syria meet on the border celebrating - YouTube

VIDEO ARCHIVE: Iraqi government confirms cooperation with Syria, Iran and Russia to secure Syrian-Iraqi border -

The trouble with Tanf: Tactics driving strategy in Syria -

Why are we attacking the Syrians who are fighting ISIS? - The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Sources: Syrian Army wins back 100km of borderline with Jordan - AhlulBayt News Agency

Syrian Army repels ISIS who sent reinforcements to Deir Ezzor -

VIDEO: Footage of Syrian Army troops advancing towards Deir Ezzor -

Russian choppers propel the Syrian Army, Hezbollah in east Palmyra -

VIDEO: Syrian troops, backed up by attack helicopters, advancing northwest of Palmyra -

VIDEO (English subs): Dad of the the boy whose photo was used in a propaganda war against Assad turns out to be pro-Syrian government -




US-backed Kurdish fighters advance along Euphrates in west Raqqa - Rudaw

U.S.-backed Syrian fighters reach Old City walls in Islamic State-held Raqqa - US News

Syrian Democratic Forces capture university building in Raqqa amidst ongoing clashes with ISIS - ARA News

At least 440,000 civilians need humanitarian support in Raqqa: Report - ARA News

Over 40,000 children at risk in Raqqa as fighting intensifies between SDF and ISIS: UNICEF warns - ARA News

VIDEO: Footage of heavy clashes with Daesh in al-Sinaa district, East Raqqa City - YouTube

VIDEO: US-backed forces recapture sugar factory north of Raqqah -

ISIS accuses US-led coalition of using white phosphorus ammunition, witnesses saying the city was hit for the second consecutive night with incendiary bombs - Jerusalem Post

Coalition confirms use of white phosphorus in fight against ISIS, says it "takes all reasonable precautions to minimize the risk of incidental injury to non-combatants" - ARA News

VIDEO: Airstrikes hitting Raqqa throughout the last week show white phosphorus munitions - YouTube

An editorial (Arabic) by IS's Naba on the Raqqa battle: "We either eradicate the infidels or we die trying, no third option.” - H Hassan حسن حسن on Twitter

From 'caliph' to fugitive: IS leader Baghdadi's new life on the run - Business Insider

ISIS administered by 12-member committee instead of Baghdadi - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English

Just 24 hours after Turkey sent troops to protect Qatar, Saudi officials announced their public support for the Kurds in Syria - Leith Abou Fadel on Twitter

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