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Focus: Syria - June 14, 2017

By bartolo - Posted on 14 June 2017

Exclusive: U.S. expands presence in Syrian southeastern desert setting up a second base, rebels say - Reuters

Officials: US deploys long-range artillery system to the al-Tanf base in southern Syria -

Syrian rebel commander: 150 US troops at al-Tanf base -

Photos and videos show US joint patrols with rebels in southern Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) - FDD's Long War Journal

Mattis: Pro-Syrian government forces outside Al-Tanf deconfliction zone now - Sputnik

Tillerson agrees that Trump has no authorization from Congress to target Assad, Iranian proxies in Syria - Sputnik

Iraq says Syrian army delegation in Baghdad to discuss borders security - Reuters

Syrian Army sets up several bases near Iraqi border (VIDEO) -

VIDEO: Iraqi Badr Organization and Iranian RGC commander Qassem Soleimani on the Iraq-Syria border - YouTube

ISIL completely collapses east of Palmyra, According to the Syrian Ministry of Defense the entire Arak Triangle has been liberated -


Badia victory important step to break terrorists siege in Deir Ezzor: Syrian army commander - Mehr News Agency

Syrian Army, Russian Air Force spoil ISIS plans to overrun Deir Ezzor city -

Republican Guard reinforcements arrive in Palmyra to aid Deir Ezzor liberation offensive -

Iranian-Backed Up Militia Arrive To Deir Ezzor - Qasion News

VIDEO: Russian Il-76 airdrops humanitarian aid over Deir ez-Zor – YemenExtra




ISIS battles to keep US-backed Syria force from Raqqa Old City, making heavy use of mines, snipers and car bombs - AFP

‘Most violent’ battles in Raqqa city to date as UN warns of civilian toll (MAP) - Syria Direct

ISIS drones are attacking U.S. troops and disrupting airstrikes in Raqqa, officials say - The Washington Post

Artillery shelling by Daesh on SDF locations westrn side of Raqqa and many fighters of SDF wounded - Raqqa24 on Twitter

ISIS publishes its first video depicting the battle for Raqqa city (VIDEO) -

Many dead as Turkey-backed Syrian rebels and Kurdish fighters clash in Aleppo province, while Raqqa battle rages on -

Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State slaves - Reuters

'Staggering' loss of civilian life from US-led airstrikes in Raqqa, says UN - The Guardian

In battle for Raqqa, civilians face deadly choice between US-led airstrikes or ISIS minefields - CBC Radio

A family was killed by anti-Daesh coalition raid bombed a boat they were using it to escape S of Raqqa - Raqqa24 on Twitter

Many civilians wounded due artillery shelling of SDF near of Hamida school - Raqqa24 on Twitter

HRW concerned about phosphorus use by U.S. coalition in Raqqa - Reuters

US Army has more than doubled size of team that investigates reports of civilian casualties in strikes by US coalition in Iraq & Syria - Mete Sohtaoğlu on Twitter


WFP Delivers food to displaced families in Syria’s Raqqa and Deir Ezzor - ReliefWeb

Syrian army advances west of Raqqa: Hezbollah military media unit - Reuters

VIDEO: The Hezbollah media wing in Syria showing the government forces advance against ISIS in the province of Raqqah -

Syrian Army kicks off Raqqa offensive in a big way, key oil field liberated -

VIDEO: First combat footage of Syrian Army clashing with ISIS in west Raqqa -

Syrian Army, Kurdish forces fight each other over control of abandoned ISIS villages in Raqqa province -

Russia and U.S. military forces are now battling ISIS in Raqqa, but not as allies -

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