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Focus: Syria - June 19, 2017

By bartolo - Posted on 19 June 2017

U.S. warplane downs Syrian army jet in Raqqa province - Reuters

Statement: Coalition defends partner forces from Syrian fighter jet attack - U.S. Central Command

Coalition says spoke to Russia several times via deconfliction channel amid the incident downing a Syrian Su-22 jet south of Tabqa - Sputnik

Russia sees US shooting down of Syrian jet as ‘act of aggression’, warns US its fighter jets are now potential target in Syria - The Guardian

Statement of the Russian Defence Ministry concerning downing of the Syrian Su-22 near the town of Resafa - Facebook

US changes disposition of coalition aircraft in Syria after Russian threats - ARA News

Statement (Arabic, English summary): Syrian Min. of Defense confirms US downed a jet, says it was targeting IS - Aron Lund on Twitter: “


SDF regain control on Ja'adin village SE Tabqa after clashes against Assad forces - Raqqa24 on Twitter

SAA claim captured 5 SDF/YPG members during clashes in Jaidin village south of Raqqa Syria - Islamic World Update on Twitter

Clashes break-out between Syrian Army and US-backed forces in west Raqqa, when it attempted to cross SDF front-lines in order to rescue its fallen pilot -

U.S.-backed SDF will retaliate if Syrian govt attacks again: spokesman - Reuters

Syrian government forces liberate Rusafa town in southwest Raqqa -

Syrian Army opens another front against ISIS, advances from Ithriyah towards Raqqah province: Reports -

Syrian Army liberates 14 sites in western Raqqa -

Iran launches missiles against ISIS in Deir Ezzor in response to Tehran attacks - Fox News

VIDEO: Iranian missiles hit ISIS targets in Deir Ezzor -

Syria, Iraq troops link at border for first time in years - ABC News

Syria, Jordan in talks to reopen border-crossing -


Fresh Syria talks set for July 10 in Astana, The meeting is set to coincide with a fresh round of UN-sponsored Syria peace talks that will also begin in Geneva the same day - Al Jazeera

Erdogan calls on US, Saudi Arabia to join Syrian peace talks in Astana -




Syrian Democratic Forces captured two more districts in Raqqa city (VIDEO, PHOTOS) -

Deadly raid by ISIS in Raqqa city leaves two SDF fighters dead -

US-backed Kurdish forces recapture key Division 17 base in east Raqqa -

US setting up military facility in Tabqah town in Syrian province of Raqqah -

VIDEOS: ISIS releases more videos of their battle against the SDF in Raqqah city -

Analysis: Future of post-ISIS Raqqa remains unclear, without a financial backer the city may have to rely on the Syrian state to restore services - Syria Deeply

Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army further attacks YPG in Eastern Aleppo countryside (VIDEOS) -

Interesting claim that Turkish artillery was working along side Ahrar and AQ sneak attack on YPG in Afrin - Gissur Simonarson on Twitter

US-led coalition closely monitoring Turkish training of Syrian militia - VOA

ISIS attacks pro-U.S. militants in southeast Syria near Al-Tanf border crossing, executes eight -

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