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Focus: Syria - June 21, 2017

By bartolo - Posted on 21 June 2017


Note: Some news listed below have not been confirmed.


U.S.-backed Syrian forces close in on Raqqa from south, with the aim of encircling the city - Reuters

SDF hundreds of meters from besieging the “Islamic state” in its main stronghold or forcing it to withdraw out of it - SOHR

MAP: Military situation Raqqah: There are 800 meters between east and west fronts to completely surround Raqqa city - Berfo كردي on Twitter

MAP: Reports SDF have captured the new bridge from ISIS in Raqqa [close to encircle it] - ScienceOfDiscontent on Twitter

Islamic State organization continues its fierce fight on the fronts of Al-Raqqah and excludes the option of withdrawing - SOHR

VIDEO (English): Video footage shows ferocious fight in Raqqa with several ISIS fighters killed - Kurd Merd on Twitter


VIDEO (French): SDF snipers in Romaniyah targeting an IS position in the Darayeh district with the support of the coalition - CLAUDIA on Twitter


Raqqa: ISIS has recaptured parts of al-Bitani District & al-Sinaa District in Eastern Raqqa and parts of Division 17 Army Base today - WorldOnAlert on Twitter


Raqqa: YPG suffered heavy losses in Raqqa today. ISIS detonated 2 SVBIEDs and killed or wounded 53+ YPG fighters - WorldOnAlert on Twitter


PHOTO: Kurdish YPG forces sent reinforcements to Raqqa fronts, more than 30 tanks - Berfo كردي on Twitter


VIDEO: Yazidi fighters from Sinjar left towards Raqqa to support YPG/YPJ fighters that helped the Yezidis escape from ISIS militants - erica on Twitter


VIDEO: SDF drone dropping leaflets on Raqqa city informing the local population to distance themselves from ISIS terrorists - Afarin Mamosta on Twitter


VIDEO (English subs): Raqqa civilians liberated by SDF: 'Thank God you came, my God protect you and support you' - Sarwan wllatzheri on Twitter


VIDEO (Arabic): Hundreds of ppl managed to escape districts held by IS and reach the freed eastern neighborhoods. IS use them as human shield - CLAUDIA on Twitter


Syrians fear new Raqqa turmoil once Islamic State is defeated - Reuters


Raqqa or Deir Ezzor: Where will Islamic States' last stand be? - Rudaw




Turkey sends ‘huge’ military reinforcements into northern Syria, headed towards areas south of Azaz - Reuters

14+ training camps, all managed by Turkey SOF, exist in N. Aleppo - several thousand recruits graduated in recent months - Charles Lister on Twitter

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels attack Kobane - ARA News

VIDEO: Good video showing Turkish army convoy arriving in Azaz in Northern Aleppo - WorldOnAlert on Twitter

VIDEO: Raw cellphone footage of Turkish army T-155 Firtina howitzers and ACV-15 armoured vehicles arriving Azaz in Northern Aleppo - WorldOnAlert on Twitter


Erdoğan's top adviser, MP B.Kuzu tells US Sec of State " you" for Tillerson's statement that Muslim Brotherhood is part of Erdogan govt - ilhan tanir on Twitter


Elite Iranian corps likely flew drone that US downed, officials tell VOA - VOA


Iran has drone base in Palmyra near U.S. troops in Al Tanf - NBC News


New details on US shoot down of Syrian jet -


Record number of women killed in US-led air strikes in Syria and Iraq in May, according to British non-profit Airwars - The Independent


France's Macron says sees no legitimate successor to Syria's Assad - Reuters


Virginia State Senator Richard Black citing American intelligence sources: Syria's Assad will win 90% of votes if election held now - Sputnik


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