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George Galloway is back in UK parliament!

By NicolasDavies - Posted on 30 March 2012

After defeating the second-placed Labour candidate by more than 2-to-1, George Galloway had this to say about his former party:

"They have to stop supporting illegal, bloody, costly foreign wars because one of the reasons why they were so decisively defeated this evening is that the public don't believe that they have atoned for their role in the invasion and occupation of other people's countries and the drowning of those countries in blood."        





People are revolting against FAKE, LABOR, SOCIALIST, LIBERAL class parties and voting for REAL SOCIAL POLITICIANS, ANTI WAR


This has got to be one of the best conceptualized presentations against SELF DEFEATING DOGMAS.   It describes the cultural,

political degradation of Southern, Fascist Tea Baggers in exquisite form.  IT DESCRIBES THE PARALLEL FASCISM that links NAZI

GERMANY TO AMERIKAN SOIL.  Regarding dogmas, there is a kind of symbiotic relationship between class dogmas and social

dogmas that slides back into defeat by class power.   This dogma described by Phil Rockstroh is the generic, garden style, class

dogma where major principles are completely false.   The dogma that one sees in the sectarianism of failed left dogmas is specific

to strategies, where every minor, secondary issue, is overstated, when the primary goal of ending the deforming class powers of class

hierarchies and its Patriarchal mechanism would define the right strategy of ending support for all class parties, class politicians.


These Understated, generic Class dogmas, along with the Overstated social dogmas on strategies combine to PRODUCE THE

SAME PARALLEL TOTALITARIANISM that produced both FASCISM and STALINISM, both of which were class outcomes, deformed

outcomes imposed by a global Class despotism.    The class dogmas Phil is describing hold true not only for the FASCIST

LIBERTARIANS, FASCIST TEA BAGGERS, but all class parties, class ideologies, including Obama, the fascist democratic party

and all ruling, mainstream class parties who impose FASCIST AUSTERITY, FASCIST CAPITALISM, and call it "FREE MARKETS",

like democrats, Obama also do, when they clearly co opted, corrupted ADAM SMITH'S DEFINITION OF FREE MARKETS AS


this reason the totalitarian class power of the Feudal State was called MERCANTILISM, while in capitalist clothes, the same

class dogma is corporatism, and FASCISM.  ALL class ideologues, class parties have slid into Fascist totalitarians, including

the fascist Democrats, and Obama:


On The Nature Of Self-Defeating Convictions

A missive to an estranged southern friend


"I've gazed upon the tormented faces of men I know, now deep in middle age, who are facing the prospect of never again holding a steady job that affords them a sense of dignity. As a consequence, all too many of these men -- men who I thought I knew well -- have been rendered sullen, spiteful, and, much to my heart's duress, an unreachable shell of their former self.

As their economic prospects diminished, their denial and displaced rage grew malignant. In the case of a couple of my friends, their resistance to reality became so vast, toxic, and all-encompassing that any attempt at dialog proved prohibitive.

Emblematic of this situation is my strained to the limit friendship with Vince (not his real name) who, due to the carnage inflicted on the U.S. laboring class by so-called free market "values", has been chronically under or unemployed since the Wall Street bankster-perpetrated crash of late 2008. Yet Vince remains stubborn in his refusal to connect his dismal plight with the reality-resistant political notions he clutches. To this day, he describes himself as a "conservative libertarian -- a proud believer in the values of the free market"…This conviction, coming from a member of the laboring class, is analogous to a slave proclaiming he is a believer in the auction block and the verities of his master's whip.

Worse, as the day to day humiliations exacted by the corporate state continue to inflict deeper, more emotionally debilitating wounds, the more Vince reacts like a wounded animal…lashing out at all but those who bestow him with the palliative of rightwing demagogic lies that distort the source of his suffering by means of directing his rage at a host of scapegoats i.e., phantom socialists (and, of course, their OWS dirty hippie dupes) whose, schemes, he insists, have denied him his rightful place among the serried ranks of capitalism's legion of winners.

My apologies to Vince and all of his likeminded brethren of my native region: Although we rose from the same southern soil, I've never had a knack for telling reassuring lies…for conjuring the sort of displaced emotional resentments and engaging in the brand of bigot-whispering that is the stock and trade of contemporary red state conservatives. Conversely, I have shown some promise in encouraging people to embrace the reality of their circumstances, and passing on the hopeful news that they are stronger than they know…Withal, the act of carrying the burden of denial in a marathon flight from feelings of angst and despair is the force that exhausts one's energy and demoralizes one's spirit.

This is why such a large number of those whose lives have been degraded by the deprivations of the present economic order will not focus their anger at Wall Street grifters: If capitalism, by the very nature of the system, allows a swindlers' class to not only legally exist -- but to thrive -- then it follows that there must be something flawed about the nature of capitalism itself...."


The failure to uphold social principles for Class compromises, class shilling, leads to A DEGENERATING CLASS CYCLE,




If Health Care Reform Falls, Progressives Need to Look In The Mirror


"Supporters of Obama's health care reform are "keeping a stiff upper lip" reports The Hill as reaction to three tough days of oral argument and questioning on aspects of President Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA).President Barack Obama listens to a question during the Organizing for America National Health Care Forum at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The entire health reform effort seems to hang in balance, dangerously. It looks like a very real possibility that Americans who do and will need health care, and who do or will have health conditions -- i.e., pretty much everyone -- will again be excluded from coverage for pre-existing conditions and others priced out of coverage at alarming rates if the unusually conservative and ideological Supreme Court backs the GOP.

It didn't have to be this way. We had the power to make things different. In fact, we still have the power to make things different.

As poorly as the administration calculated, strategized, composed and communicated their reforms, they did what Administrations do. They brought industry to the table, they excluded single payer advocates..."  



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