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Who Dropped The Bag Which Killed Richard Martin, if it Wasn't Dzhokhar?

By Ralph Lopez - Posted on 17 April 2015

As the 2015 Boston Marathon approaches, the US Department of Justice has not been able to answer one question: why is the backpack that the FBI says killed eight-year-old Richard Martin black, while the backpack Dzhokhar Tsarnaev carried that day, in every item of photographic evidence, white?

We do not know what Dzhokhar did that day, for the simple reason that he was never able to talk to his lawyer out of earshot of the FBI, which is the same as not being able to talk to your lawyer, period. Under Special Adminstrative Measures (SAMs,) a law passed after 9/11, terrorism suspects have no right to attorney-client privilige. This is the ancient doctrine, older than the US Constitution, which holds that you cannot mount a vigorous defense of yourself if "king's men" are listening to every word you utter to counsel. You will be punished for everything you say which makes the king unhappy.

So whatever Dzhokhar did or didn't do, we don't know. and it is no wonder all his lawyer could come up with at his trial was 'he did it.' At the very least it seems he was stupid enough to run with his brother, whether they were the prime agents in the Boston bombing or not, instead of turning themselves into police to keep from being summarily executed on the street.  He could have been summarily executed at a police station too, along with his brother, but that adds its own headaches.  There is always the possibility of a conscientious cop to stop it, or bear witness later.

It seems he was stupid enough to engage in gunfire with police, although details of the shooting remain hazy. Incidentally, in yet another incredible anomaly on that day, police now say there was an entirely different gunfight involving rifle fire just a block away, involving yet an entirely different crime and suspect or suspects.

Every other piece of evidence is lacking in some way.  The boat note was not announced until a full month after the bombing, and that crime scene was unsecured.  The witness who says he gave the gun to Dzhokhar testified as part of a plea bargain on drug charges.  The carjack victim Dun Meng has serious discrepancies in his story.

The fact remains. Dzhokhar's backpack is white, and the one which killed Richard Martin is black. Unless the FBI can explain this discrepancy, the backpack is not the one Dzhokhar allegedly dropped.

So if Dzhokhar didn't drop it, who did?

This question, untril satisfactorily answered, cuts to the heart of justice for Richard Martin. Whatever Dzhokhar intended or didn't intend to do, whatever games were being played that day, he didn't drop that backpack. Because he only had one. And it was white.

Forgetting just for the sake of argument the question of whether or not Dzhokhar is innocent, since we don't know what that word means in this context of mendacious law enforcement which at first denied ever hearing of these brothers, even though it had already interviewed them numerous times, forgetting this, let's say for the moment that this isn't about Dzhohkar. It's about Richard Martin.

It's about justice for Richard Martin, and capturing his killers. All of them.

US Department of Justice Exhibit 29, Richard Martin at left, Tsarnaev in white hat, alleged backpack used on sidewalk


 Blow-up of alleged backpack used in bombing, Exhibit 29, at


 Image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev backpack from official prosecution surveillance compilation at :33 (posted at Boston NPR affiliate WBUR)


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