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Truth Gathers in Dallas

Crawford vs. Dallas is Fantasy vs. Reality
The Baltimore Chronicle
By Ward Reilly

It's time to open the door, Mr. President. Our nation is knocking. If you turn Gold Star families and other REAL heroes away, what is that going to tell the "free press," and what is it going to tell all those veterans who have paid the price?

And you thought that the truth was in Crawford...
This weekend in Dallas, Texas, there will be a "Truth Convention" of sorts, centered around the Veterans For Peace national meeting.

This weekend in Dallas, Iraq veterans and Gold Star families will be joining with veterans of all US wars since WWII, the members of "Veterans For Peace," as they sit just a stone's throw away from a partying-for-five-weeks CIC, George Bush, over on his ranch, entertaining the new Saudi King perhaps.

While most of the national press will have their cameras and mics pointed at Bush or Cheney, 2 men who have told more lies than the FBI, many men and women who fought in Iraq, killed in Iraq, or simply suffered in Iraq or Afghanistan, will be crying out at the tops of their voices saying WE are here! We ARE the truth! PLEASE LISTEN TO US!

How could the media only report the politicians' actions this weekend, when hundreds of soldiers have gathered to confront the war makers?

While "reality" is speaking in Dallas in the form of the parents of KIA heroes, platoon members from Infantry units, etc., all gathered together, the free press will be covering "Little Dick" Cheney saying that "his numbers" show steady progress in the war in Iraq.

In other words, the public will get reports from fantasy-land in Crawford, Texas, while the words of REAL soldiers, men and women that have laid their lives on the ground, are ignored by our famous "free press." Yes, only 100 miles away, hundreds of veterans have gathered to discuss what must be done to save our nation.

Some of the veterans and "Gold Star" parents will even be dropping by "unCurious George's" house, for some of that home-style BBQ and good-ole-boy troop support. Now we know the CIC supports our heroes and their families more than any other human could, being the Commander In Chief and all, and because he said so, so I am sure he will invite them in for a visit.

If the free press won't go to the truth, the truth is going to have to go to the free press.

And so it is. George, let me introduce you to my good friend Cindy Sheehan...she is so hungry and thirsty. I also want you to meet my Iraq veterans' friends. They respect the "mission" so much, that they have formed a group to stop you. had better put on a couple of extra baby back ribs sides on the grill, Dubya, because I know you are going to have a meal and a beer with the very troops you sent to Iraq.

Getting to meet the troops for real. And they get to meet the boss. They traveled all the way there just to say hello, and thank you for that really great plastic turkey you brought them. Oh, yeah--they also want to talk to you about the "war" in Iraq. That little thing.

It's time to open the door, Mr. President. Our nation is knocking. If you turn Gold Star families and other REAL heroes away, what is that going to tell the "free press," and what is it going to tell all those veterans who have paid the price? Not to mention the rest of us.

Veterans For Peace, and these troops who were IN Iraq and Afghanistan, have issued a formal call for the impeachment of Bush and the Administration.

Who do you believe is telling the TRUTH?


Ward Reilly is the Southeast national contact for Vietnam Veterans against the War, and a member of Veterans For Peace. He was a volunteer Infantryman in the First Infantry Division from 1971 to 1974.

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