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Suburban Moms Lobby and Carol for Impeachment and Peace

On December 13th, Debbie and Barb lobbied Congress in festive holiday attire. As Chesapeake Carolers, they had so much fun! They even made new friends on the steps of the Capitol Building! They hope you like the pictures! And wait till you see their music videos!

Barb and Debbie take their Suburban Mom
Merry Christmas Message to Capitol Hill

This Christmas season, two Maryland soccer moms (who exchange meat loaf recipes, teach Sunday school and share carpool duties) felt upset that Congress members had been naughty in 2007 -- by violating their oaths of office, ie using billions of our dollars for funding the illegal and unpopular Iraq occupation, and by not impeaching the criminals Bush and Cheney.

Why was Congress deliberately setting a treacherous precedent by promoting a permanent war economy with our money, and by supporting unbridled presidential power in the 21st century? Gosh darn it!

Debbie and Barb ready to offer
ImPEACHment Preserves to
preserve the Constitution.

So these two feisty gals wiped away their copious tears, put on decent foundation and lipstick, and got to work. They wrote subversive Christmas carols, wrote ringing truth-to-power letters on adorable stationery to 13 representatives, baked organic impeachment and (crumbling) Constitution cookies, and stuffed cute anti-war stockings with coal.

They also prepared a ‘thank you’ tin of cookies for the one Congress member who has stood for Americans in every vote he has cast: Representative Dennis Kucinich, whom they support for President in 2008.

In this festive holiday time, they’d love to share recipes and songs as well as craft ideas for Congressional accountability! Please be in touch and they’ll be glad to help (their Christmas shopping is already done!).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
(Signed) Debbie and Barb

Partners in this Chesapeake Citizens project (and some of their affiliations):

"Barb" portrayed by Diane Wittner – Chesapeake Citizens, Backbone Campaign (thanks to Backbone Campaign for creative lobbying example!)

"Debbie" portrayed by Margaret Flowers – Chesapeake Citizens, Conversation Coalition for Health Care Reform

Photos by Mike Hersh – Progressive Democrats of America,

Makeup by Martina G. – Former Model, Make-up Artist

Osvaldo Budet – Artist and Political Filmmaker

Jon and kids – Family
Brian and kids – Family

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