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Cindy Sheehan for Congress

By Cindy Sheehan

This is a picture of our new campaign bumper sticker.

I am "Your Voice" for Congress if you believe in the following humane ideals:

1) Violence should never be used at a foreign (or domestic) policy tool.
2) Our troops should not only be withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan, but from hundreds of
bases all over the world.
3) George Bush and Dick Cheney must be impeached to restore some semblance of the rule of
law to America and to restrain future Executives.
4) All "free" trade agreements should be repealed and instead, "fair" trade must be practiced so
every worker in the world can earn a livable wage.
5) Get the insurance companies out of health care---Universal, single payer health care for all
6) Repeal No Child Left Behind and make public education free, good and accessible from
pre-school to University.
7) Repeal the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and restore habeas corpus.
8) Close such torture facilities as Guantanamo and make torture illegal, once again.
9) Strengthen FISA and require warrants before spying on Americans.
10) Get corporate money out of elections and out of Congress.
11) Institute a ranked voting system to strengthen third party or independent voter movements.
12) Make election day a national holiday or on Sunday.
13) Respect each and every adults' choice of whom to marry regardless of gender.
14) Strengthen the separation of church and states clause in the First Amendment. Religion,
pastors, or God should never enter into public debate.
15) Protect a womens' right to reproductive control over her own body.
16) Decriminalize prostitution and the sale and use of "victimless" crimes
that clog our courts and prisons.
17) The right for workers to organize must be strengthened by repealing Taft-Hartley.
18) Our country must cut its dependence on all fossil fuel, even "clean" (just a euphemism for
very dirty) coal. Oil companies must be nationalized to do this by using profits to develop
and establish renewable and sustainable forms of energy.
19) Strengthen social safety nets like Social Security and stop using our money to bail out other
20) And finally: the Pentagon budget should be drastically cut to accomplish our domestic goals.
We should use our military for defense or humanitarian needs only and we should not pay
more for defense than the largest country in the world: China.

There are so many other humane policies that need to be enshrined in our national psyche. Instead of being beholden to the war machine, we must take control of our own lives and futures for a WORLD that is peaceful, prosperous, sustainable and safe.

Love, peace, justice and victory,

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Finally a candidate who stands for the people. Will the corporate media make it sound like she is way out in left field because she is not a lying whore like Nancy Pelosi? Nancy says she opposes the war votes against funding it while all the while twisting arms to make the votes happen. Does she think the people of San Francisco are stupid? Yes.

Are they stupid? We can only hope not because they have a golden opportunity to give America a real woman of courage and integrity to stand up for us.

Remember Dennis Kucinich? Let's wait and see....

Way to go Cindy!

Best platform I've ever heard.
An inch to the right is undemocratic!


But I Will not vote for her, because she doesn't know two of the biggest things that's ever happen to this country

Illegal immigration and National Sovereignty (that means securing the borders and ports, no amnesty for illegal aliens, no birthright citizenship to them, not only we got to rid of NAFTA, WTO and CAFTA, But the UN, IMF, The World Bank, ICC, NATO (thank goodness eisenhower didn't want to be in NATO), all others have to go to.

Thank God Ron Paul's a congressman again, he may have dropped out and lost the race for president of the united states in 2008, but the revolution will be around forever and that revolution now goes to chuck baldwin.

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