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Help Get Cindy Sheehan on the Ballot


We made a commitment to you that when the time came, we would do everything we could to help Cindy Sheehan. That time is now.

Cindy Sheehan is making a courageous run for the Congressional seat in San Francisco, to challenge Nancy Pelosi, who has done nothing but cave in to the Bush/Cheney criminal war agenda, while the approval rating of Congress drops into single digits for the first time ever.

But FIRST Cindy needs to get on the ballot, and to do that as an independent she still needs another 6,000 petitions signatures in the next couple weeks.

Even with her many valiant volunteers, you can really help now by making a donation to put more paid signature gatherers for Cindy Sheehan on the street to give the voters of San Francisco a pro-courage choice. Help put Cindy safely over the top with enough margin of petition signatures that they cannot keep her off the ballot.

Cindy Sheehan Petition Donations:

You will remember we told you that unless we defeated Nancy Pelosi in the June Democratic primary that not only would impeachment remain "off the table", but that Congress would wave through yet another 200 billion for illegal war profiteering. That's why we worked out hearts out for that race. It's worse than that, they threw in telecom immunity with the omnibus surrender.

The fact is that unless and until Congress sees a downside to their despicable cowardice there will be NO policy change. We'll repeat that. No policy change whatsoever. Their whole self-justification is they point to the elections they are winning. Unless and until we defeat one of their own, one of the biggest of them all, we can send emails and make phone calls until we're blue in the face, and they will must keep lying to us and stalling. Yeah, sure they're just about to impeach. Sure.

Now some people (defeatists) will say, "Oh, you'll never defeat the Speaker of the House". Well guess what, until we do they will never take the voice of the people seriously. We HAVE to win. And we have to do everything we could have done to make that a reality. So we are calling on all of our participants to throw everything they have behind candidates who will fight for the issues, the real issues.

And there is no better investment in time, energy or money we can make now than to give Cindy Sheehan the biggest platform possible to advocate for us.

Paid for by Cindy Sheehan for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

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The genius of Cindy Sheehan is that she is running as an independent, even if Cndy loses the election she has a real good chance of defeating Pelosi by throwing the election to the Republican. If given the resources to get her message out, I believe Cindy will win. If you want to get rid of Pelosi, contributing to Cindy is an almost can't lose situation.

In politics you not only have to be right, but more importantly, you have to be smart. Supporting Cindy Sheehan is one of the smartest things you can do to help change this criminal government and get the country going in the right direction again. Our vote and financial support are the only real leverage we have over these scumbag politicians; this is one message they will get loud and clear and can not ignore. Go Cindy Go!

Unless the people of San Francisco are mental dingbats Cindy should win hands down. Of course, there is the ever present danger of a stolen election. I sent my donation -- monthly until we oust that lying, quisling, two-faced, underhanded Speaker of the House. It will be so good to be done with her!

Rest assured, the people of San Francisco are mental dingbats.

Of course they are mental dingbats. It they weren't, Shirley Golub would already have dumped Pelosi out of her seat in the primary election! I don't think Cindy Sheehan has even as good a chance, BUT THE FIGHT MUST GO ON! Eventually everyone will understand what is happening. It's just going to take a while!

Al K.

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