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Help Cindy Sheehan Get on the Ballot

In one week, we have collected 2836 signatures and we need 2821 more to qualify to get on the ballot for November.

We averaged about 405 per day last week. We had more volunteers out on the streets and neighborhoods and we were able
to raise enough money to hire some paid gatherers, too.

If we keep up this rate, we will have the required amount by next Sunday...the earlier we turn in our required signatures, the earlier
we will know our invalid rate and we will have until August 8th to make those signatures up. When we turned in our 3000 filing signatures, our invalid rate was 22%, I expect this time it will be lower, because we won't make the same errors we did last time.

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word!

I am supremely confident that we will be on the ballot and that is 2/3rds of the way to victory in November!

Love and Peace

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I'm too far away to help with getting signatures so I sent some funds. Let's all do what we can to help put Nancy Pelosi out of a job in November. Cindy is leading the way. If we want a real change, forget about Obama and support Greens and independents. Now is the time.

If you are like me and have very limited funds available to support opposition candidates, the question is how are those limited funds best used? It takes hundredds of millions to finance a presidential campaign and because of the two party structure unless you are a mainstream corporate whore the odds are insurmountable. Ron Paul raised 35 million and is hardly a footnote in the presidential race.

To get the most bang for the buck support independents, third party, and other opposition candidates like Cindy Sheehan. This is the most effective single thing you can do to effect political change and reform. Even with all the abuses and over reaching of the Bush criminal cabal, the real power of government still resides in congress. If we had a congress that would actual use its constitutional powers, the person elected president would be much less important than it is today.

The cost of running an effective congresional campaign is miniscule compared to running for president, we are talking several hundred thousand as compared to several hundred million. These are local campaigns concentrated in a small geographic area where, effectively used, a little goes a long way.

As a former Libertarian and now an independent, I have always thought third party political movements were missing the boat and wasting most of their resources running presidential campaign instead of running for control of congress. Congress is still where the real power of the government is; the president can not spend one dime unless it is given to him by congress. If we the people take congress back the president will once again be our servant not our King!

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