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How Cindy Sheehan is Putting Impeachment on the Table

By John Nichols,

Does anyone seriously doubt that one of the reasons why a House Judiciary Committee hearing will at least discuss the "I" word on Friday is Cindy Sheehan's independent challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Pelosi, famously, took impeachment "off the table" just before the 2006 election.

Then, this summer, she edged it back on the menu – suggesting that the Judiciary Committee might take up the matter of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich's proposal to impeach the president for using deception to draw the nation into an illegal and immoral war.

Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers, the Michigan Democrat who has never made any secret of his desire to address the imperial reach of the Bush-Cheney presidency – especially on matters of war and peace – jumped at the chance to schedule the hearing. A two-hour session, at which the "i" word will be discussed openly by advocates such as Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, is scheduled for Friday.

Though the hearing is unlikely to evolve into the full-fledged inquiry that many of us believe necessary, it is remarkable that in the summer of a presidential election year the key committee in a chamber where impeachment was supposed to be off the table will turn its attention to the tool that the founders afforded the legislative branch for constraining the executive.

Why is this happening now?

It is worth noting that this is petition-gathering season for independent candidates running in California. Sheehan, the mother of a slain Iraq War soldier who turned her grief into activism, and her supporters are busy collecting the 10,198 signatures that will be needed to get her name on the ballot.

And Sheehan has made impeachment a central issue of her campaign in a city that voted overwhelmingly to support holding Bush and Cheney to account.

Indeed, Sheehan announced that she would challenge the speaker after it became clear – after President Bush commuted White House aide Scooter Libby's prison sentence last summer -- that Pelosi was blocking consideration of impeachment by the House.

Local media has focused on Sheehan's advocacy for impeachment, noting this spring when she filed initial paperwork for her candidacy that the woman who has been referred to as "the Rose Parks of the anti-war movement" had decided to run because "seeing George Bush impeached would be a victory for humanity."

Sheehan is a realist. She admits that her candidacy is "an uphill battle."

But she has drawn significant television, radio and newspaper coverage in San Francisco, as well as endorsements from the local Green and Peace and Freedom parties and local officials such as the president of the city's school board and plan commission. She has raised more than $100,000 for the campaign, attracted an energetic team of volunteers. And, now, as those volunteers hit the streets to collect the signatures to put Sheehan's name on the ballot, Pelosi is suddenly showing some flexibility – the key word being "some" – with regard to the impeachment discussion.

No matter how many votes she gets in November, give Cindy Sheehan credit for opening up the debate – not just in San Francisco but in Washington.

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John Conyers's wife is Monica Conyers.

Monica Conyers is President ProTem of the Detroit City Council.

Monica Conyers is currently suspected of receiving bribery money in connection with a city contract -- apparently the FBI has wiretap evidence against her, but has not yet moved to arrest or prosecute her.

John Conyers has FOR YEARS been a champion of impeachment, making the case himself in two thick books prepared by the Judiciary Committee staff under his direction. Yet in recent months, John Conyers has inexplicably stopped pursuing impeachment so vehemently.

Is it possible that a quid pro quo is in operation here? -- like, as long as John Conyers doesn't impeach Bush, Bush's Injustice Department/FBI will not prosecute John Conyers's wife?

Just wondering. Because it is hard to understand why John Conyers stopped working so forcefully toward impeachment.

Maybe he's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

An Observer

These scumbag political whores like Nancy Pelosi do not give a shit what we think. We can march, email, phone call and demonstrate by the millions and they do not care. Threaten their jobs and you will get their attention real quick. Our votes and financial support are the only true leverage we have on these scumbags. Every politicians only true interest, is not the constitution, the rule of law or even theit political party, their only true interest is protecting their own stinking, shit stained ass.

Supporting and voting for their political opponents is the most effective thing we can do to effect change in the government and the political system. Remember that Cindy does not have to win the election to defeat Miss Nancy, Cindy just needs to siphon off enough votes to throw the election to the Republican. However, if given the financial resources she needs, Cindy will win! I regret that I am not able to give the maximum allowed, but if we all give what we can Cindy will have millions to work with. What a fitting act of rebellion if we all give our stimulus checks to Cindy's campaign. Lets stimulate Miss Nancy right out of congress!

Now if there were only someone running against John Conyers, mabe he would actually grow a pair!

Or if cindy gives vote to a republican, that might happen also, a republican might win that could also be bad news for that witch loserosi.

Thank God Ron Paul's a congressman again, he may have dropped out and lost the race for president of the united states in 2008, but the revolution will be around forever and that revolution now goes to chuck baldwin.

No More Two Party dictatorship.

We all need to support Cincy's bid for the Rubber Chicken's seat in congress NO MATTER IF SHE HAS A CHANCE AT WINNING OR NOT! The message she is getting out is ALREADY having an impact!

Al K.

The House Speaker "shame forever" Nancy "off the table" Pelosi is certainly absolutely terrified that Cindy will call her to account in public for aiding and abetting in war crimes in Iraq, financing an illegal war against Iraq based on "false pretenses", the "unlawful" deaths of over 4,100 American soldiers and over 1,000,000 Iraqis, grievous treasonous high crimes against the American people and their Constitution, and her doing nothing at all, not even holding a single impeachment hearing, on the 39 "privileged" Articles of Impeachment, presented to Congress by Rep Dennis Kucinich, pending in the House Judiciary Committee.

Most certainly, Pelosi's horrendous, infamous "rubber duck" term as Speaker of the House is nothing for her to brag about and, after all, it was only her "day job". No big deal for her.

Cindy winning Pelosi's seat means more to me than whether a Democratic or Republican gangster gets the White House.

Cindy's slogan "People Over Politics" should be branded on the foreheads of everyone in Congress, (especially traitor extraordinaire, John Conyers).

Pelosi is about to start on a national book tour. Title of the book is "Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters." She had no time to impeach, but time to write a book! Check to see if she's coming to your town soon. She'll be in Miami August 6th and the South Florida Impeachment Coalition has a few questions to ask her.

Diane Lawrence
South Florida Impeachment Coalition -

First I'd heard. Will keep an eye out for a book tour near me.

Do not follow the advice of that terrible whore Nancy Pelosi. That woman is working with the Republicans to destroy our country. Cindy Sheehan is a true American hero. Why would anyone in San Francisco vote for anyone but Cindy?

Really last I checked there were more average everyday people in America than millionaires. Why do we have to have millionaires populating our government?


Those of us who plan on being at the book signing Aug. 6th should get together and agree on what issues should be addressed and what questions should be asked, so that whomever is given the opportunity can speak for our mutually agreed upon concerns.

---The Bikemessenger

Pelosi was briefed extensively on CIA torture, and she remained silent. This itself is a war crime. I don't recommend some truth and reconciliation committee, nor some Church committee type investigation. As has been reported, any D.A. in the U.S. whose area of authority includes the residence of an American service member killed in action can bring about a war crimes trial. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace. It's one thing to be spineless and write a blank check to the administration, quite another to be a part of the crimes themselves, which she clearly is part of.

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