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MoneyBomb For The Peace Mom August 6th!

"At the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends," Martin Luther King Jr.

Nancy Pelosi was entrusted with the responsibility of ending the war and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The war rages on and Nancy has refused to hold those accountable for this immoral war based on lies. Cindy for Congress is asking the country to stand up against injustice and stand with Cindy Sheehan again on August 6th.

August 6th is Hiroshima Day. Hiroshima is a vivid example of the potential destruction US Foreign policy can bring to people all around the world. The USA is the only country to ever have used a Nuclear weapon in battle. It's time to stop. We must hold the administration that led us into an unjust immoral war based on lies accountable. You don't have to live in the 8th District of California to see that Nancy Pelosi is not interested in PEACE and you have a stake in Cindy's race for Congress! Send a message to Nancy Pelosi that she was wrong to take impeachment off the table and continue to fund Bush Co's war! Support Cindy Sheehan for Congress in her run against Nancy Pelosi in the 8th district of California!

August 6rd is also the third anniversary of the day Cindy Sheehan first sat down in the ditch outside of George W. Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch to get him to answer the question, "For what noble cause," did he send her son Casey to die in Iraq!

Stand with Cindy again on August 6th!

August 6th can be the beginning of a shift in paradigm from policies of fear, murder and destruction toward a consciousness that fosters policies of trade, sovereignty, self-determination, cooperation and peace.

Let's make August 6th a day to let Nancy Pelosi know that we, as a nation are serious about peace and holding those accountable who do not stand with us.

You don't have to live in the 8th District of California to see that Nancy Pelosi is not interested in PEACE or ACCOUNTABILITY and you have a stake in Cindy's race for Congress! The nation is affected by Nancy Pelosi's actions and the nation can send Nancy a message by contributing to Cindy Sheehan for Congress on August 6th.

Let's money bomb the PEACE MOM, Cindy Sheehan on August 6th.

Add Cindy on Facebook or MySpace.

Start setting aside to donate to Cindy For Congress on August 6th

Tell your family and friends! Please use your social networks,email lists and websites to distribute this message to your friends.

Print out our flyers to help you get the word out HERE!

Thank you!!

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Cindy Sheehan does more for democracy before breakfast than Nancy Pelosi has done in her entire political career. She can beat Pelosi!

If you are like me, a person of limited financial resources, then you want to use those scarce dollars the most effective way possible. Well this is it, one dollar donated to Cindy Sheehan will do more for the cause of freedom and governement reform than a thousand dollars donated to any presidential candidate. If your favorite presidential candidate is a third party, it is virtually like just throwing your money away. The system is so rigged that third party presidential candidates have no real chance; just getting on the ballot in all states takes most of their resources leaving very little for campaigning. Not so with running for congress. A legitimate run for congress can be done for a fraction of what it takes to run for president and the two party domination of the system is not as effective on the local level. Even if Cindy does not win the election she still has an excelent chance of defeating Miss Nancy by throwing the election to a Republican. This is almost a can't lose situation, heads Cindy wins, tails Nancy loses; isn't America a great country!

I have donated to Cindy several times and will do so again on August 6; this is the best way to spend your scarce dollars available for political activism. Give till it hurts. Strike a blow for freedom!

I gave right after Cindy got her signatures.
I gave before Cindy got her signatures.
I gave when Cindy was barely a mote in Nancy's eye.
8/6 I will give more. This idea is Tres Kewl.

I'm on schedule to give monthly, but will they take it August 6? Cindy is the one!

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