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Will Pelosi's San Franciscan Constituents Demand to Know Why She Obstructed Impeachment?

The dead, wounded and tortured of America’s illegal wars attend Nancy Pelosi’s “Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters" book signing at San Francisco’s Cowell Theatre
by ntuit | SanFrancisco

Facing the dead is never pleasant and especially so when they were victims of a violent death or torture. Their spirits are angry and they ask why. They were there last night at Cowell Theatre in San Francisco’s Fort Mason. Nancy Pelosi was there for a book signing and a chat with KQED public radio host Michael Krasny. The theatre was almost full and an imbedded force of protestors spoke forcefully for the dead, wounded and tortured – the victims of our president’s corrupt policies and of those who enabled him to do so. Nancy Pelosi helped enable Bush to do whatever he wanted. She and her cohorts gave him almost everything and more that he needed to conduct a war based on his lies and deception.

Many in the crowd were traditionalists there to hear Nancy speak about her catholic upbringing and how she has risen to the top in a world where Men have all the power. These are nice people. They have families. They go to church. They believe in the flag and our country right or wrong. Most of them consider themselves progressive or liberals – democrats. They are clean, they dress nice, their kids play sports and go to college. They are very much like the “good germans” because they want to hear the pablum; they want to revel in their “girl” being the speaker of the House of Representatives. They don’t want anyone asking their “girl” any really tough questions – like what did she know about Bush’s torture agenda or why has she allowed Bush to have unlimited funding for his war games?

Among the crowd of traditionalists there was a large force of imbedded protestors who did an excellent job of representing the dead and the tortured - the victims of America’s rage. And maybe they also represented the future victims. Those who will die or be imprisoned or tortured here in the US once the apparent establishment agenda of destroying the constitution and all the attendant freedoms gains full power.

Nancy must have felt unpleasant being back home and having to face people who stood up. It wasn’t like Washington where the movers and shakers fawn over power and the local population lives in an almost third world state of existence.

Pelosi kept saying – if you want change, vote for Obama. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “that’s what we elected you to do – make change.” The democratically controlled Congress has been limited in passing anything progressive because of the almost unanimous number of republicans and a strong group of conservative democrats who have stopped those type of bills. But when it came to funding the wars, funding the torture and funding the death – many of us believe there were enough Democrats to stop funding bills from passing. But this never happened. Pelosi and “her” democrats went along with all and more of Bush’s deluded requests for money. The death and torture went on. People continued to die. Michael Krasny never asks those type of questions of the celebrities who he seems so enamored with. And why is impeachment off the table? It’s not about what is right and honest – it’s about whatever Pelosi says it is and she somehow decided that it was her personal prerogative to take impeachment off the agenda. If Richard Nixon has only had her as Speaker – he might have survived.

The democrats have become a tawdry group lacking the will or desire to stand up for what is right, what is decent. They continue to wave a flag that is dirty, tattered and crumbling. Pelosi needs to give answers and be held accountable. The people shouldn’t accept a heart warming biography in place of the answers as to why torture and death have been allowed to continue.

The big question now: Will the people of San Francisco stand up to the highest powers, to one of their own and demand an accounting? Will they demand to know why their almost full support of impeachment has been ignored? Will they demand to know why Pelosi has not fought tooth and toenail the funding for Bush’s illegal and delusional wars? Will they hold Pelosi accountable?

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Be proud of her because she backs her faith, she is not a bad person. Jews and Muslims just do not hit it off. And both faiths believe in their GOD.

And GW, as CEO of Big Oil started in 2000 with the price of gas at $1.30 p/gal which hit has hit plus $4.00 p/gal in 2008.. We are just wannabees and jealous of successful people.


You are kidding , right earlywine? Sometimes "tongue in cheek" online flies over my head ;-D

Nancy is too full of herself to believe in the Supreme Being . She is above the riffraff in her own mind, and expects to be treated like a "goddess"!

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Religion has NOTHING to do with her unwillingness to stand up for justice. The Constitution is a secular document! I think even an atheist would agree that Bush needs to be held accountable for what he has done!

Al K.

"They are nice people.......They go to church"
Most churchgoers I meet are mean, bitter, evil spiteful small little peons with no minds of their own.

"Even an atheist....."

What are you saying here? That atheists are not moral enough to be outraged at the utter contempt for human life exhibited by the entire US govt.?

News flash! Religious killers have been responsible for most of the wars throughout history, and have ruined our nation and most of the rest of the world. Religion is a scourge and the enemy of humanity. It is a mental disease that threatens the entire world.
Stop the abusive mind rape of children being brought up to hate others in so called "religious tradition" Save the world. Stop being a rube that is just too easy to manipulate. Renounce religion and the frauds and villains who administer it.

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


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