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Ever Want to Pull George Bush's Strings?

Betty Gardner of wrote:

I have written a political, marionette, parody play for the theatre. I am hoping to network with people who might find my project worthwhile and perhaps garner assistance in producing the play or manning the puppets. Can you pass this info on? If anyone in the Democrat group is interested in assisting me either as a representative of your group or as an independent individual they can contact me. This play is short, and could be offered as a fundraiser for the presidential campaign for Barack Obama.

The title of the play comes from a small book that I have written and self published: The President’s New Clothe, based on Hans Christen Anderson’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes. The story begins with people sitting around an office table. The leader explaining that the war that they started based on “fashions of mass destruction,” is not going well, and the public wants to see the fashions. There are no fashions. To maintain power they must come up with a plan to pacify the public discontent. They decide to find someone high up in the public eye they can convince the non-existent clothes are a reality. They conspire that only smart, patriotic people can see them. If you can’t see them, you are incompetent or not-patriotic. They must persuade someone who is gullible, egotistic and not smart enough to figure it out to parade in them: Enter, George.

I have been working on this project for 6 years. I have written a short, children's style illustrated book and self published it which I have adapted into a play script. Also, I made eleven Marionettes to act in the play, created an 18’ x 25” collage/drawing which could be used to promote the play, built a marionette sized portable stage with scenes and I have hand made all of the props for the play.

Some of the pieces I mentioned have been exhibited in the June POAC art walk with the Paper Mache’ Guild’s exhibit at Taylor Parker in Sandpoint, Idaho. These same marionettes, the original book and the collage are presently visiting Vashon Island in Washington in preparation for a gallery exhibit taking place in October, called Up Against the Two Wall. The organization, Art for Democracy, has accepted the collage as a poster and is archiving posters from artists around the country from other political exhibits taking place simultaneously in October, at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC; my poster included. I have received incredible positive feedback from everyone who sees the puppets and reads the book. I have a mailing list of over 30 local people waiting to see the play.

I am looking for a group of about 6 to 10 people willing to man the marionettes in a play, a venue to show it and assistance in producing the play.

If any of this interests you, please contact me. I would be happy to give you an electronic version of the book, with and without illustrations and a slide show with images of some of the art work. I just graduated Magna Cum Laude from Whitworth University. My major: Fine Art with an emphasis in sculpture but I am totally inexperienced with regards to acting and producing a play. I look forward from hearing from some kindred spirits who might find some satisfaction in assisting me to have this play produced and also get a humorous message out that really has more serious implications, which is that Americans need to stop being apathetic, take the blinders off and attempt to bring back the integrity and honor that this country has let slip away with its current wave of complacency. All of the puppets, props and stage are marionette size and easily portable. You can go to my web site for photos of some of the puppets.

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