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Shell Oil Company has launched a world wide marketing campaign that would SAVE THE PLANET! (

This is a courageous undertaking by Shell Oil Company. Unlike the auto industry and the solar lobby that is promoting hybrid vehicle technology, Shell is promoting natural gas (GTL) technology. Hybrid vehicles still use gasoline, which emits carbons into the atmosphere, which creates global warming.

Therefore, hybrid vehicles are not a solution to global warming, but "begs the question," as far as, global warming is concerned. This may be good for the hybrid vehicle lobby's bottom line, but it is a matter of "barking up the wrong tree." Natural gas (CNG, LNG and now GTL) is the gold standard for alternative fuels recognized by the California EPA, the U. S. EPA, the U.S. Energy Department, the California Air Resources Board, the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the California Energy Commission.

Natural gas products are currently used in public transit buses, law enforcement fleets, municipal sanitation truck fleets, trucks in the seaports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, taxi cab fleets, waste management fleets across the country, and postal delivery fleets.

At the current rate of glacial melting in the Antartica, the oceans could rise 3 feet in the next 50-100 years or sooner, and all of the coastal cities and islands in the world would be flooded. In our own hemisphere cities and states, such as, Boston, New York City, Washington, DC, Toledo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Galveston, Houston, San Diego, parts of Los Angeles, all of Long Beach, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Vancouver, and all of the states of Florida, and Alaska would be flooded.

Honda, and Toyota are still producing CNG vehicles. The big three stopped producing CNG vehicles in 2005 for consumers. The big 3 should renew production , as soon as, possible. Ford motor company is still tooled up, because it produces the CNG Crown Victoria for law enforcement and taxi cab fleets. Ford is smart, and this is why Ford does not need a "bail out"!

Should Shell Oil Company install GTL or CNG pumps in the near future, Shell would solve the problem of a dearth of public fueling sites for consumers, which contributed to the big 3 ceasing production of CNG vehicles.

Robert E. Fisher, Master of Social Welfare (Community Organization) 1971,
The University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA)
Former City of Los Angeles Legislative Analyst/Rep
to the California Coastal Commission 1974-79

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