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Tears and more tears


I thought I had no tears left, I truly believe in my heart that the criminal family who has infested the White House for the last 8 years, and the do nothing democratic leadership for the last 4 years had taken my ability to cry. The brutal and immoral killings in Gaza by Israel have caused me to go back to yelling at the gods and weeping for our humanity. Why are monsters allowed to continue to kill at will, cripple any sense of caring, and laugh at the rest of the world? Are there more than one human species or many? How can bush, cheney,
barak, netanyahu and livni belong to the same species that I do? How is that possible?

bush and cheney are mass murderers yet our democratic controlled congress will let them leave office and enjoy all the perks of ex-presidents and vice! How is that possible? If you murder one child you should burn in hell, but if you kill thousands or millions of civilians, including children, you get to have people stand when you walk into the room--how is that possible? I don’t want to belong to this species that allows this----I want to believe before I die that we as humans will demand accountability. I want bush and cheney to burn in hell for what they have done to us in the last 8 years. I want all the leadership of the democratic party to resign and go away into the shadows and wait their fate. I want Justice! I want America to be what we dream she could be. We will fight, die, go to jail, protest, cry, scream at the gods while the murderers sit on their patios and laugh at us.

There are protests all around the world; most cities in the US have had more than one protest! The vast majority of the world has condemned Israel for the killing of the people of Gaza, but our democrats have been silent or worse, support Israel, Why? Is it guilt because we refused to take in Jewish refugees during and after the Holocaust? Is the world still paying for what the Nazis did in the 1930s and 40s? Is there anything that Israel can do that would cause our leaders to say enough! Will You senator Wyden ever break away from taking money from the Jewish lobby called AIPAC? Has any would be journalist from the MSM asked the question why now---why is Israel moving now?

There are times I go out on my little balcony and say a prayer,( just in case anyone is listening) and it goes something like this, “Please, if there is anyone listening, let it be that I wake in the morning and all of the killing in Afghanistan and Iraq is a nightmare and it never happened.” I will now add a part to the prayer to include Gaza and the Palestinian refugees who were forced into Gaza by the people who are now killing them from the sky and with tanks. I will go to protest, call, write, scream and point my finger at our politicians and cry, “Stop it---Damn you, Stop it now! I will fight that damaged part of our species called warmonger, neoconservative, would be progressive politician, or hack until I take my last breath!

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh-lone vet, (US Navy `1962-71)
Member of Individuals for Justice
Portland. Or.

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