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An Appeal for Sensibility

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When Barack Obama was elected President, I was one of the millions who began to feel hopeful for the future. However two months into the new administration, I am one of the millions who now feels that we the people have been lied to. Sold out to the highest bidder. All the promises made by Obama during his campaign are either being severely watered down in their implementation, or they are being discarded for the furtherance of the failed and illegal policies of the Bush Administration. Well I feel that I have been propagandized for the last time.

Much of what I write about is the urgent need that we the people have to retake control of our sovereignty on the indisputable basis that our government is no longer responsive to the people, and that the people's inherent and unalienable rights as spelled out in our Declaration of Independence must be fully exercised in order to defend our Constitution and the people who created it from certain tyranny.

So here I am again. Trying to convince the reader as to the worthiness of our cause. What words can I write that I haven't already written? What can I possibly say that will allow you to realize not only the incredible potential for real progressive change with a People's Constitutional Convention, but also the state of emergency that we the people are absolutely in, and what our rights and duties are to each other and future generations?

What has to happen before people have had enough? How bad does it have to get? How many more millions of innocent women and babies have to die before you are willing to say enough is enough? How many more impoverished Americans have to be thrown out on the street before we the people have the courage to pick up and use the most powerful political and social reformation tool in our sovereignty toolbox?

There are relatively few sources necessary to verify what I am saying, and to significantly increase your understanding of what it means to be a sovereign citizen in a Constitutional Republic. We have a clear duty to ourselves, our neighbors, and our future generations. Are you ready to act?

  1. Declaration of Independence
  2. Supreme Court decision of Marbury v. Madison (1803)
  3. Yale Law's Professor Akhil Reed Amar in his paper The Bill of Rights as a Constitution
  4. Appeal to the Inhabitants of Quebec - Continental Congress (1774)
  5. The Adams-Jefferson Letters, edited by Lester J Cappon
  6. The Republic of Letters: The Correspondence between Jefferson and Madison 1776-1826, edited by James Morton Smith

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