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Obama may now be referred to as 'STOOGE-BAMA' for siding with the CIA and its torturers, in his decisions to grant immunity to CIA 'interrogators' ( terror-gators ), a mild name for torturers.
Glen Greenwald of has pretty well summed up a host of journalists' opinions on this matter at:

and below is my text of 'Obama, The Executor' from,_The_Executor.html

Obama, The Executor
From Informamericanet, © March 10, 2009

Since Barack Obama was inaugurated a series of events have unfolded which indicate the possibility that Obama is not a fully Constitutional U.S. President with all the traditional full powers of a genuine U.S. President.
The arguments and objections over Mr. Obama's citizenship have continued, notwithstanding the Supreme Court's refusal to hear and rule on any of these citizenship lawsuits which were filed by various citizens demanding proof of Mr. Obama's birth in the U.S..
Given the unfolding of events such as Mr. Obama's apparent refusal or inability to implement the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds back into the U.S. Treasury and banks, in order to boost up our U.S. banking system and budget funds; and his unwillingness or inability to stop the alleged ransacking and looting of the U.S. Treasury by the usual criminal thugs; and his lack of objection to the continued illegal warrantless spying on American Citizens, one wonders whether Mr. Obama does or does not have true presidential powers or whether the accusations are true that he is merely a puppet of bankers and foreign powers, and is not capable of exerting his true will with full force of his office.
Naturally, when Obama began naming former Clinton Administration personnel to his own administration it did not give the appearance of anything new and original, especially since he ran on a platform advocating change. The fact that many sources have named Bill and Hillary Clinton as a husband-wife CIA team lended scrutiny to the question of whether Mr. Obama might also be some sort of agent of The Central Intelligence Agency.
In fact, researcher Wayne Madsen has identified Mr. Obama as indeed a CIA agent who even had some of his school tuition paid for by a CIA-affiliated company which Obama was employed by at one time. There are other indications which can be observed as proof that Mr. Obama is an asset of the CIA, and this information together with the appointing of Clinton Administration former officials is some corroboration serving to more thoroughly label Barack Obama as some form of CIA agent.
One must admit that Obama's willingness to carry on the unlawful, illegal spy type of operations against the American People is also slanted in favor of the CIA type of government which America thought had passed into history.
Then there are the decisions on his watch to attempt to salvage and re-market the junk debt which Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner so catastrophically tried to sell us and the world, which sent the DOW plunging; and many sources know that the probability is that the CIA and its stooges and cronies are tied to and own much of that failed junk debt. Why else would AIG, the international insurance outfit, have been able to secure American Taxpayer Bailout Money to distribute to foreign banks, institutions, and other foreign sources, which would be over and above the objections of many congressmen and citizens?
In order to put much of this into perspective one must bring in the centralized concept that a world dope (dope, as in drugs) manufacturing and smuggling and selling outfit has been in operation not only in The Golden Triangle-Viet Nam area, but in Afghanistan, and other areas as well, and the hard cash this huge operation generates needs laundering and re-inserting into the economy in order to maintain some invisibility and continue.
For many years an uncountable number of sources have named the CIA complicit in these dope running operations and it goes without further belaboring this issue that the CIA, having great sources of hard cash income must be aware that it wields a much larger influence if its own members and affiliates stay well off, and this involves the salvaging of the failed junk debt which has broken the back of the U.S. economy. Undoubtedly, since the mission statement of the CIA is to cover non-domestic intelligence work, it must keep ways of achieving control within the U.S. by maintaining front companies, sources, corporations, etc. within the U.S. to circumvent the law against domestic spying operations, and these fronts and proprietary corporations and groups cost big money, hence the appeal to the taxpayer to cough up and keep them running. To stop here and list even a partial list of phony front companies and other CIA affiliated groups would go off the page!
Conversely it also fits that salvaging the junk debt and repackaging it (in favor of all the cronies and stooges of intelligence cults) causes a drain like a parasite on the U.S. Citizen - Taxpayer which also works in favor of the intelligence apparatus by bankrupting the people into losing control of their own lives and families. This serves to suit the intelligence community, also, since as they then leech the wealth from the people, they are preserving their own money laundries and mega-wealthy corporations which already usurp the freedoms of the land.
Considering all the above it is not surprising that a CIA President would act to hang on to the junk debt instead of writing it off. When the so-called mob lost the casinos and millions in Cuba, then-President, John Kennedy was later assassinated. This is also strong evidence that huge money groups are strong-arming our U.S. government by perpetuating the installation of CIA-Intelligence-Community Executives as U.S. Presidents, but since a Constitutional form of government went down the drain with the Bush-Cheney Regime and the introductions of The Patriot Acts, one may as well refer to these CIA-Executives as 'executors' rather than 'executives' due to the fact that The Constitutional U.S. Government is now dead and the word, 'executor', more closely defines the role of the currently in charge administrator of The United States - "a person named by a decedent in his or her will to carry out its provisions."
The former Constitutional United States of America, having been viciously murdered by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and The Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate, has left in its will, or wake, Barack Obama, The Executor.

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© Informamericanet-2009

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