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Just Another Week

It Has Been A Week!

This last week has been about talking more about the play, going to court to hear the case the Kafourys concluded and our weekly protest at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals against the Torture Judge jay bybee. We even had a send off for the wonderful docs, nurses and veterans traveling to DC to tell obama it is imperative he support Single Payer and not this
Bogus federal option that the dems are toting as the savior of healthcare--they lie.

Public Option is a sham and when people understand what comes out of the conference committee they will be pissed and disappointed once again by our weak representatives who can’t give up all the money the corrupt lobbyists lay at their feet. Here’s some shockers to watch for:

1) Plan will be implemented over the coming years, there is talk in the Senate that it will not be fully in place until 2019--tens years from now?

2) The plan may not let your drop your present insurance and go to the public option.

3) The plan will not deal with over 20,000,000 humans who do not have proper papers. The assholes want something in the bill that says no healthcare will be provided to “Illegal Aliens.” Therefore, I guess they will continue to use the Emergency Rooms or just die in the streets. I love the compassion of the right wing/left wing and those who call themselves progressives.

4. They say that public option will bring in 40,000,000+ citizens who do not have healthcare now but we will not have to raise taxes on anyone except the rich. On this one I agree with the crazy “tea baggers” when they cry, we will have to raise taxes. For the dems to get caught on this is so stupid, most of us would support raising taxes if it guaranteed all in and nobody out. I will continue to fight for Single Payer because it is the only way that we can have real change and not some baucus/wyden piece of shit. This may be one of the few times I wish there was a deep, burning, eternal agony for these monsters who call themselves leaders--but there isn’t any such place except under one of our burning bombs.

Therefore, it has been a busy week, much has happened, but we need more souls at the Thursday Protest. We have been blessed by the constant presence of 6-10 brave people who come week after week to demand that bybee resign or be impeached. This is one we could win because we are not alone, there are many throughout the nation who hold vigils against torture. San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington etc all have a continuing protest to end torture and bring those who justified it or did the dirty deed to justice. So come and join us weary, joyful, witnesses who stand outside the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“That’s all folks.”

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals For Justice
VVAW, Veterans Against Torture
Portland, Oregon

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