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Commentary on U.S. Plans to Drop Missile Defense Plans in Europe

Commentary on U.S. Plan to Drop Missile Defense in Europe
by Arn Specter, Phila. (Twitter and ), September 17, 2009

As you may well know by now the Obama administration completed their review of Missile Defense in Eastern Europe and announced, last night and today, that the Bush plans were being cancelled, in lieu of new and improved missile defense capabilities developed and to be developed in the coming years. This decision has both far reaching political and military repercussions in the U.S., Eastern Europe, Russia and Europe as well. Also it concerns NATO and the defense of Europe in the future.
Too, a calmer Russia may bode well in current nuclear nonproliferation START talks and future talks/treaties/agreements between the nuclear nations in the near future while encouraging their help with diplomatic means to influence Iran to curtail their nuclear weapons program, and calm things down in the region (including Israel).

The article, (below) U.S. drops Bush plan for Europe missile shield , offers a good assortment of opinions from people on both sides of the issue/decision from the Obama administration, US Military and others.

The article, East Europe: Rancor, relief on missile shield plan,
(see below) gives us reactions from those in Europe as well. Activists in the Czech Republic, the Invisables, have protested and demonstrated for years against missile defense in the Czech Republic and in Poland. "It is a big victory for the Czech Republic. We are happy that we will be able to continue to live in our beautiful country without the presence of foreign soldiers', asid Jan Tomas, an activist who had organized numerous protest.

This decision may well calm down fears and anxieties in Eastern Europe/Europe as well as in Iran, for the moment, giving us all time to assess 'the new approach' to missile defense in the region. A note of caution here; the new head of missile defense agency, Patrick O'Reilly desires a 'first strike' capability for missiles, which could house nuclear warheads. This approach needs to be challanged. Also, Rober Gates wants the US to upgrade to a better nuclear warhead, replacing the 'old ones'...These military strategies and improvements are extremely dangerous and should cause concern in our disarmament and peacemaking community.

Arn Specter, Phila. (Twitter and )
U.S. drops Bush plan for Europe missile shield
Play Video ABC News – Obama on Troops: No 'Immediate Decision Pending'
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East Europe: Rancor, relief on missile shield plan

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