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Mike Gravel: Donate on 11/10/09 to fund direct democracy documentary

Posted with the permission of Senator Mike Gravel. Please donate tomorrow (11/10/09) at

View the video at

This is Mike Gravel, the chairman of The Democracy Foundation. On November 10th, we are going to be organizing a money bomb to try and raise money à la Ron Paul. Were not deluding ourselves that were raising the millions, but we need to raise enough money to pay some videographers to be able to do a documentary on the National Initiative and how it will empower the American people to be able to vote on the policy issues that affect their lives, once its in place.

The National Initiative is very different from the initiative process that we have in the twenty four states around the country. Those states you just qualify, everybody throws money at it, and the people vote. That is not a good way to make law. Law requires a deliberative process where you have hearings, markups, proper communications, and the like. And in that way, the people can make laws and properly deliberate the policy issues that affect their lives. And thats what the National Initiative will be its a meta-tool which we put in the hands of the people, so they will be able to then have an affect on how they are governed. It will be the first time that people will have a government by the people, because the people will become lawmakers.

The definition of freedom is the participation in power. Power in representative government is lawmaking. If you dont make the laws, all you can do is obey the law or go to jail. And so if you really want to have freedom, what we have to do is to make ourselves lawmakers. And the only tool available to do that is the National Initiative. And this is a tool that will not be enacted by representative government, because it dilutes their power and theyre not about to empower the people.

And thats the reason why we have been struggling with an organization called The National Initiative for Democracy, sponsored by The Democracy Foundation. And so thats the reason why were making an appeal now for your help, to donate whatever you can afford so that we can pay for this documentary and then use this documentary as a device to inform people so that theyll be aware of the potential of the National Initiative as a tool to empower them to have a more meaningful role in the governing of their lives.

I hope that you will be generous and give whatever you can. Thank you - thank you very, very much.

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