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Speakers Available

David Swanson is the author of "When the World Outlawed War," "War Is A Lie" and "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union." He blogs at and and works for the online activist organization Contact him at david at

Benjamin Davis is an Associate Professor at the University of Toledo College of Law. He is the author of numerous publications, with special interests in conflict resolution, command responsibility, international law, and torture.

Robert Jensen teaches at the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. He has a Ph.D. in media ethics and law, and worked as a journalist for a decade prior to joining academia. He presently teaches courses in media law, ethics, and politics.

(512) 731-3723

Clare Hanrahan and Coleman Smith have more than half a century of activist experience including war resistance, opposition to nuclear weapons and power development, mountaintop removal, and much more. They are building the New South Network of War Resisters.
Clare Hanrahan

Bruce Gagnon is co-founder and coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and has worked on space issues for more than 20 years. His articles made Project Censored’s list of the most censored stories in both 1999 and 2005.
(207) 443-9502

Paul K. Chappell graduated from West Point in 2002. He served in the army for seven years, was deployed to Baghdad in 2006, and left active duty in November 2009 as a Captain. He is the author of Will War Ever End?: A Soldier’s Vision of  Peace for the 21st Century and The End of  War: How Waging Peace Can Save Humanity, Our Planet, and Our Future. He is the Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

Ray McGovern, after serving in the Army as an intelligence officer, joined the CIA. His duties eventually included preparing daily intelligence briefings for Pres. Reagan and the first Bush. He works with Tell the Word, the publishing arm of the Church of the Saviour in Washington, D.C. He recently attempted to sail to Gaza on The Audacity of  Hope.   
703 994 1459

Helena Cobban has been a reporter for ABC News and the BBC, as well as a columnist for the Christian Science Monitor. Her area of special expertise is Middle Eastern diplomacy and politics. She has written seven books of her own, and was a key contributor to When the Rain Returns: Toward Justice and Reconciliation in Palestine and Israel, published by the American Friends Service Committee. She recently launched JustWorld Books.

Lisa Savage is Maine coordinator for Code Pink and coordinator of a model statewide campaign to move money from wars to human needs at

Elizabeth De la Vega, former federal prosecutor and author of "United States v. Bush et al.," which presents an indictment of Bush, Cheney, and others. 408-399-5641

Marjorie Cohn, President of National Lawyers Guild,

Ann Wright, a Colonel in the U.S. Army and a career diplomat who resigned in protest the day before the war began. 808-741-1141

Dave Lindorff, Co-Author of "The Case for Impeachment," 215-793-9390

Geoff Millard, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War,

Cindy Sheehan, Co-Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, 562-912-5859

Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of CODE PINK, 415-235-6517

Kevin Zeese, Director of Voters for Peace, 301-996-6582

Mike Ferner, member of Veterans for Peace, author of "Inside the Red Zone," and director of Democracy Rising 419-729-7273

Andy Worthington, journalist, author of The Guantanamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America's Illegal Prison (Pluto Press)
+44 (0)20 8691 9316

John Nichols, Author of "The Genius of Impeachment," journalist working for the Nation magazine. 608.252.6482

Shahid Buttar is a poet, hip-hop MC, lawyer, scholar, media activist and grassroots community organizer committed to helping kickstart counter-cultural evolution. To read more articles or to listen to his music, visit his website. Email:

John Bonifaz, Co-Founder of AfterDowningStreet, constitutional attorney, lead attorney in suit filed by Reps. Conyers, Kucinich, et alia against Bush in attempt to prevent Iraq invasion, former candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of State, 617-624-3900

Bill Moyer, Director of the Backbone Campaign. (No relation to Bill Moyers.) 206-408-8058


Speaking Events



August 2-6: Peace and Democracy Conference at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minn.


September 22-24: No War 2017 at American University in Washington, D.C.


October 28: Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference

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