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Breaking: UK Guardian Reports Raymond Davis is working for the CIA

By dlindorff - Posted on 20 February 2011

By Dave Lindorff

A report today in the British Guardian newspaper is confirming that Raymond Davis, the man jailed in Lahore, Pakistan charged with murdering two young Pakistanis who were almost certainly themselves working for Pakistan's intelligence agency, the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), is an employee of the CIA. The paper says that based upon its reporters' interviews with both Pakistani and US sources, it is "confirming" that Davis is a CIA spy.

The paper adds that Davis's wife provided information numbers for him to a local TV station and those numbers turned out to be the CIA. Meanwhile, Agence France Press reports that Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), a loose-tongued member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, also apparently inadvertently slipped up and disclosed on the Senate floor that Davis is an "agent", saying, "We can't throw this agent over."

You didn't read that slip in a US paper, but then too, the Guardian also reports that several US news organizations have also learned on their own that Davis is a spy, but are voluntarily withholding the information from the American public "at the request of the Obama administration," which prefers to stick to the fictional story line that Pakistan is holding an American "diplomat" in "violation of the Vienna Convention" on diplomatic immunity.

I would suggest another option, however...

For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent online alternative newspaper, please go to: ThisCantBeHappening!

providing additional confirmation of what others have been speculating about; sometimes, anyway.

Did Davis's wife not know that the telephone numbers she had and gave were to the CIA? If she didn't know this and wasn't told that it was "important", without being told why it'd be "important", to not reveal these numbers, then I guess Raymond Davis wasn't a very important agent; or the CIA seriously screwed up about keeping its dirty relationship to or with him secret.

How did the Guardian learn "that several US news organizations have also learned on their own that Davis is a spy, but are voluntarily withholding the information from the American public"? Did these US news media reveal this information to the Guardian, or is the Guardian speculating?

And I wonder what Dave Lindorff is referring to when he says, "I would suggest another option, however...". Why not complete that sentence? The Obama administration is sticking "to the fictional story line that Pakistan is holding an American "diplomat" ...", so what's the other option Dave is referring to without saying what it is?

The Senator apparently knows that the "official story line" is false, unless he's only believing what's been stated in news media without verifying whether these news reports are accurate, or not. If he knows that Raymond Davis definitely is a CIA agent, however, then the Obama administration surely also knows this. So what's the other option?

David Coleman Headley:

This story about Raymond Davis reminded me quite immediately of the story of Headley, who some people believed was actively working as some sort of double-agent and certainly tied to the CIA, which was a view that was not without any historical grounds for believing was possibly accurate. The mere fact that he tried to get two guys from India to travel with him to Pakistan into Taliban territory was enough to tell me that he was not an "honest broker", say. He had told them that as long as they traveled with him, then they'd be safe, so he was evidently doubling; or maybe the Taliban were still in good relations with the CIA, somehow, for some reason, surely a dark one. Or maybe he was lying to them and planned on getting them killed in order for Washington to be able to stoke up more "popular" support for continuing the war on Afghanistan and the extension of it in Pakistan.

"Dirty war" is what's been always going on and it gets as "dirty" as hell can make it in this world.

What the heck was Davis doing working covertly in Pakistan? He evidently wasn't only there to try to find Al Qaeda or Taliban groups. Evidence he had with him evidently proved that he had been doing espionage on the Pakistan-India border.

I haven't read it yet, but based on the title, te following piece seems to likely be the one that Dave Lindorff referred to.

"American who sparked diplomatic crisis over Lahore shooting was CIA spy"

by Declan Walsh in Lahore and Ewen MacAskill in Washington, Feb. 20, 2011

• Raymond Davis employed by CIA 'beyond shadow of doubt'
• Former soldier charged with murder over deaths of two men
• Davis accused of shooting one man twice in the back as he fled

• Special report: A CIA spy and a diplomatic whirlwind


Based on interviews in the US and Pakistan, the Guardian can confirm that the 36-year-old former special forces soldier is employed by the CIA. "It's beyond a shadow of a doubt," said a senior Pakistani intelligence official. The revelation may complicate American efforts to free Davis, who insists he was acting in self-defence against a pair of suspected robbers, who were both carrying guns.

Pakistani prosecutors accuse the spy of excessive force, saying he fired 10 shots and got out of his car to shoot one man twice in the back as he fled. The man's body was found 30 feet from his motorbike.


The Pakistani government is aware of Davis's CIA status yet has kept quiet in the face of immense American pressure to free him under the Vienna convention. Last week President Barack Obama described Davis as "our diplomat" and dispatched his chief diplomatic troubleshooter, Senator John Kerry, to Islamabad. Kerry returned home empty-handed.


A third man was crushed by an American vehicle as it rushed to Davis's aid. Pakistani officials believe its occupants were CIA because they came from the house where Davis lived and were armed.

The US refused Pakistani demands to interrogate the two men and on Sunday a senior Pakistani intelligence official said they had left the country. "They have flown the coop, they are already in America," he said.

ABC News reported that the men had the same diplomatic visas as Davis. It is not unusual for US intelligence officers, like their counterparts round the world, to carry diplomatic passports.


Pakistani suspicions about Davis's role were stoked by the equipment police confiscated from his car: an unlicensed pistol, a long-range radio, a GPS device, an infrared torch and a camera with pictures of buildings around Lahore.


A number of US media outlets learned about Davis's CIA role but have kept it under wraps at the request of the Obama administration. A Colorado television station, 9NEWS, made a connection after speaking to Davis's wife. She referred its inquiries to a number in Washington which turned out to be the CIA. The station removed the CIA reference from its website at the request of the US government.


Tensions between the spy agencies have been growing. The CIA Islamabad station chief was forced to leave in December after being named in a civil lawsuit. The ISI was angered when its chief, General Shuja Pasha, was named in a New York lawsuit related to the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Although the two spy services co-operate in the CIA's drone campaign along the Afghan border, there has not been a drone strike since 23 January – the longest lull since June 2009. Experts are unsure whether both events are linked.


The rest of the article, which is short, is worth reading, and it's apparently believed by some people in Pakistan that the two Pakistanis on the motorbike were street criminals, but while they might've possibly also been working with or for the ISI.

Here's the special report, which also refers to the two guys on the motorbike as (now former) street criminals.

"A CIA spy, a hail of bullets, three killed and a US-Pakistan diplomatic row

Barack Obama weighs in to Raymond Davis row as Pakistani anger grows over CIA agent blamed for civilian deaths in Lahore"

Declan Walsh in Lahore, Feb. 20, 2011

The tone has veered from aggressive to conciliatory. "We all feel the pain and the anguish of families who have lost loved ones," said Kerry on a visit last week, in which he promised that Davis would be subject to a criminal inquiry if sent home.

Bullshit! Kerry lied and he knows it.

A furious debate has erupted over whether Davis qualifies for immunity under the Vienna convention of 1961. The US insists he does, although the story has changed.

Officials initially described Davis as an employee of the Lahore consulate, potentially exposing him to prosecution because consulates fall under a separate treaty. A day later the US hastily announced that Davis was in fact accredited to the main embassy.

"We made a mistake," admitted a senior US official.

That's more Washington bullshit.

Like many spies, he entered Pakistan on a diplomatic passport, and served for a time in Peshawar before moving to Lahore, where he lived in a large house in an upmarket neighbourhood.

He got his first visa in 2009, and most recently entered the country on 20 January.

When he was arrested a week later, Davis was carrying a 9mm gun and 75 bullets, bolt cutters, a GPS unit, an infrared light, telescope, a digital camera, an air ticket, two mobile phones and a blank cheque.

According to the provincial law minister, Rana Sanaullah, the camera contained photos of "prohibited areas such as installations along the border with India … This is not the work of a diplomat. He was doing espionage and other activities."

Yet US officials insist that Davis is a diplomat, and deserves to be treated as such.

"The Pakistanis gave him a visa, he came on a diplomatic passport, and that's all it takes. There's nothing more to it," said a senior official in Islamabad.

Bullshit, but ....

They have a point: spies from around the world, including Pakistan, operate under diplomatic cover.

Great, spies getting and using diplomatic passports. Have a lovely day.

How will it end? One solution is a hefty payment to the families of the dead, with the courts quietly dropping the case and Davis being expelled from Pakistan, although this would require an American admission of guilt.

The whole "special report" article is also not long and is worth reading in full.

Espionage work along the Pakistan-India border? It reminds me of articles I've read about David Headley, again. According to the articles, Daily Telegraph, UK, I think, he "worked" in both countries and did some "work" related to the hotel in Mumbai that was bombed.

Divide and rule:

False flag attacks are known in US history starting over a century ago. And an article by Professor Peter Dale Scott that I read said that while the US either might or will not be able to conquer Afghanistan, the US will certainly be able to have destabilized the region and keep it destabilized, and destabilization of course creates tensions.

Maybe the US, Washington elites and the higher elites they work for and with want destabilization, tension between India and Pakistan. They probably do, since they certainly do aim to try to establish global dominance for themselves, firstly for themselves. If the US is secretly responsible for the Mumbai attack, then this would fit with keeping the two countries at odds against one another, and would increase or restore tension when it's been diminishing.

Somewhat similar tactics were used in Iraq to try to give the appearance of sectarian and civil war, as people can learn about at, including in the "Salvador Option and Death Squads" index about the war on Iraq. Mosques were bombed, but not by ordinary Iraqi Resistance forces. These were "black" covert ops. The IR did not attack innocent Iraqi Shi'ites, Sunnis, Christians, or any others, but someone did.

Washington used the ghost "Al Qaeda in Iraq" as scapegoat excuse, but it's a ghost, phantom, did not really exist; except as some covert op that the US was in top command of, secretly. Washington even resurrected one of the leaders of so-called AQ in Iraq several times to kill him again, in order to try to keep the sheople of the West fooled. He was killed. Then he appeared again and was killed again. Then he reappeared and was killed yet another time. This guy didn't know how to die; having as many lives as cats (supposedly) do. And then Washington came up with another AQ in Iraq leader and probably killed, resurrected, and re-killed him a few times; maybe fewer times, but still more than once, yet fewer than the number of lives cats (supposedly) have.

Washington definitely uses destabilization and creation of tensions as a strategy for "divide and rule". Outright conquest is not really feasible, but dividing to rule is. Ruling can happen without conquest; all it requires is a situation in which one's influence is accepted and bears very strong weight in decision-making.

Some additional articles:

"Why Pakistan Cannot Release the Man Who Calls Himself Raymond Davis"

by Shaukat Qadir, Exclusive to ThisCantBeHappening!, Feb. 19, 2011

I got that from a Uruknet copy.

Author bio.: "SHAUKAT QADIR retired as a Brigadier from the Pakistan infantry in 1999. He was the founder, vice president and, briefly, president of a think tank. He now divides is (sic) time between teaching, studying many subjects, including journalism, and baby-sitting his grandchildren. He was a regular writer for the late Far East Economic Review, and is an occasional contributor to The National in UAE and to Pakistan’s Express Tribune".

I'll excerpt only a little from this piece.

... That he was engaged in anti-state activities in Pakistan and that the two young men he killed were intelligence agents tailing him is virtually an accepted fact.


On January 25th 2011, just two days before Davis shot and killed the two young Pakistanis, the US Embassy submitted a list of its diplomatic and non-diplomatic staff in Pakistan to the Pakistani Foreign Office (FO), as all foreign nations are required to do annually. The list included 48 names. Raymond Davis was not on the list. The day after Davis shot and killed the two Pakistanis, the US Embassy suddenly submitted a “revised” list to the Foreign Office which added Davis’ name!

When Pakistani police took Davis into custody on January 27th, he had on his person an ordinary American passport with a valid ordinary Pakistan visa, issued by the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. On January 28th, a member of the US Consulate wanted the Pakistani police to exchange that passport in Davis’ possession with another one. The fresh passport being offered was a diplomatic passport with a valid diplomatic visa dated sometime in 2009. This visa was stamped in Islamabad by the FO!

It gets ridiculously funnier. The prosecutor representing the Punjab government has presented two letters from the US Embassy as evidence before the Lahore High Court, forwarded to the Punjab government through the FO. The first letter, dated January 27, reads: “Davis is an employee of the US Consulate General Lahore and holder of a diplomatic passport." The second, dated February 3rd, states that Davis is a member of the “administrative and technical staff of the US Embassy Islamabad!” Just how gullible do the Americans take Pakistanis to be!


Based on all of the above, I personally doubt that Davis’ immunity plea will be accepted. However, if despite everything, his claim were accepted, what would be the political repercussions?

That’s the million-dollar question!


Davis, however, could change that. Granting him immunity, in my opinion, could be the sole act that could provide an excuse for militant Islam to become dominant in Pakistan.

So, tread carefully, Mr Obama. You have already made one blunder by stoking unrest in Pakistan, using Raymond Davis, or whatever his name is, and his ilk, and have been caught with both hands in the cookie jar. But in trying to avoid the repercussions of this blunder, you could commit another of even more disastrous proportions -- one that would reverberate around the world. You could create the realization of your own worst nightmare: a nuclear Pakistan dominated by religious extremist forces.

It might still not happen this way, but the path you are treading certainly is one that leads in the direction of converting that nightmare into reality.

"Reports Tie Jailed US ‘Consulate Worker’ with Drone Strikes
No Air Strikes Since Davis' Arrest, Coincidence?

by Jason Ditz, February 18, 2011

Anonymous “technical advisor” for the US Consulate in Lahore Raymond Davis, two anonymous motorcyclists gunned down on the streets and a major diplomatic row over the intricacies of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic immunity.

This hardly made for a “simple” story in the first place, but rumors and preliminary reports from unnamed officials are putting a number of new spins on this incident which could potentially turn this into one of the seediest scandals imaginable.

That is because investigators reportedly found GPS targeting chips on Davis, the kind which were used in the US drone attacks in North Waziristan (linked). Adding to the intrigue, Davis is said to have made several unauthorized visits to North Waziristan before his arrest.

If that sounds a little far-fetched, there’s another piece of evidence tying this together. After attacks several times a week there hasn’t been a single US drone strike in the tribal areas (linked) in the past 25 days, and they stopped just a couple of days before Davis’ arrest.


Jason Ditz then says that maybe the two Pakistani ISI agents were spying on Davis in relation to the drone attacks, and then says that of course this is all speculative, for now anyway.

Re. the drone attacks having totally stopped a few days before Davis' arrest, and that none occurred since then, maybe there's a connection; but I'd suspect one (connection) more greatly if the drone attacks ceased since his arrest, rather than ceasing starting a few days earlier. It's not unlikely that he was connected with the drone strike operations, but that they stopped since a few days before his arrest doesn't strike me as "smoking gun" evidence for a connection. And when was his last trip to Waziristan? If it was a week or more earlier, then strikes evidently continued for some time after he left.

Re. Davis and Wazaristan, the link provided by Jason Ditz is for a article and I don't know that Web site at all. It's a very short piece that doesn't provide any supporting links and refers to sources anonymously. So I'm unable to have any opinion on it.

This has a video and article. Definitely make sure to listen to the interview.

"Will The CIA Assassinate Its Own Agent?

Zaid Hamid – Telephone Interview (Press TV ir) Raymond Davis

Pakistani defense analyst and security consultant Zaid Hamid says that there is evidence that confirms the links between the detained US undercover operative, Raymond Davis, with “CIA espionage and sabotage” as well as the “US drone attacks” in Pakistan."

posted Feb. 20, 2011

CIA May Shut Up By Killing Him: Lahore Jailers

By Islamabad Globe

February 20, 2011 - Pakistan has never arrested an American mercenary before, so there is a learning curve. Islamabad has increased the security around the US national “Raymond Davis”. Fearing that the high-profile prisoner may be killed the Pakistani Police, Intelligence, Civilian and Military authorities have taken a few extraordinary security measures to protect Davis. They have also planned to keep Davis at some distance from the U.S. officials visiting him. The ajil authorities decided to disallow physical contact between Davis and U.S. officials, who visit him. “Davis’ visitors would now be allowed to interact with him from across a glass wall, as it happens in the West and the United States. There is apprehensions about a possible attempt on “Davis” life. Some suspect that the Americans could take “Davis” out because he knows too much. The Russian Agencies have him identified as part of the CIA Task Force with deep links to the terrorists.

According to news reports emanating from Pakistan the new security measures include limiting physical contact between Davis and the U.S. officials and diplomats. According to officials a directive has been issued to strictly check the food provided to the American killer. Outside food will not be allowed to be given to the CIA mercenary. According to a new report “A food committee has been constituted, which would ensure that he is not provided poisoned food in the jail.” According to the pres reports “Even chocolates, brought by the U.S. officials, would not be provided to Davis.” Surveillance cameras had also been installed zeroing in on Davis in the Kot Lakhpat Jail.

I think it's one of the Guardian pieces linked in my above post that says that it's the US embassy or consulate that provides Davis his food. Both stories can't be accurate, but perhaps the Pakistanis overseeing Davis' prison conditions permit the US embassy to bring him food while making sure to test it for safety, or just throw it out and replace it with food provided by the prison keepers. I doubt that Pakistan would prohibit the US bringing him food, if the US wanted or demanded to do that; but what's done with it after it's dropped off is another matter, perhaps.

And the rest or much of the rest of the article, which is not long, mostly provides more information about the 1961 and 1963 Vienna Conventions than I've seen so far.

That information is interesting, but the interview is very interesting. According to Zaid Hamid, Ray Davis was found with sufficient evidence tying or linking him with both the drone attacks and terrorism.

Hey kidz!!! The Raymond Davis case goes from shades of "Gary Powers" infamous 1960 U-2 spy plane scandal . . .

. . . to a full blown nuclear "Lavon Affair"!!!

(clipped headline and article from Yahoo News)
"'CIA spy' Davis was giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda, says report - London, Feb 20(ANI): Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents, which point to him or the feared American Task Force 373 (TF373) operating in the region, providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with 'nuclear fissile material' and 'biological agents,' according to a report."

(full story)

Flashback to a few weeks ago:

(clipped 16Feb11 headline and article from Intel Hub)
"FBI Says There Is A 100% Chance of WMD Attack Days After San Diego Nuke Story - Just days after Al Hallor, San Diego assistant port director and an officer with Customs and Border Protection, admitted that weapons of 'mass effect' had entered a port somewhere in the San Diego area, Dr. Vahid Majidi, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate has stated that there is a 100% chance of a WMD attack in America."

(full story)


So, like this ol' fool suspected when this story first broke that this person calling himself "Raymond Davis" is far more than just a U.S. State Department staffer . . .

. . . far more than just a CIA intelligence asset . . .

. . . far more than just a CIA operative training local terrorist mercenaries . . .

. . . and far more than just a expert "false flag" black-op operative carrying out local terror attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan to keep the war going.

If there is anyone out there who still doesn't grasp the concept that "al Qaeda" is and always has been a creation of the U.S. CIA and Israel's MOSSAD . . .

. . . and that "al CIAda" is and always has been under the direction of the Zionist Globalists . . .

. . . this Raymond Davis Task Force 373 revelation should dispel all illusions of this Zionist media "boogeyman" that we are told attacked WE THE PEOPLE on 9-11 and justified this global "WAR OF TERROR".

My, how history does repeat itself when the WAR CRIMINALS are allowed to use their tried and tested "By Way Of Deception" methods.

For a little background, check out the following:

(clipped headline and link)
"Francis Gary Powers - 1960 U-2 incident"

(clipped headline and link)

"There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger
With every move he makes
Another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow
Secret agent man, secret agent man
They've given you a number
And taken away your name"
- "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers


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