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Cut the Cards

By missy Beattie - Posted on 05 February 2011

George W. Bush once delivered a speech to a gathering of wealthy Republicans and said: "This is an impressive crowd—the haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the elites; I call you my base.”

Barack Obama could stand at a podium and just as smugly say the same words to wealthy Democrats.

Most of us can’t identify with these “elites”.

Nor can we comprehend our country’s debt. I had motion sickness when I checked the National Debt Clock website ( We can say trillions. But the number is too huge to grasp.

Have you ever counted and rolled coins into those brown-paper cylinders? Takes awhile. After you’re finished, you do the math. Hmmm, thirty-friggin’-five dollars. Yet, in your palm, it feels heavy.

Not the same heavy as: How can I provide food for the family? Or: How am I going to pay the mortgage? Or: Where am I going to get money for the medicine? Not the same heavy as hearing: “We regret to inform you.” And not the same heavy as acknowledging what is being done in our names.

My friend Eliz writes and tells me to “keep up the good work” while telling me that I’m missing the mark. And I do appreciate it. Honestly, no sarcasm. In fact, I say, right now: “Eliz, you keep up the good work, forcing me to think more deeply and in the right direction.” Anyway, Eliz says the solution is to bring down the Big Banks, by cutting up the plastic. NO MORE CREDIT CARDS.

Why? Because the banksters own politicians and the banksters own us.

Even check cards benefit THEM. You shove plastic into ubiquitous ATMs and they launch cash—if you’re covered. Fee, please. And if you don’t know exactly schmackly the account’s balance and punch in a dollar over, you’re charged $30.00 for being shit out of luck because, “We’re the Big Bank, Stupid.”

Eliz says break up the banks into smaller, local entities. She’s right. Then, we’ll see change we can believe in.

Meanwhile, Washington, D.C.’s Alfalfa Club ( held its annual dinner for the moneyed last week. It was one hell of a heliotherapeutic mega-dose extravaganza, an evening of shits and giggles and filet mignon and lobster and lauding and mood enhancing liquid assets for the corporate class, to take the chill off January. George Bush and Don Rumsfeld were schmoozing. So was Dick Cheney, thin and in need of a heart. But, aren’t most of them in need of hearts? One topic of conversation: Egypt. Our ally. Some what-ifs. What if the Muslim Brotherhood advances? What happens to the Peace Process?

What Peace Process?

Standing in for Obama at the gala, William Daley, new White House Chief, promoted public service—probably with something like: “Uncle needs enlistees.” Of course, this message wasn’t for the children or grandchildren of those in attendance. And Daley could have added, “Don’t try this at home,” but the guests knew he didn’t mean their blood.

At the end of the orgy, someone captured the mood with, “We just get together on a grim winter evening and have fun. We’re not feeding the poor. We’re feeding the rich.”

Which is exactly what you and I are doing each time we use plastic and can’t pay the balance each month.

Each time we pay a fee to withdraw what is ours.

And each time we sit in obeisance to government by and for Wall Street Banksters.

but while I know what little I heard of Bush's words (mostly video clips), I didn't hear him say things some other people have been saying that he said and I wonder if these people are paraphrasing him or putting words into his mouth, or if they truly mean that he literally said what they say that he said. This article provides another example.

George W. Bush once delivered a speech to a gathering of wealthy Republicans and said: "This is an impressive crowd—the haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the elites; I call you my base.”

Did he really say that, or is Ms Beattie sarcastically paraphrasing him or what he represented? I don't know that it'd be surprising if he stated these words, for they are representative of the role he played, and he's stupid enough to speak in such ways; but while I realize "America", i.e., the USA, is a land of sheeple, and worse, mostly worse anyway, it's a little surprising that a political leader, in this case the President and C-in-C, would state these words. Otoh, that probably should not be surprising, of the USA, US anyway. (The US is United States, but of America? A lot of America(s) disagree, and I'm one of these citizens.)

I did hear Bush say that of course the world would be better off if the US withdrew from Iraq and this was very pleasing to hear, but he, as C-in-C and President, didn't live up to these words. He did, verifiably did state them though, and he was right. And I also appreciated when he said, following 9/11 and before launching the war on Afghanistan on Oct. 7, 2001, that the Taliban had had nothing to do with 9/11. The idiot, this marionette man said some appreciable truths; but he was also one heck of a dumb marionette, most of the time.

When he said that of course the world would be better off if the US withdrew from Iraq, it essentially meant that of course it would be better for this war to be stopped. There's no arguing with that truth. The war should have never been launched, so stopping it was always the best choice. But the idiot kept doing as directed; not as deciding, but as directed to do. Many Harvard graduates couldn't get this much right; being more bent for evil than he is. He's a brainwashable, so manipulatable idiot, as opposed to an intellectual evil of Machiavelli sort. Bush has no planning and managerial ability; he just does as directed. But he let some truths slip out and these were both surprising and welcome moments; few, but more than we get with Obama.

He deserves to be criticized. He deserves, I suppose, to be indicted, prosecuted, and so on. The problem, however, is that he was not "the decider". He was not the decision maker and it's the decision makers who most need to be nailed, to crosses. He basically is just another of their scapegoats. He did not run anything.

It's a difference in view with many Americans. Too many people focus on the public figurehead, appearances, rather than going after the real decision makers. As long as this continues, the latter people will be able to find replacements for their puppets and will be able to have them act and speak in varying ways to trick the general population that's too stupid to notice even obvious lies.

Stop the real decision makers and that'll remove the problem by its roots. Yes, the public figureheads, which includes Bill Clinton and monsieur Obama, are definitely guilty of extreme crimes against humanity, and they're more guilty than idiot Bush Jr is, imo, for they're brighter, say. But they're all figureheads. None of them are the real leaders or decision makers. There's a hell of a lot more hellish darkness to all of this political and geopolitical hell. They're all guilty, but Bush did not appoint himself as President. The people who did that are more guilty for his presidential crimes than he is.

Bush is guilty, but of what, really? It would take truly honest and competent psychologists to be able to judge this, I believe. Imo, he was just a puppet. He got a lot of training, coaching, indoctrination, but this was done to a man who was of very or extremely feeble and moldable character, not a person who could seriously reason for himself. I would say that a person like Bush needs very serious and true rehabilitation, as opposed to treating him as a hard and cold-blooded criminal. Cheney, however, is a man of racket and he had more influence in the White House than Bush did. Cheney is a hard con, criminal. He even told Senator Webb (I think the name is Webb), who's son was serving in the war on Iraq, to "fuck off" or go fuck himself, when the Senator brought up this war as an issue. NO constitutional VP, or President or member of Congress, could ever do and get away with this, but he did and it was forgotten about as quickly as it was reported. Cheney [is] a gangster. Bush is an idiot.

Obama was "destined" to become president. It was known that the Repub. Party was very opposed, publicly. It strategically was time to switch to a Dem. Party "leader". There were three or three main Dem. Party candidates; Obama, Clinton, Hillary, and Dennis Kucinich. There was awfully little difference between Obama and Clinton, besides pigmentation, but considerably stark difference with Dennis. Well, GE made sure that MSNBC/NBC banned him from participating in debates between candidates of only the Dem. Party. Suddendly, he was like a third-party candidate and didn't have the right to participate in debates with other Dem. Party members running or pretending to run for the presidency. And Dem. Party leadership fully backed GE in this decision-making. It was unconstitutional, it was treason, but like Bush said about the Constitution, it's "just a piece of paper". The Dem. Party leadership clearly agrees. Obama let out a few bleep words saying that Dennis should be allowed to debate, but he knew very well that his words were empty. Obama is empty, but not so empty that he doesn't realise that he's empty, a hypocrite, liar, charlatan, and traitor. He realizes all of those things. Heh, he's a so-called expert in Constitutional law, so he has to know that he's a traitor, et cetera.

But Americans don't care. When a Repub. member is President, then the partisan-blind Dem. crowd becomes vicious and so-called activist. They assail everyone, including Ralph Nader and his supporters. When a Dem. Party jerk becomes President, then we get the luny Tea Party sorts who apparently don't even understand what the historical Boston Tea Party was about. And neither group pays attention to the most critical issues and crimes.

Hollywood will be able to have fun with all of this shit.

The country is so untrustworthy that we can worry about asking for the time of day. We are having some bad weather. The Tea Partiers will say it's Al Qaeda's fault; Osama bin Laden did it, Bush said so. The blind Dem. supporters will say it's the fault of the Repub. Party and Ralph Nader, the notorious spoiler of elections that he never spoiled, and it spills over into spoiling our weather.

We better get our own weathermen and forecasters; because we aren't seeing any sign of the end of all of this hellish bullshit, yet. We can't rely on Dems or Repubs, and while abstainers, in elections, often or usually outnumber voters for any particular party, they or we aren't counted as voices, even if they're far more worthy than Dem. and Repub. voters' voices or votes are. When we flip the bird to Washington, the birdie doesn't count. Give us real candidates and elections, or we don't vote, iow, f*ck you! These absentee votes don't count. Of course some people who are absentee voters only make this choice because of not being able to make a decision, not knowing enough about the different candidates, being schizophrenic, or whatever, but some people abstain because they really don't know of any valid candidates to vote for. If Ralph Nader is on their district ballots, however, then we have a safe vote to make, but some people are so disillusioned with this bullshit democracy that they don't believe that even voting for vettable candidates is worth making the trip to a voting station.

The USA is a delusional democracy. There is no real democracy in the USA. Only the population can change this reality, but blindly partisan Americans, in total, outnumber all others. The latter could still win, in theory; the numbers are sufficient. F.e., in 2004 Bush supposedly got 31% of the vote while Kerry got 29%. That's 60%, total. There was the other 40%, but they weren't counted as 40% against both Bush and Kerry; they were discounted. In a real and serious democracy, you'd say that that 40% had to be taken into full consideration. A new election would need to be held; not in the US(A) though, for it's a country of expendiency for Corporate America.

It isn't only in the US, but the US presently is the super power and leader of evil, until replaced, which it hopefully never will be. I want good forecasters, but not so long-term-sighted that they end up telling us that all efforts for good and necessary changes are futile. "Give us a break"!

It's time for a long break; and, no, I don't wish any similar misfortune on any generation in the future. All of this hellbent shit needs to be stopped and politics, as well as economics, has to become [mature]; sanely mature.

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