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December 13 2001

By jimstaro - Posted on 13 December 2010

Welcome to the bush start of the 21st century cold wars arms race and destruction of national security, the past decade of the wars and hate rhetoric from here have done the rest!!

U.S. quits ABM treaty

"Today I am giving formal notice to Russia that the United States of America is withdrawing from this almost 30-year-old treaty," Bush said in the White House Rose Garden. "I have concluded the ABM treaty hinders our government's ability to develop ways to protect our people from future terrorist or rogue state missile attacks." {continued}

Since when does US so-called leadership [respect] treaties and international laws, conventions, et cetera, that the US is co-signatory to? The US is protector of nuclear weapons criminals Israel and Pakistan, both of which are nuclear-armed, reject the nuclear NPT or NNPT, and refuse IAEA inspections. But the US also profits from proliferation, directly, often covertly, but nevertheless directly profiting, instead of only protecting "allies" that profit from this business.

Indian only accepts some nuclear programs inspections by the IAEA; not allowing it to inspect all nuclear program facilities of the country. And I guess it's the nuclear weapons programs facilities that India shields from the IAEA with full "blessing" from US so-called leadership.

Obama spoke at some conference or summit months ago about disarmament, certainly nuclear disarmament anyway, and Russia would've been foolish to believe that he could be sincere about this. There was no reason at all for believing that he was sincere, and it's a fact that he wasn't.

Obama continues the building up of missile systems in Turkey, eastern Europe, possibly some countries of western Europe, and some former USSR states or republics, whatever they were called when they were part of the USSR. I think to recall that the US also added one of these in Israel, and maybe Rick Rozoff, who specializes on this topic, has reported that the US has added some of these systems in some African countries, but people would need to check with Rick Rozoff's articles to be sure. What about in Japan or Guam, or other places? I read some time back that the US is involved with a missile system in Taiwan and that the missiles are pointed in the direction of the PRC, but am not sure if these systems were sold to Taiwan by the US, or if they are US systems. Rick Rozoff has reported more than once that the US has placed some of these systems right up to Russia's border, with more not far away.

With global US militarization, there's nothing surprising about the US ending its partnership in the ABM treaty.

The US "leadership" could hardly make their global imperialism more obvious than they have.

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