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Evidence shows three-star general ordered unlawful, brutal treatment of PFC Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning Support Network

David Coombs, civilian legal counsel for accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower PFC Bradley Manning, has published the "Article 13" motion that in July he said would "shock the conscience of the court." This document not only reveals new details about PFC Manning's brutal conditions at the Quantico Marine Brig in Virginia, but the shocking revelation that a three-star General, far removed from the brig, ordered this illegal treatment. Coombs writes that new emails show two different brig commanders then carried out these unlawful orders in clear violation of Article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which prohibits pre-trial confinement conditions "any more rigorous" than the minimum needed to ensure the accused appears for court hearings. Mr. Coombs will argue this motion for dismissal of all charges, based on these military law violations at a critical October 1-5 pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Mr. Coombs has detailed how these newly uncovered emails "reveal that everyone at Quantico was complicit in the unlawful pretrial punishment, from senior officers to enlisted soldier." Continuing the pattern of abusing PFC Manning's right to due process, the prosecution withheld these emails for six full months. They were finally turned over to the defense only hours before Mr. Coombs planned to file the court motion regarding this issue. PFC Manning was forced to remain in solitary confinement for more than 23 hours per day, with 20 minutes of exercise during which time his hands and feet were shackled with metal restraints. Military officials uniformly declared that PFC Manning was placed on this special "prevention of injury" watch for his own good-despite nine straight months of Brig psychiatrists' evaluations that declared the treatment unjustified.

"These emails now make all previous assertions by Quantico and Pentagon officials that they were simply following procedures to keep Manning safe patently ridiculous," noted attorney Kevin Zeese, of the Bradley Manning Support Network.

29-year military veteran US Army Colonel Ann Wright (ret.) declares:

"The revelation that a Lieutenant General would order the mistreatment of a fellow soldier in violation of the UCMJ leaves me aghast. This general, and those who obeyed his orders to mistreat whistle-blower Bradley Manning while he was held in pre-trial confinement, must be held accountable. If not, the entire military justice system fails all members of the military."

Jeff Paterson, of the Bradley Manning Support Network, notes, "It would take a military judge of extraordinary character to do the right thing under military law and toss this case. For the first time, however, there is real hope that justice may be served, and the charges against Bradley dismissed."

With the financial support of nearly 13,000 supporters, the Bradley Manning Support Network continues to be responsible for 100% of PFC Manning's substantial legal defense expenses.

Mr. Coombs will argue this issue at Fort Meade October 1-5. Additionally, PFC Manning will appear in court before then on August 27-31. Members of the media should contact the Public Affairs Office at Fort Meade for information regarding accreditation.


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This Veteran says all who violated Bradley's rights must be held accountable.  I am so sad that this has happened to one of my heroes.  Shame on the military for this, shame!  Keep up the pressure David, maybe someday, somehow we can raise our heads again and be proud Americans. 


Joe Walsh, USN 1962-71

Mass pychosis, ideological manipulation is a dark political force, totalitarian response, which under Late Capitalism produces a FASCIST response by a class-institution, organized as a mercenary adjunct like all class hierarchies,  the FASCIST ARMED FORCES of the U.S., extended through Nato and Western Fascist Zionist Israeli policies.  This malignant, parasitic  response to social forces, moral individuals, whistleblowers, that challange control of all class systems and their class whores, fascist mercenaries that serves parasitical class systems as shock troops, as deformed, fascist professionals, produces and prooves the class degenerating principle, which the ancient Greeks observed milleniums ago, with regard  towards class tyranny  or enslavement and fascist militarization of class Empires.

It does not matter whether the officer corp, always organized politically, to reflect ideologically, the historical class patriotism, degenerating class nationalism of all parasitical class systems is the deformed, fascist democratic party under the fascist Obama, or following Romney's proto fascist class patriotism, which was the historical result of the Great betrayal, social betrayal of the Social Enlightenment.   Social Patriotism was upended for class Patriotism, class nationalism as a proto fascist, degenerating class principle.  Bottom line, the new class order, like ancient Greece produced the same generic class defense, class loyalty to its parasitical class system, in spite of its failed, partial experiements in democracy, Plato's work in the Republic failed to achieve social control over civil society, to reclaim social control over wealth and labor, as the means of production.  That same failure, two milleniums plus, later, by the Social Enlightenment resulted in the upending of thei goal towards Social Patriotism, an inverted social historical mechanism, the generic class mechanism, Patriarchy, which continues to produce the inverted, class patriotism, class nationalism, that exists for all class systems.

The continuance of class hierarchies tied to the Patriarchal class mechanism going into the industrial revolution, meant that mercenary, class elites woud establish faux, fake, social claims, class democracies, class republics, continuing the betrayal of the Social Matriarchy, and milleniums later, the Social Enlightenment, having sabatoged, usurped, the establishment of a social historical mechanism linked to permanent social control over civil society.   The same class hierarchies established by the first class system, Patriarchy, would continue under the usurped, deformed, Post (class deformed) Enlightenment, under Capitalsm, a class system in new clothes, would continue through its class deforming functions of class hierarchies, namely ideological manipulations by mercenary, class elites in their class hierarchies through co option, corruption, inversion of social ideas, social agendas, to prevent the goal of establishing an independent, indivisible, international/global social agency and mechanism, that achieves fully developed middle layers and promotes real social power, social control over civil society.    This is the deformed ideological manipulation and Orwellian and totalitarian class principle whose only purpose is to invert social reality, prevent potential social, optimal control over civil society.  It exists for all class systems, which reversed, betrayed, Social Patriotism, real social democracy for Class patriotism and its attendant class deforming cycle, proto fascism, totalitarianism that leads to police states and fascist militarization of Class Empires.  OBAMA AND THE US. OFFICER REFLECT THIS TOTALITARIANISM against a moral, truthteller, whistleblower exposing the criminality of the U.S. ARMED FORCES, AND PRESIDENTS.  

We must reclaim the goal of both the Social Matriarchy and Social Enlightenment by dissolving the class hierarchies, class elites and their class nationalism, class patriotism, which serve all  parasitical class systems through the mercenary role and shock troops, divisible and deformed, totalitarian, fascist professions, in the service of all PARASTICAL CLASS SYSTEM.  It is the only way to also stop the present, degenerating class cycles, which are always totalitarian, and under Late Capitalism, is ALWAYS A PROTO FASCIST PROCESS AND FORM.   Historically, this begins and was observed by the first social theorists in ancient Greece, that by establising partial democracy, partial middle layers, it would establish the the failed class states of class history itself,  always crippled class republics devolving into "Weimar' republics, where fake socialists, liberal class whores, appeased class nationalism, police emergency laws, like Obama, serving Fascist Capitalism, and its class/proto fascist process was put back on its feet, politically, economically, after World War II to serve Fascist Amerikan Capitalism, through the same class whoring, Empire thuggery, repeating the same fascist austerity, class enslavement, permament militarization, of German Fascist Capitalism. 

This is the political, economic despotism, class history, failed class states that allows Fascist military officers to support Obama's fascism, Democratic Party fascism, Congressional Bi partisan Fascism, extended to Western NATO Fascism, and support for Fascist Zionism in Israel to promote class/empire propagada, lies, fascist brutality, repeating the degenerating class cycle of deformed class repubic morphing towards a Fascist police state and class Empire, courtesy of the class whores, class shills, Empire thugs, ensconsed in class hierarchies. The only way to stop FASCIST ARMED FORCES from torturing innocent Muslims, whistleblower, truth tellers, who expose their NAZI LIKE, fascist foreign policies, and to stop the lies, Fascist propaganda, against Iraq, Iran, previously dozens of other weaker class states, is to take down not just the democratic fascist party, republican fascist parties, both corporate class/empire betrayers, but realize that ALL CLASS SYSTEMS BETRAY SOCIAL CONTROL REAL DEMOCRACY, steal your vote, on YOUR CLASS DELUSION, that Elephants birth kittens, that class systems produce social justice, social control, or the worst class myth that CLASS SYSTEMS PRODUCE LABOR, WEALTH AND JOBS, which all class ideologies share, whether the cripped deformed class liberals, or Fascist republicans, or the FASCIST TEABAGGER, Paul Ryan who subcribes to this central class myth, that parasitical class systems produce SOCIAL OUTCOMES, when in fact they do not produce optimal social outcomes, instead a Zero sum game of power, that enslaves us all, through many  forms of slavery, fascist austerity, War and Fascism, inverting reality, as the German Nazis who used Fascist Capitalism to argue that ORWELLIAN CLASS PRINIPLE, IDEOLOGICAL MANIPULATION TOWARDS DICTATORSHIP AND FASCISM,  and called their enslaved workforce in concentration camps:  THAT SLAVERY IS FREEDOM.  Paul Ryan, democrats, republicans, all class parties subscribe this inverted, corrupted reality that fascist austerity, fascist Capitalism, wholesale enslavement of nation equals Freedom, not much worse than the Fascist Ideologues of German Fascist Capitalism.

If you want to save yourself from Fascist Democrats, Fascist republicans, Fascist Zionists, all totalitarian class parties, tied to Fascist Western militarization, Fascist armed forces, Fascist POLICE BRUTAL THUGS, we must take away their class power and prevent them from supporting War with Fascist Israel, to promote War and Fascism around the world, which only means nuclear destruction and our own species destruction and Mother Nature.    EDUCATE THE PUBLIC ON THE FAILURE OF CLASS HISTORY, FAILED CLASS STATES, AND THE NEED TO REJECT ALL CLASS PARTIES, ALL CLASS POLITICIANS who have become PROTO FASCISTS, moving from generic corruption as SOCIOPATHS, CORRUPT POLITICIANS, INTO PSYCHOPATHS, WARMONGERING CRIMINALS, not just Bush, Obama, Nato and Israel, but  the whole parasitic class system still enslaving us since Patriarchy.  This class enslavement started against the Social Matriarchy, hence  women into slave/class relations, followed by all of humanity today, AND SIGNIFIE HUMANITY HAS NO FUNDAMENTAL SOCIAL CONTROL OVER MAJOR ISSUES OF WAR, HUMAN RIGHTS, WEALTH AND ITS OWN DESTRUCTION BY ITS FASCIST CORPORATIONS, that are part of  class/empire system, linked to the Patriarchal class mechanism and must be destroyed, inverting and dissolving all class hierarchies and all class parties for a global social agenda, global social middle classes, fully developed, ending, breaking the back of HUMAN MISERY, ENSLAVEMENT, THE END OF CLASS HISTORY.


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