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Friend or Foe?

By missy Beattie - Posted on 04 December 2010

In the muddy of my mind, the Minutemen are singing “Warfare” lyrics:

Falling down the road
Steeper as it goes
Friend or foe
Nobody knows

In the muddy of my mind the Minutemen are singing “The Big Stick” lyrics: “We learn and believe there is justice for us all and we lie to ourselves with a big stick up our ass.”

On Monday, six US troops, serving in Afghanistan, died after receiving friend-foe fire from an Afghan police officer during a training exercise. Friend or foe (?) must be among the many complexities servicemen, women, and their families ponder.

This wasn’t unique, isn’t an aberration. Similar incidents have occurred. Last December, five British soldiers were killed by an Afghan police officer.

Yesterday morning, I read that evangelical Mike Huckabee, and many omniscient omnipotents (yeah, I know pluralizing this is incorrect) are screaming threats to Bradley Manning, using the T word. Treason. “Execute him.” Politicians from both sides (meaning, of course, the Unity Aisle) are clamoring for Eric Holder to prosecute Julian Assange because, according to warmongers, the WikiLeaks founder is damaging national security—security that, in fact, is jeopardized, essentially, by predatory US foreign policy, our racist and greed-driven imperial wars. In other words, warmongering.

Meanwhile, the real criminals, the enablers of our insecurity, Bush, Cheney, Obama, and all the neocons, remain at large, living large in plain sight, one touring his fictional memoir, while Manning sits in military solitary confinement and Assange is in hiding, threatened with assassination.

Wannabe-president Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister and former governor of Arkansas, said this about the unemployed:

You show up every Monday morning at 8 o’clock. You will
either pick up trash or you will tutor in a school … you will do
something from eight in the morning until four or five that
afternoon like everyone else who is getting a check.

What about the masses whose unemployment benefits pay for their return to school in pursuit of a marketable skill? They’re in class from 8 o’clock until 3 o’clock after which they rush to pick up children and, then, supervise homework and prepare the evening meal. Many are single parents.

Huckabee, with excess at each fingertip, has penned a plethora of moralizing books. Here are a couple of the titles: Character is the Issue and Do the Right Thing. Like Bush, Huckster Huckabee is busy, hawking one now.

“We learn and believe there is justice for all and we lie to ourselves with a big stick up our ass.”

Under the “leadership” of Barack Obama, totalitarian tactics have broadened with the TSA’s Chertoffing our bodies with scanners whose health consequences have not been studied.

But we have a choice when we walk the porn path-ology at the airport—one similar to voting; we can select the lesser of two evils. Choice provides the illusion of freedom, an option to either move through Michael’s Mutation Machine OR have our breasts, orifices, and inner thighs probed and patted up and down for EXPLOSIVES. Again, the lesser of two evils. And, remember, it was Michael Chertoff who coauthored the US Patriot Act.

Falling down the road
Steeper as it goes
Friend or foe
Nobody knows

Oh, nobody knows the trouble we are seeing and feeling quite as much as those who are actually experiencing it. The rest of us who care read the numbers, the statistics of poverty and war. Really, we know. We know there is justice for all until we understand there isn’t. We know we have lied to ourselves and accepted the perfidy of our elected officials and the duplicity of a complicit fourth estate.

We do know. We can remove the big stick from our ass and act with responsibility instead of sofa sitting while listening to tale-of-vision. And we can hit the streets, protesting Opportunityland’s deficit of opportunities, war, torture, christofascism, corporatism, lack of healthcare, sexism, homophobia, and poverty. Time to merge and move for peace and justice.

security. I forget which article this was stated in, but believe it's a piece from yesterday and the author said that Robert Gates has now stated that the new Wikileaks release, the diplomatic cables, is not endangering national security. And it may be the same article, else it's in one by somebody else, but this piece reported that Wikileaks is using the NYT working with Washington for removing names of people who could or would be endangered if their identities were revealed publicly in the new Wikileaks release.

So members of Congress and news pundits claiming that Wikileaks is endangering US national security better take their claims to Robert Gates and the White House.

We get no or nearly no reporting here about the So.-North Korea situation and the role of the US in this, but there's plenty at and the following piece is an example of an alarming one. The right-wing, neocon-like President South Korea and the SK defense minister are really pushing for triggering full-out war between the two Koreas; their feet are on the accelerator.

"Spiralling out of Control: The Risk of a New Korean War"
by Gregory Elich, Dec. 4, 2010

Author bio.: "Gregory Elich is on the Board of Directors of the Jasenovac Research Institute and on the Advisory Board of the Korea Truth Commission. He is the author of the book Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit".

SK is acting in a way to seriously provoke war with NK and if actual war does result, then the US will be with SK in this and a short, quick war doesn't seem likely.

Imo, the US is guilty, already. It has no business in being in this region of the world, South Koreans want the US out, or many do anyway, and the US could certainly make SK "leadership" stop its provocative actions towards NK. China tried to intervene in a very good way, but the Obama administration acted arrogantly about this and seems to really want war against NK.

There are plenty of articles posted recently at GR related to SK-NK.

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