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FSRN July 4th Special - Occupy: Building a New Movement Against Inequality

By Free Speech Rad... - Posted on 04 July 2012

What does Independence Day mean to you? The holiday can be a time to gather with family, friends and community. But it can also be an opportunity to reassess the direction of the country, the past struggles that secured rights and freedom, the challenges to power that rose up in the face of adversity, and the inequalities that still exist.

Join Free Speech Radio News as we explore these issues through the lens of our country’s newest social justice movement: Occupy.

“We need to come together and be together and work on a vision of what we want to see happen in the next year, the next five years, the next ten years.” --Julia Alford-Fowler, Philadelphia

FSRN takes you to Philadelphia, site of #NatGat, the first Occupy National Gathering, where activists are meeting through July 5th to create a "blueprint for a democratic future." We look at police and institutional crackdowns on freedom of assembly and freedom of the press. And we talk to activists about the best ways to address issues of racism and inequality both within the Occupy movement and outside of it.

“We know that many immigrants and many communities of color in general are seeing that Occupy Wall Street has generated an opportunity to really speak about the issues that are impacting us the most -- racial inequality, economic inequality -- particularly through the lens of race and class.” --Sasha Neha Ahuja, New York

FSRN reporters also speak with indigenous people about (de)Occupy and Decolonize, and building bridges with other social justice movements. And we’ll take you to the scene of the longest-known encampment in the country, Honolulu, Hawai’i and find out why activists have been able to stay there for so long.

"The law specifically says that no one with power shall abuse the common people, that everyone has the right to lay even in the road without fearing for their safety." --Laulani Teale, Ko'olaupoko, O'ahu

Tune in to FSRN on your local radio station on July 4th to hear this special or download it from our website. If you like what you hear, please consider a donation to keep Free Speech Radio News on the airwaves.

I consider Paul Craig Roberts, like Chris Hedges & Glenn Greenwald to be one of the best bloggers against our creeping Fascism, totalitarianism.   Yet, I would like to extend his analysis beyond Americans, as he actually does at one point, when he discusses the historical replay of the Frech Revolution and Napoleon.  Paul Craig Roberts correctly points out that it was Napoleon, the first Capitalist tyrant, who ushered in another class system in new clothes extending the 500 years of class deformed markets which replaced the Feudal class system, shifting Feudal class Mercantilism into the capitalist industrial revolution, that included the English, Puritan movement.   Both the English and French revolution were opposed to Feudal Absolutism through the rise of the European social Enlightenment, which was all about reclaiming social power, independence from class systems, which implied not only the overthrow of Feudalism, but overturning milleniums of class history and class rule.   The goal of the Social Enlightenment was  to reclaim social control over wealth and labor, the means of prduction, last seen in the Social Matriarchy, before Patriarchy usurped its social power and control, beginning Humanity's long enslavement, and deforming its Human Nature through class hierarchies.   It failed to do so, and Eureopean intellectuals, artists, like Beethoven, knew that revolutionary Liberalism had degenerated into a class ideology under conservatism and class liberals.   He accused Napoleon of being a class tyrant who had betrayed th social ideals and goals of the Enlightenment.  The old feudal class system put on a new set of clothes, called Capitalism,  and continued its parasitical class tyranny into Fascism, itself.

Social theories from Plato to today's social theorists were all trying to end the distopia, inherent in all class systems, with their failed class states and produced social strategies on how to achieve social independence, social control over wealth and labor, as the means of production.  The link between the Social Matriarchy and Social Enlightenment was the goal of re claiming the Social Historical Mechanism which allows and makes social control a defacto social outcome, automatic social process which ties the self regulating social clans of the Matriarchy and its primitive communism to Adam Smith's and Enlightenment thinkers to the goal of social wealth of Nations, his definition of "free markets", free from parasitical, monopoly class rulers and their class systems.   Adam Smith and all Enlightenment thinkers made their goal the creation of independent, indivisible  social layers, a fully developed, middle class, as the social agency for control over wealth and labor, thus depriving monopoly control, parasitical control by class systems to usurp social wealth and labor.   For this reason, Smith and the Classical School of Economics included Marx, whose political economy was based on social neutrality, social balance, and social control over the means of production. Adam Smith, like Marx, later, were pposed to concentration of wealth in the hands of class states and corporations, parasitical classes, Smith opposed to Feudal Mercantilism, with its control over wealth through the monopoly of the Feudal class state and trading corporations.  Marx was opposed to the Capitalist state and its monopoly control over wealth and the enslavement of workers.

True social independence from all class systems meant fully developed middle layers, who had control over wealth and labor as the means of production.   Fully developed middle layers, as the social agency for reconstructing, reclaiming an automatic socal historical mechanism meant that it had to replace, dissolve, at the same time partial deformed, divisible middle classes, made into class shills and class whores/thugs, the shock troops for all class systems, that defends totalitarianism, class tyranny, that also produced the first Axis of FASCISM, under Hitler, Franco, Musslini and the Japanese class Empire.   Partial developed middle classes linked to class hierarches is the basis of the generic Patriarchal class mechanism which produced the enslavement of Humanity since the downfall of the Social Matriarchy, the downfall of women, Humantiy into class/property relations.   IT IS THE BASIS OF ALL CLASS SYSTEMS.   It produces class myths, class dogmas, class deformed language, false social rhetoric, false claims to social unity, first as the Paternalism of  religious class orders, with its religious class myth, that is the essence fo all deformed Patriarchal religious orders, Islamic, Christian and Jewish history.   The essence of the Bible is to hide their rising class tyranny of the Patriarchy, which usurped social control over wealth and labor, by establishing parasitical classes and falsely claiming social unity, social principles.    It is similar  today's idiot claim that Wealth is created by class systems and corporations as the source of "job-wealth creaton", when it continues the same parasitical, class control over social wealth and social labor having usurped, seized the means of production, milleniums ago, enslaving humanity for centuries, nay milleniums.

Religious class myths sought to hide the downfall of the social Matriarchy, social egalitarianism, social control over wealth and labor, by falsely claiming the class deformed Human nature, imposed through class hierarchies was always with us as "original sin."  It of course was CLASS SIN, CLASS POWER substituting, inverting it into the earliest scapegoating, blaming women who once were the social agency for the Social clans of the Matriarchy, for their own downfall, with the religious class myth of THE GARDEN OF EDEN.   This is how all class systems operate, ideologically, it inverts reality, through substitution, inversion, co option, class corruption.   Religious class myths became Secular class myths through the same ORWELLIAN, INVERTED TOTALTIARIAN, ideological process, class principles,  by turning Adam Smith upside down, falsely proclaiming that monopoly wealth, class wealth, even  its Fascist Form, represented "free markets", when social markets and social control over wealth and labor never took place in the Social Enlightenment.  The Social Enlightenment, like the Social Matriarchy had their social agenda usurped, co opted, corrupted, inverted, failing to establish fully independent, middle, social layers,  free from class systems and accomplishing the dissolution of class hierarchies and its its Patriarchal , generic class mechanism.   The class deformed markets which existed in the Patriarchal period of ancient Greece continued to corrupt experiments in democracy, whose goal was social control and resulted in the same partial corrupt, class outcome, producing class republics, class democracies degenerating into class tyranny and class empires.

The central class myth throughout ALL CLASS SYSTEMS, is the false notion that social independence, social control, social demands can be had through any class systems,  whether Patriarchy to Late Fascist Capitalism, when the class deforming functions, of class hierarchies is to BETRAY social demands, corrupt social reforms.  The essence of all class parties, all class politicians is to serve as class whores/shills/thugs, shock troops for ALL CLASS SYSTEMS, and produced the first Axis of Fascism, class tyranny under Late Capitalism.   Our DELUSIONS that class systems must represent social classes, includes Bernie Sanders, a socialist, who fails to understand that only INDEPENDENT, INDIVISIBLE, SOCIAL, MIDDLE LAYERS, established internationally, can dissolve class hierarchies and Patriarcy, thus ending class tyranny, class enslavement, Wars and Fascism.   The world must reject ALL CLASS PARTIES, ALL CLASS POLITICIANS, dressed in religious/secular class myths, whether it is the class hierarchy under the Muslim Brotherhood, or under Fascist Western Elites.   To end global slavery, threats of global wars, destruction of Nature, climate, by FASCIST CORPORATIONS, FASCIST CLASS PARTIES, we must end all support for class parties which includes the fascist democratic party, a Fascist President, Fascist Congress, Fascist judicial system, Fascist Supreme court, and its Fascist military alliances under NATO AND ISRAEL'S FASCIST ZIONISM.    

These class politicians have always been corrupt, anti social, sociopaths, because THEY CANNOT REPRESENT SOCIAL CLASSES, part of a parasitical class system which usurped social power, through class systems, over 5000 years ago.   These class systems do not reform themselves into ulitmate social control, social evolution, instead degenerate into the dismantling of social reforms, followed by class tyranny and Fascism.   Today, Obama, his Fascist military alliance is sending its NAZI MILITARY armada towards Iran, having blackmailed, carried out Economic warfare, covert wars, murders, cyber war, ALL ACTS OF WAR AND PROVOCATIONS, based on the lies of all class systems.    Iran is being provoked into war by FASCIST DEMOCRATS, FASCIST REPUBLICANS, FASCIST CONGRESS, AND FASCIST NATO......and the only way for the world to save itself, is to REJECT DEMOCRATS, REJECT REPUBLICANS, REJECT ALL CLASS PARTIES, ALL CLASS POLITICIANS FOR SOCIAL PARTIES THAT DISSOLVE CLASS HIERARCHIES AND DISMANTLE 5000 YEARS OF HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT, CLASS SYSTEMS, CRUMBLING THE PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM ITSELF. 

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