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Give peace a chance - huge opportunity in Iran negotiations

By Michael Collins - Posted on 09 November 2013

"Diplomatic heavyweights including US Secretary of State John Kerry have flown to Geneva for nuclear talks on Iran, in a sign that there could be an end to a decade-long deadlock. However, Israel has resolved to reject any proposal under discussion." RT, Nov 8

usiranwrestlingRussian President Vladimir Putin scored a perfecta in September when he offered up two deals the Obama administration couldn't refuse.  The first was chemical weapons disarmament by Syria.  That was followed closely by an opening by Iran's new president to the United States and the West.   Syrian disarmament has gone very well senior foreign ministry officials from Iran, Germany, the UK, and France began talks on Iran's nuclear program. (Image: AndrewDallos))

It is highly symbolic that Secretary Kerry interrupted his Middle East trip to fly to fly to Geneva where major progress has been made between European and Iranian negotiators.  Today, Kerry spent two hours with Israeli Prime Minister Netahyahu.  The PM insists that the U.S. reject any deal with Iran outright, although Netanyahu has no basis for the demand since there's not deal at hand. 

Kerry's abrupt departure is a comment on the relative importance of reconciliation with Iran versus dealing with a Netanyahu tantrum.

RT quotes Kerry as saying his sprint to the Geneva negotiations is an attempt to "to narrow the differences in negotiations."  Reading between the lines is easy.  Iran must have delivered a proposal to the European foreign ministers that was too sweet to turn down.  The given and take moved along so quickly that the only hold up may be a U.S. buy in, which makes perfect sense.

The speed of deal making is reflected by this report:

"The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) chief is scheduled to arrive to Tehran on Nov. 10, and the next day meet with 'senior Iran representatives… with an objective to develop the dialogue and to strengthen cooperation,' a communiquĂ© issued by the nuclear watchdog said."  RT, Nov 8

The details of the agreement are less important than the beginning of a foreign relations policy based on the interests of U.S. citizens.

Iran is a major nation of over sixty million people, one with which the U.S. had a robust commercial relationship.  The U.S. resources devoted to containing Iran and that nation's countermeasures to survive are antiquated and archaic.

A successful conclusion of an initial round of negotiations would represent the second success of U.S.-Russian collaboration with the potential of eliminating unproductive conflict.  This would make room for the cooperation by the two nations on looming eco catastrophes.

Finally, years of using the Israeli right wing to promote defense spending would lack a rationale.  Netanyahu threats to subvert any U.S. Iran agreement would open up Israeli politics to the sensible voices of two former the former heads of Mossad, both of whom opposed a military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Some of the most powerful and insidious forces in the U.S. power structure are mobilized to oppose any meaningful rapprochement.  Those dark forces survive based on their ability to wield The Power of NightmaresAn about face on hostilities with Iran and a working alliance with Russia could create a Toto moment when the Wizard's facade is revealed as so much smoke and mirrors.

We face a real crises.  The manufactured ones have to go.


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