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Mubarak Gets Life in Prison, Exactly the Right Sentence

Hosni Mubarak's henchmen, including those in Washington and Arlington should be properly sentenced too, but Mubarak was given exactly the right sentence, one that demonstrates the power of nonviolence, the possibility of what could be imposed on tyrants like Bush and Obama if we were to all do our duty.  This sentence will strengthen the peace and justice movement worldwide.

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The Western World is willing to start civil wars to install compliant dictators, like the ones they support in Yemen and Bahrain, with illegal drone murders, illegal cycber attacks, covert wars, state terrorist actions, and NATO fascist alliances on the road to global war and FASCISM.

Obama, Hillary, Congress, Israel, Nato are part of a global fascism supporting a FASCIST MATRIX OF TYRANTS, like Mubarak , to the bitter end. Fascist HYPOCRITES.

Long before Libya, Syria and Iran have been threatened with regime change, provoked civil wars, the Western world and Nato nations have formed a global fascist alliance to promote COVERT WARS, DRONE ATTACKS, as provocations to co opt the social movements into miltarization, mercenary fascists funded by all class governments in  the West, the same ones promoting FASCIST AUSTERITY, FASCIST CAPITALISM AND FASCIST POLICE THUGS AT HOME.  This co option, corruption, inversion of social force PROMOTES ALL CLASS TYRANTS, especially the Western KIND,which is enabled b a CO OPTED, CORRUPTED U.N. AND SECURITY COUNCIL.    When  Western Nazis put corrupt officials in the U.N.  to LIE ABOUT IRAN'S NUCLEAR PROGRAM, it is part of the  bribing, coercing, threatening, Orwellian class despotism that is imposed on all U.N. officials to become their CLASS/EMPIRE WHORES.

The U.N. and the Security Council, along with its Nato Nazis have violated international laws, the U.N. CHARTER by bribing Western nations to participate in torture, rendition, illegal drone attacks, covert wars of aggression USED TO PROVOKE CIVIL WARS against dictators who do not dance to Western Fascism.   In the same way Western governments were complicit in torture, The U.N. IS PARTY TO THIS MASSIVE CORRUPTION, CRIMINALITY, DUPLICITY and has not prosecuted Obama, Bush, or Nato/ Israeli Fascists, War criminals, because they themselves HAVE BEEN CO OPTED, BOUGHT OFF, MADE HYPOCRITICAL AND DUPLICTOUS ARSES. Combining secret wars to start civil wars is a FORM OF FALSE FLAG OPERATION to hide who the real Empire fascist thugs are, DISCREDITING THE U.N. AS A SOCIAL AGENCY, WHEN IT IS BUT A CLASS HIERARCHY LINKED TO WESTERN FASCISM.

Dictators, or as FDR said of "OUR SON OF B......." controlled by larger TYRANTS, WESTERN FASCISTS, are like Obama's support for Egypt's Mubarak, Bahrain/Yemen dictators, who dance to our fascist Empires.   On the other hand, a more independent dictatorship, whether Libya, , whther Iran, whether Syria is seen by the West as a class tyranny, (which it is) BUT NOT CONTROLLED BY WESTERN NAZIS, U.N. COMPLICIT SUPPORT.  The U.N. HAS BECOME CORRUPTED, SURREAL, IN ITS COMPLICTY WITH WESTERN TOTALITARIANISM:

From the Alawite Fantasy to the Surrealism of the UN

The Syrian Mirage


"In these circumstances it is understandable that Russia (and China), treading carefully in order to preserve her last card in the Middle East, resolutely opposes the pressure to sign up to the latest United Nations Security Council resolution. This would undoubtedly lead Syria into a scenario similar to Libya, where tens of thousands of civilians would perish as during the destruction of Sirte (and Russia has asked for there to be a UN commission to investigate these Atlantic war crimes).

The most striking element is this whole situation is that the UN has neither the right nor the objective, to decide the nature of a sovereign government, less still the identity of its head of state; meaning that the text proposed to the Security Council by the Arab league, calling for the departure of President Bashir Al-Assad, a text supported by Qatar with substantial French backing, is directly opposed to the basic principles of international law and completely surreal.

Furthermore, if the Baath regime is dictatorial and brutal, so are numerous factions of the opposition: an opposition which is seriously divided and made up of groups with conflicting objectives, none of which necessarily represent the Syrian population; for on the one hand there are the radical Islamic factions, who massacre their opponents and commit atrocities against the military (kidnappings, mutilations, decapitations…) but also civilians who refuse to support their objectives. This is why Russia has demanded that any UN resolution must be applied not only to the government forces but to all factions resorting to violence, including those supported by foreign states, specifically France and Qatar.

It would therefore seem that from an Alawite fantasy to the surrealism of the United Nations, Syria as depicted by the mass media certainly bears very little resemblance to the reality of the actual situation...."



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