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Now, long forgotten, 'Mission Accomplished'?

By jimstaro - Posted on 02 May 2011

On May 1st, An Infuriating Anniversary, the day of the Mission Accomplished' Speech and Banner as to Iraq eight years prior, the War of Choice, that turned the Afghan Operation into same, nothing to do with 9/11 al Qaeda nor bin Laden, the Afghan 'Mission is Finally Accomplished', bin Laden dead, after creating possibly thousands of bin Ladens seeking blowback!

Tens of thousands dead, millions turned into refugee's, lives and countries destroyed, and still no 'Sacrifice' as to the results for the Veterans of nor Accountability for the lies of those who ordered the destructive decade plus, Still Ongoing!!

Bring the Troops Home and take care of All of them and their families when they return!!

Hey kidz!!! If the "Mission" was to out do the "Big Lies" of the BushCo Neo-Cons . . .

. . . then the ObamaCo Neo-Libs have definitely earned their own "Mission Accomplished" banner . . . ;-)

I wonder if they flew it on the ship where they performed the "convenient" BURIAL AT SEA for the Zombie King . . . Osama bin Laden, kidz? . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and article from MSNBC)
"U.S. forces kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan - 'Justice has been
done,' Obama says; 9/11 mastermind is buried at sea following gunbattle - nbc news learned bin laden 's body was recovered during the raid and buried within 24 hours . the burial took place at sea."

(full story)

Interesting that right before POTUS Obama came out to give his "Mission Accomplished (ver. 2.0)" speech, Mike Rivero's website "", which perhaps hosts a greater archive on the TRUTH about Osama bin Laden than FBI special agent John O'Neill's own files came under a "Denial Of Service" attack . . .

(clipped banner message from What Really Happened)
"Yes, we were hacked. Starting just moments before President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden, our website was hit with what the hosting company described as a massive distributed denial of service attack, no doubt to prevent the public from accessing the documentation showing Bin Laden actually died in December of 2001 of natural causes."

You kidz remember FBI special agent John O'Neill don't you . . who "conveniently" died on his first day of work at the World Trade Centers on 9-11???

Another curiosity is that film maker, peace activist, and 9-11 Truth champion Mr. Ryan Dawson's YouTube account was suddenly frozen so he could not post any videos to respond to this "Mission Accomplished" story. . .

(blog post by Mr. Ryan Dawson on Anti-NeoCons)
"And I find it more than suspicious that the website was hit with a DOS attack just moments before the news broke about OBL. My youtube account is frozen as well. No reason given."

Here is the link to the Anti-NeoCons thread for you kidz that slept last night and are playing "catch up" this morning. It is pretty much a play by play of the blog-o-shere's reaction to this latest Zionist "BIG LIE" Psy-Op.

"Osama Bin Laden Dead? (again)"

As you can see, the bloggers have already found lots of holes in this Zionist "BIG LIE" . . . just like all the hole the bloggers found in both the Zionist "BIG LIES" of 9-11 and WMDs in Iraq.

Yet, folks still think that THIS TIME, just maybe, the Zio-Media is telling them the TRUTH . . .

Just like Charlie Brown thinking that maybe THIS TIME, he can actually TRUST Lucy van Pelt to hold the football steady while he kicks it. . . . ;-)

Meanwhile, we see all the usual Neo-Lib "gatekeepers" accepting this bullshit OBL story "as if true" . . . just like they continue to accept the official 9-11 story . . .

Rather than calling this "BIG LIE" what it is, they merely lament the tragedies of war and more war . . . while refusing to acknowledge the "politically incorrect" reality of the hand Israel, AIPAC, and World Zionism has in all of this illusion and deception.

So, one more time for those of you "with eyes to see" and "ears to hear" . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and link)
"Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government"

As "The Pepper Plan" says,

"STOP!!! LOOK!!! LISTEN!!! . . .

. . . and then THINK!!! Don't just REACT!!!"

"I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
Alive as you and me.
Says I 'But Joe, you're ten years dead'
'I never died' said he,
'I never died' said he.
'The Copper Bosses killed you Joe,
They shot you Joe' they filled you full of lead.
'Takes more than guns to kill a man'
Says Joe 'I didn't die'
Says Joe 'I didn't die'"
- "Joe Hill" by Joan Baez


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