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NSARCHIVE: 2011 Knight Open Government Survey

By jimstaro - Posted on 14 March 2011

Keep in mind that what this administration has been attempting to do hasn't been done previously, opening up our government information even more and to retrieve quicker. Will they succeed, doubt it, to many want a closed agenda of what is done in our names. makes no difference whether they are sincere or insincere they might or might not be, the country isn't controlled by us the people.

Also keep in mind what wasn't done in the previous administration and their congresses especially as we waged war on two countries, reasons for, building the coalitions.........., but even more as to foreign and domestic policies, regulations, closed energy meetings and on and on.


GLASS HALF FULL Finds Freedom of Information Change, But Many Federal Agencies Lag in Fulfilling President Obama's Day One Openness Pledge, Posted - March 14, 2011.


Washington, D.C., March 14, 2011 - The Obama administration is only about halfway toward its promise of improving Freedom of Information responsiveness among federal agencies, according to the new Knight Open Government Survey by the National Security Archive, released today for Sunshine Week at NSARCHIVE continued with backlinks, video's {below} and more information.


NSARCHIVE: 2011 Knight Open Government Survey


Eric Newton, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation


Glass Half Full -- Part 1: Tom Blanton, Director, National Security Archive


Glass Half Full -- Part 2: Nate Jones, FOIA Coordinator, National Security Archive



Glass Half Full -- Part 3: Dan Jenkins, Research Assistant, National Security Archive


Open government my eyetooth. The Obama people can't even keep track of themselves. How in heaven's name are we supposed to know what they are doing? Case in point -- it is minor, I will admit -- last spring Under Secretary for Management at the Department of State Pat Kennedy told Senators Schumer, Gillibrand and Brown that the Department would re-advertise a glassware contract that had been awarded no-bid. But the contract has not been advertised almost a year later.

Last September our good friend Mr. Crowley told the NY Post that the old contract had not been renewed. But there was no contract advertised. So what the hell are we to make of this little shenanigan? If you don't have a contract, you don't have product to purchase under said nonexistent contract.

Oh did I mention that it was a padded contract? Thank God it was not for a nuclear power plant. Of course, we know that there are such things being built at taxpayer expense. I am fed up with Barak (Open Government) Obama. He asked the military if they were torturing Bradley Manning and they said, "no." And we thought George Bush was dumb!

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