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Rubbled Raw

By missy Beattie - Posted on 13 February 2011

Abusers appear when we are most vulnerable. Mistaking their sweet nothings for REAL somethings, we slowly allow harmony to lose its last three letters.

Among the most calculating manipulators are the men and women we elect to represent our interests—but don’t. They have a vast menu from which to select their tactics.

They speak to our individualism and, then, tell us what all they’re doing on our behalf.

They demand our loyalty. Our servitude.

They juggle fear and hope, throwing sounds to our ears and images to our eyes, pushing beyond the bearable so gradually that the once unthinkable becomes commonplace.

They encourage us to shop and travel but to ALWAYS be alert, and report anything suspicious. “If you see something, say something,” Fascism Security Chief Janet Napolitano says, promoting the psychology of fear with a four-pronged campaign that includes locally run “fusion centers” for intelligence sharing. Fusion?

They offer engagement. Elections to provide the illusion of democracy. And meetings with constituents, another illusion of democracy. And websites, phone numbers, and emails addresses for our participation, more illusions of democracy.

And this security illusion: At the airport, we can move through Michael Chertoff’s radiation dose OR choose the great grope out, a search and seizure, to identify those who have something that’s ready to rumble in a crevice or cavity. Both are government-mandated condoms, for our protection. Our acquiescence is a partnership for Corporate America. A business. Uncle business.

They want us to believe that they are leveling the playing field. But “leveling” is code for reducing to rubble. They have reduced to rubble our civil liberties, opportunities, and our children’s future while further elevating the highest of the high rollers.

We have been rubbled raw.

They talk about health care but mean who cares. Their allegiance is to Big Insurance, at the table, writing the legislation, calling a plan ObamaCare when it should be named BigInsuranceCaresLess.

They repeal Glass-Steagall. Then, when the banks brew a toxic mess and are turning belly up and need bailing out, the Federal Reserve gives the Treasury to the Banksters. And, yes, that’s an upper class B with a whole lot of print, print, printing (out of thin air) going on, courtesy of taxpayer trillions. This is grand larceny. So, the same people who create the chaos have money at their fingertips, for themselves. Because they, the insatiably avaricious, gluttonous uber rich, fancy another yacht, a 12th mansion, island paradises, and STUFF.

They invade and occupy countries, demonizing and propagandizing, maiming and killing, and funding war with borrowed money and borrowed lives, while telling us that a democratic Middle East will vanquish the “jealousy” on which our “enemies” act. Meanwhile, they maintain ruthless regimes, planting dictators, seeding hatred, and spending billions on puppets who brutalize their own people at the bidding of U.S. Empire.

And we, as in We the People, crawl through weeds, past foreclosure signs, or sit, zombied, in front of television sets tuned to reality shows or “reporters” and guests who fictionalize both history and the news.

Exploitation continues until it doesn’t, when we say we won’t take it anymore. Sparks ignite dissent.

Right now, Egyptians non-violently are protesting what they will no longer tolerate. Justice must be long in arrears to form the healthy shape of uprising. Here, at home, justice remains unsettled.

Hey kidz!!! If you see something . . . "OH, MY GOD!!! Abe Foxman has found HITLER!!!" . . .

. . . and he has PROOF this time!!! . . . ;-)

missy Beattie writes:
"They invade and occupy countries, demonizing and propagandizing, maiming and killing, and funding war with borrowed money and borrowed lives, while telling us that a democratic Middle East will vanquish the 'jealousy' on which our 'enemies' act."

Demonizing and propagandizing, eh???

You mean like this latest from Abe "You're An Anti-Semite If WE HATE YOU" Foxman of the ADL?

(clipped headline and article from the ADL website)
"ADL Lauds German Author for Efforts to Expose and Counter Modern Anti-Semitism - A German political scientist and writer who has laid bare the genocidal intent of Iran's nuclear program and exposed a link between the anti-Semitism of the Nazis and of the Iranian regime was honored today by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for his ongoing research in the roots and manifestations of modern Jew-hatred."

(full story)

Man, I want to see how Dr. Küntzel can take a LEGAL nuclear power station program in a country that is a signatory to the International Atomic Energy Agency NPT agreement, complete with all inspections (unlike Israel) and make the case that it is really a NAZI genocide program . . . booga-booga!!! . . . ;-)

(clipped text from above ADL article)
"In his award-winning book, Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11, Dr. Küntzel analyzed the link between Nazi anti-Semitism and that of radical Islam and the cooperation between Nazi leaders and Muslim extremists, . . ."

Yup, this book DID get awards!!!

(clipped text from Amazon)
"2007 London Book Festival - Grand Prize Winner.
Independent Publisher Book Awards - Gold Medal."

(link to book listing on Amazon)

Wow, impressive awards . . . just like these . .

Dick Cheney just gave Donald Rumsfeld the "Defender of The Constitution" award at the 2011 CPAC . ..

Barak "Still Warring & Torturing" Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize

Al "Hockey Stick" Gore got both the Nobel Prize AND an Academy Award . . .

Come to think of it, Steven "Everything In This Film Is True" Spielberg got one of those Academy Awards for "The Last Days", didn't he???

(link to video documentary - approx. 2 hours)
"The Last Days of the Big Lie"

Oh, if you kidz loved the demonizing, yet nonsensical, propaganda label "Islamo-fascist" . . . check this out from Mr. Foxman himself:

(clipped text from above ADL article)
"'In his writing on the anti-Semitism of the Iranian regime, which he terms the 'stepchild of German National Socialism,' Dr. Küntzel lays bare the genocidal intent of those who are striving for nuclear weapons,' said Mr. Foxman. 'He makes clear that the link between the anti-Semitism of the Nazis and of the Iranian regime is not just an analogy.'"

So, Iran's Islamic Theocratic state is the "stepchild" of 1930s German NAZI-ism . .. according to Dr. Kuntzel . . . ;-)

Of course, it's not like Dr. Kuntzel makes his living on "The Holocaust(TM) Victim Industry" or anything, kidz . .

(clipped text from above ADL article)
"Dr. Küntzel is an external research associate at the Vidal Sassoon International Centre for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, . . ."

Well, all those modern Anti-Semites better beware now that Abe Foxman and Dr. Kuntzel are on the "NaziIranianIslamoFascist" case . . . ;-)

That means YOU . . . Jimmy Carter, Helen Thomas, Steven Walt, and Zbigniew Brzezinski . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and article)
"The New ‘Anti Semites’ Of Our Times - As always, whenever a Gentile figure emerges with a view that doesn’t pass muster with the prevailing Jewish world view, a full onslaught of Judaic venom spews forth."

(full story)

Hey kidz, ever notice that you never see President Jimmy Carter and Adolf Hitler in the same place at the same time?

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING . . . no matter how delusional or contrived . . .

. . . SAY SOMETHING . . .

After all, folks like Dr. Küntzel and Abe "You're An Anti-Semite IF WE HATE YOU" Foxman have obviously made lifelong successful careers doing this . . .

. . . and I hear Palm Beach, Florida is lovely this time of year. Perfect for National ADL Executive Committee meetings and awards dinners . . . ;-)

"At the far end of your tether
And your thoughts won't fit together
So you sleep light or whatever
And the night goes on forever
Then your mind changes like the weather
You're in need of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
Just what you need to make you feel better"
-"The System Of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" by Alan Parsons Project


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