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Take Me Off Your "Bold Progressives" List!

By coleen rowley - Posted on 30 March 2012

Dear Adam:

If Elizabeth Warren is a “bold progressive” given that she’s announced several times her support for crippling sanctions and this new war on Iran that her colleagues are ginning up, then maybe we ought to start a new party of “timid regressives” to oppose the new rationales and lies.  Whether it’s Bush’s and Madeleine Albright’s old notion of “fighting to bring democracy to the world” (and killing ½ million children in the process is “worth it”) or Obama’s and NATO’s new rationale of bombing Libya as a “humanitarian gesture,” it is all simply misleading, truly Orwellian propaganda.  Both parties and their corrupt politicians are up to their eyeballs in these illegal wars of aggression and war crimes but like addicts, they can’t stop so they just keep finding new sales slogans. 

Count me out!  Warren can wage her WWIII without my little bit of money as window-dressing for the big money she’s pulling in from the Democratic PACs, war-addicted Military Industrial Complex and AIPAC groups. 

Coleen Rowley, future founder of Timid Regressives Who Don’t Like War and Who Don’t Appreciate Politicians Of Either Party Lying Us Into More Wars Of Aggression      


From:Adam Green, []
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 2:05 PM
To: Coleen Rowley
Subject: UPDATE: Elizabeth Warren


Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren is leading by just 5 points in the latest Massachusetts Senate poll. Other polls show a dead heat, and Wall Street would love to defeat her.

This Saturday is a major fundraising deadline that political insiders will use to assess the strength of her campaign -- and other progressives like Eric Griego (NM-1) and Lori Saldaña (CA-52).

Can you help Warren and other progressives show they have momentum by donating $3 to their campaigns before tomorrow’s deadline? Click here.

Elizabeth Warren continues to do progressives proud. This month, she barnstormed Massachusetts, putting the spotlight on abusive Wall Street practices such as housing foreclosures, excessive bank overdraft fees, and predatory lending by banks against veterans.

Lori Saldaña stood up to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California legislature and is fighting now for major government investment in jobs and corporate accountability.

Eric Griego, a top progressive senator in New Mexico, passed a green jobs bill and public funding of local elections into law. He's calling for Wall Street bankers to go to jail -- and penned a U.S. News & World Report column this week against Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare.

Can you donate $3 to Warren, Griego, and Saldaña today -- before tomorrow's deadline? Click here.

Their victories will send a powerful message to Democrats: If you fight boldly, you can win.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Adam Green, Amanda Johnson, Matt Wall, Drew McConville, and the PCCC team


..."timid regressives" really does not have a good ring to it.  So maybe a better idea is for people to vote on principles instead of on blind loyalism and political labels, especially when the terms get so frequently hijacked. 

I call it the "mythical partisan divide" - The masses constantly encouraged to take up sides and support their "team" regardless of the facts, engaging in the same old useless "left" vs "right" arguments, while the sickening crimes of war and corporate pimps continue unabated. The presidency of Barack Obama has brought this ugly reality into sharp focus (for anyone who can think for themselves and is truly paying attention, that is). He's clearly just another Pretender-in-Chief, willfully doing the bidding of the war - obsessed corporatocracy at the expense of We the People.

Helloooo, folks! Remember "divide and conquer?" It's one of the oldest strategies in the book, and it's working to a T.

Like so many liberals, progressives, democrats have promoted social reforms, at the same time promoting fascist foreign policies for

both Western Empire/U.S. TOTALITARIANS and for Israeli Fascists as Zionists.   People like Rachel, Sanders and other progressive

Jews are not so progressive, SILENT and COMPLICIT on the PALESTINIAN, Question, when there are so many other social activists, LIKE

GLENN GREENWALD, who are Jewish, but are not enablers of injustice.   This kind of misleadership within Liberalism and Progressive

Democrats makes the label MEANINGLESS, as all class ideologues, have degenerated into FASCISM.

I keep getting e-mails from the unsual crooks -- Clinton, Albright, Kerry (unbelieveable), and of course, the Obamas. All of them are asking me to send 3 to 5 dollars. Now, I am not stupid. I know that 3 to 5 dollars is nothing to them. They just want my buy in. So they will tell any lie and scare up any boggie man (out to get women) so that I will fall into their camp.

Do they mention the wars, the death and destruction, their rampant immorality? No. I keep telling them that I witnessed crimes at the State Department (very low rate contract fraud against the government) for which I blew the whistle and lost my job. That was under Hillary's watch. Even Bush and Cheney did not deal in that kind of stuff. I did not deal in big money contracts or oil, but Hillary just cannot help herself. She is a congential liar. She is all about women, but most of all she is all about herself.

Anyway, Obama got my vote once, but that's it. None of those crooks will ever get my vote or my money again -- Elizabeth Warren included.

I think anytime we get these phoney baloney political solicitations, we should give them a piece of our mind.  The e-mail didn't bounce back so someone had to get and read it.  I think you can send responses back with hard mail too by writing "return to sender".   

I thought that at the very least, it would probably reduce the spam e-mail we're getting but I just got another e-mail this morning from Adam at "Bold Progressives" asking me to give again!  

War sure is a racket! 

So let's encourage posting of similar anti-war responses and maybe that will help curtail others from being duped, divided and conquered.     

Most of them are bought and paid for already. They think I am too stupid to know that.

Nancy Pelosi

Obama for America

Patty Murray

Sarah Benzing (for Sherrod Brown)  He was one of the people following up on the glassware contract until Hillary told him not to bother. And he wants my money! That's a joke.

Rufus Gifford for Obama

Al Franken

Nancy P again -- OMG

Eric Hill, ActBlue

Barak Obama

Adam Green (I think he is the bold one.)

Barney Frank (isn't he retiring?)

Norman Solomon (I believe he is the only one worth supporting.)

It could be a full-time job answering these people, but I will try to come up with something.

I want to vote for David Swanson for something. I would love to vote for Medea Benjamin for anything. There are lots of good people out there so why are we governed by a ship of fools?

If you point out on Common Dreams,  and Reader supported NEWS that their liberals are appeasing Fascism, totalitarianism,

you will end up like Marx, like Trotsky, or any consistent social thinker, kicked off for offending INCONSISTENT LIBERALS, APPEASING

EMPIRE AND FASCISM......Liberal half assed social sites cannot break from their CLASS/TOTALITARIAN/FASCIST APPEASING, POLITICIANS.

Hence the need to take on inconsistent Liberals, liberal Zionists....who appease Empire, Fascism, totalitarians.   



from class hierarchies, class dogmas, Liberalism, an cannot see a social movement , INDEPENDENT OF CLASS HIERARCHIES, PATRIARCHY,



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