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Tax-Deductible Invasions

By brasch - Posted on 31 March 2011

by Walter Brasch

Millions of Americans gave George W. Bush unquestioned support when he diverted personnel and resources from the war against al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden to invade Iraq.

Several million fewer opposed the invasion, stating that the primary mission was to destroy the enemy hiding in Afghanistan that destroyed a part of America and not to expand the war. At first, President Bush claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, capable of destroying Israel and, if placed aboard cargo vessels, could be launched at the east coast of the U.S. When that explanation fizzled, Bush said the invasion was to remove a dictator. Soon, “Regime Change” was the buzz phrase of the month.

Flash forward eight years. Different president. Different country. Same kind of dictatorship. This time, the conservatives have loudly cried that Barack Obama should not have launched missiles at Libya. And many liberals, while protesting expansion of war, were now facing other liberals who supported President Obama’s mini-war of helping oppressed people. The Iraq war has now cost American taxpayers more than $ 780 billion. The two-week (so far) war against Libya has now cost almost $750 million, most of it for Tomahawk missiles.

What’s a president to do? The president’s party spends millions of dollars on polls, none of which are reliable. The president is then forced to put his finger into the wind to see what the voters want—and then does what he wants to do anyway.
Whatever he does will be met by hostility on one side and near-blind support on the other. However, there is a solution. Tax checkoff.

No, that’s not like a distant cousin of the Russian short story writer. It’s a way for the President and the taxpayers to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Let’s say that a president decides he wants to invade some hostile foreign country—Canada, for example. Instead of going into the War Room with his military leadership and plotting how best to meet the strategic, tactical, and political goals of an invasion, he stops for two weeks.

During the first week, all Americans would be sent an email, asking them if they support the invasion of the country that sends Arctic Clippers to the U.S. during Spring. At the end of that week, voting stops. Now, let’s say that 40 percent of Americans think invading Canada is important and the prudent thing to do, but 43 percent oppose it. (The other 17 percent would still be trying to find out why their computers crashed.)

Normally, the president would say that most Americans don’t want to invade Canada and might listen to them. But, the 40 percent are vigorous in their beliefs. No problem.

On the next paycheck will be a question. “Do you support committing American troops to invade Canada, and stopping Arctic Clippers?” Those who answer “yes” will then be assessed a proportion for the costs of that invasion, putting their wallets and purses where their mouths are. If 60 million Americans want war, and the cost is a mere $300 million a week, then each supporter would have about $5 per week deducted from his or her paycheck. It’d hardly be noticeable. Of course, there might be a $5 surcharge for the cost of burying the dead, treating the wounded, and long-term physical and mental rehabilitation. But, hey, even at $10 a week, war is rather cheap. And, most important, all of it is tax-deductible.

Those who don’t support the war wouldn’t have the money deducted. They could decide to support another war later, or pay a “fair share” for more vigorous environmental regulation and enforcement, or even a few dollars a month to allow members of Congress to have junkets. Whatever is raised for junkets would be the total pool available, and would have to be split equally among the 535 members and several thousand critical staffers who, we all know, are the ones who do the work anyhow.

The Tax Checkoff System has one final advantage. With Americans deciding what to support and committing their personal fortunes or anemic savings accounts to the cause, we could wipe out the national debt and war at the same time.

[Walter Brasch probably won’t be deciding to have deductions for war taken from his pay check. His latest book is Before the First Snow, a journalistic novel that looks at the integration of war, peace, oil, and nuclear energy, all within the context of social justice. The book is available, on pre-order, from]

Hey kidz!!! Make way for the TRUTH INVASION!!! . . . ;-)

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 TRUTH have hired a Publicist!!!

And she's taking THE 9-11 TRUTH INVASION on the road!!!! . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and article from A&E 911 Truth website)
"Your Donation Dollars at Work: AE911Truth Publicist Ilene Proctor - Nearly ten years after the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11, and despite an ever-growing number of professional and lay petitioners, AE911Truth wanted to speed up the process of reaching a critical mass of supporters to fulfill our mission. With funds raised on our website specifically for the purpose, we retained the services of Ilene Proctor, International Public Relations, headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA."

(full story)

From the above article, we see that Ilene Proctor has quite a bit of experience:

(clipped text from above article)
"Proctor is no newcomer to public relations, with dozens of prominent clients listed on her website. She has helped politicians, authors, and activists across the political spectrum, as well as more mainstream business clients, achieve greater visibility in the media."

If you go out to her website, you may see some names you recognize on her client list . . . ;-)

(clipped text from Ilene Proctor and Associates website)
"Ilene Proctor's 'Great Minds Salon Series':
John Dean
Ralph Nader
Ambassador Joe Wilson

Politicians & Authors:
Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Congressional Candidate Marcy Winograd
Congressman Ron Paul
Cindy Sheehan
David Swanson"

(link to Ilene Proctor and Associates client site)

I always did like that last kid on the list . . . from the first time I saw him on C-SPAN a LONG time ago . . . ;-)

So, with THE 9-11 TRUTH INVASION . . .

. . . perhaps WE THE PEOPLE won't need Walter Brasch's "Tax Checkoff System" . . .

We'll just take back all the money we've given all these WAR CRIMINALS and CENTRAL BANKSTERS for all their ILLEGAL INVASIONS based on BIG LIES!!! . . . ;-)

"Call out the instigators
Because there's Something in the Air
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the Revolution's here,
And you know it's right
And you know that it's right
We have got to get it together
We have got to get it together now"
- "Something In The Air" by Thunderclap Newman


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