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Ukraine President Threatens Resistance with Nazi Style Reprisal Killings

By Michael Collins - Posted on 12 July 2014



Obama administration lapdog, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, threatened the Eastern Ukraine resistance with harsh punishment for defending themselves against his government's military assault on their towns and cities. Reuters reported the following promise of reprisal:

"For every soldier's life, the militants will pay with scores and hundreds of their own. Not a single terrorist will avoid responsibility; each will get what they deserve." Petro Poroshenko, President, Ukraine, Reuters, July 11

Poroshenko and his comrades were reacting to a major resistance victory against Ukraine's regular army. Somewhere between 20 and 40 Ukrainian troops were killed in an attack by resistance forces under the command of Igor Strelkov. Poroshenko failed to note that the missiles he claimed were used against Ukraine regulars are the same types of weapons the Kiev government used against cities and towns in the contested, densely populated Donbass region under attack.

For weeks, Ukraine troops have assaulted towns and cities in what the government terms an "anti terrorist operation." The definition of terrorist seems to be anyone who resists the central governments authority or who lives in a city where resisters are present. The 100,000 plus city of Slavyansk was besieged by Ukraine artillery and aircraft for weeks before resistance forces successfully evacuated the city.

The resistance is now focused on defending Donetsk, a city of over a million people. Lugansk, population 500,000, the other major city in the Donbass region, is also targeted and under fire.. With greater resources and equipment, the Strelekov led forces should perform even better in Donetsk than they did in Slavyansk where the resistance fought the Ukraine military to a standstill.

The presence of documented Nazi sympathizers in the street riots and subsequent Ukrainian government raises an obvious comparison between Ukraine's threat and the German Nazi reprisal killings during World War II. As it turns out, the Poroshenko government reprisal policy goes beyond one of the most notorious Nazi reprisals.

In March 1944, a column of Nazi soldiers marched down the Via Rasella in Rome. Italian partisans set a trap in the form of a bomb that ended the march and killed over 30 German troops. The Nazi reprisal called for 10 dead Italians for each dead German soldier. A few days later, 335 Italian prisoners were murdered in the Ardeatine caves near Rome.   The German 10 to 1 reprisal ratio is exceeded by the low end of Poroshenko's 20 ("scores") to 1 ("for every soldier's life") ratio on up to hundreds to 1.

The reprisal policy endorsed by Ukraine's president extends a Nazi theme previously announced by government officials. In late June, Ukraine's Defense Minister announced that resisters in the East Donbass region would go through "filtration" camps in preparation for resettlement in other parts of Ukraine.

Surely, we are tempted to think, this publically previewed war crime will cause the Obama administration and its NATO puppets to abandon Ukraine's extremist government.

That is not the case. The United states State Department continues to issue support for Poroshenko and his very strange, not very efficient government. When asked about the loss of civilian lives in the conflict, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said:

"Ukraine, again, has the right to defend their country and their people and maintain calm and order to the degree they can. So we certainly support them in that effort." July 8.

Some calm. Some order.


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