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U.S. World and Regional Credibility

By jimstaro - Posted on 12 February 2011

This aired yesterday, 11 February 2011, morning prior to the results later in the day, night there, of the total collapse of the Mubarak reign of rule, but is pretty much spot on about us and especially that whole region of the planet and it's free people under autocratic rule supported by us.


U.S. Could Use Egypt To Boost Credibility, Some Say


"The great danger to the administration right now is that they might end up losing influence on both sides. They might lose influence with the autocrats we've been supporting for so long, but they might also lose influence with the protesters and the forces for democracy in freedom."

- Amjad Atallah, New America Foundation



February 11, 2011 - "We find ourselves in the worst of all possible worlds," he says, "with grand expectations and supporting very important values, but without the capacity and leverage to implement a preferred American outcome or even an outcome in Egypt that we can control."

Miller says this is part of a long trend for the U.S.; America's credibility, he argues, has been sinking to new lows.

"We are neither admired, respected or feared to the degree that we need to be in order to protect our interests, and the reality is — and this is just another demonstration of it — everybody in this region says no to America without cost or consequences," he says. "[Afghanistan's] Hamid Karzai says no, [Iraq's] Maliki on occasion says no, [Iran's] Khamenei says no, [Israel's] Netanyahu says no. Mubarak says no repeatedly."

U.S. credibility fell over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, analysts say, and again last year when Israel rejected U.S. calls for a building freeze in the occupied West Bank. Egypt is one place where the U.S. can stop this decline, says Amjad Atallah of the New America Foundation. {continued}

Our problems within, domestic, are huge after the previous decade and extended back the couple prior to which led us to finally a couple of years ago almost total collapse.

But our problems Worldwide are even bigger, as a result of the previous decade, and we will feel the blowback for the decades to come!

That's our legacy placed right in the lap of those young generations here now and those to follow!

Is what All the discussions in this Country should be now, and should have been the past decade, not trying to second guess nor shape what happens now in Egypt nor anywhere else.

Especially from almost All the media outlets and taking heads, they were the loudest of the cheering crowds that supported and followed the lies of justification the almost whole past decade while silencing those who were questioning!

And are still very supportive in many of the issues still damaging this country and it's society.

What happens now in Egypt and the other countries is up to the people and always has been, we can support and possibly help, but dictation as to where they go and pushing that is a long gone policy ideal!

Hey kidz!!! We The People can use 9-11 TRUTH to restore U.S. World and Regional Credibility . . .

. . . and maybe, just maybe, stop WORLD WAR III!!! . . . ;-)

What if Mubarak and Zionist occupied Egypt are just symptomatic of a larger, . . . much larger . . . global cancer?

Remember this quote?

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out."
- U.S. President Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson

Old Hickory was referring, of course, to the Central Private Banks and their debt slavery racket with its "Propaganda & War Machine" . . .

Now, let's look at the pieces on the chess board . . .

Why do you kidz think Israeli Defense Minister Ehud "Mr. Thermite" Barak was in D.C. and New York meeting with top brass this week?

(clipped headline and article from Politico)
"Israel's Ehud Barak arrives in D.C. - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has arrived in Washington Tuesday ahead of a packed day of meetings. On Wednesday morning, Barak will meet with National Security Council Iran/Middle East advisor Dennis Ross, and various members of Congress, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Flo.), the new chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,"

(full story)

Why do you kidz think that U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen was summoned to Israel this weekend? . . .

( . . in typical Zionist "Master Race" fashion by insisting that the meetings take place on a Sunday, the traditional Christian Day of Rest . . .)

(clipped headline and article from Reuters)
"Top U.S. military officer to visit Israel and Jordan - Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, will arrive in Jordan Sunday for talks with his military counterpart and with Jordan's King Abdullah. . . Mullen is due to meet Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres and the outgoing head of the armed forces, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi Sunday and Monday, before returning to Washington."

(full story)

. . . funny, that we never hear of any of these "important" Israeli meetings happening on Saturdays . . . ;-)

I guess we "goyim" must respect the sensitivities of our "Special Friends" just like we used to do with the old "Slave Markets" by always closing business on Saturdays and "Jewish" holidays . . ;-)

Likewise, I guess we "goyim" must get ready for WAR when our Zionist "masters" say so . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and article from Newsmax)
"Ex-Israeli Official: Mideast Dominoes Point to War - George Birnbaum, an international political consultant who once served as chief of staff to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is warning that a domino-style collapse of moderate Arab regimes could lead Israel to war."

(full story)

What was it Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, mere weeks after 9-11???

"Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

So, with whom is Israel and their Global Zionist 5th Columns planning to go to WAR, exactly???

The entire Arab world? The entire Muslim world?

Flashback to a bunch of "uppity goyim" that dared throw off the Zionist Central Banks and start issuing their own currency in the 1930s . . .

Remember this reaction? Probably not if you went to American Public Schools. . . . you just learned about lampshades, bars of soap, shrunken heads, gas chambers, and that "6 Million" figure that defies the basic axioms of addition and subtraction . . . ;-)

"The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end."
-- Centraal Blad Voor Israëeten in Nederland, Sept 13, 1939

Funny, I always thought our "Special Friends" insist that "Palestine" never existed . . . and that THEY were the innocent victims to those mean ol' Germans . . . ;-)

So, what single catalyst could possibly defuse this Zionist run up to World War III??? Could destroy the neo-Stasi tyranny known as "The Department of Homeland Security" and its demon spawn "The TSA"??? Could reduce "The Patriot Acts" and "The Military Commissions Act" to merely dark times in America on the pages of school History text book.

This ol' fool says, "9-11 TRUTH" is the KEY!!!

Why are the Zionists of the World so afraid of 9-11 Truth???

(clipped headline and article from A&E for 9-11 Truth)
"Top UN Officials Have Public Meltdown over Call for New 9/11 Investigation - Secretary-General and US Ambassador Call Law Professor’s Measured Remarks 'Preposterous'

The high profile of the Sec.General’s ridicule of Falk’s remarks could bring some media attention to the 9/11 Truth movement. Flooding the UN with comments supportive of Falk could help make that happen."

(full article)

So, let's see ACTION!!!!

(clipped text from above article)
"Carefully fact-checked comments pointing out the scientific evidence uncovered in recent years and how it conflicts with the official account should be faxed to Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at (212) 963-3301 or emailed to pga65[at]

Copies should also be sent to US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice at (212) 415-4053 or emailed to "

Now, this ol' fool from North Cackilacki has long held the view that:

"The key to Peace is 9-11 Truth,
The key to 9-11 Truth is WTC-7!!!"

With that in mind, newbies should start here:

(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)
"WTC7 -- This is an Orange"

Then get your facts together . ..

(link to video - approx. 30 minutes)
"Steven Jones -- Interview on 9-11 Thermite Evidence"

For the older kidz ready for difficult "Graduate Level" 9-11 Truth . . . and are serious about "connecting the dotz" . . .

(link to video - approx. 2.5 hours)
"War by Deception 2011 The Shadow Government And Shadow Economy"

Spread 9-11 TRUTH . . . EVERYWHERE!!!

Spread the scam of The FEDERAL RESERVE/IMF Bankster Fraud . . . EVERYWHERE!!!

If WE THE PEOPLE can throw off these Zionists Criminals that have usurped OUR COUNTRY . . . and set up WE THE PEOPLE to be the Tyrants of The World . . . to benefit Israel and a handful of oligarchs that hide in the shadows . . .

. . . then, maybe the U.S.A. will be able to re-establish World and Regional Credibility . . . as well as stopping World War III before it happens.

This is OUR time, kidz . . . Walk Like An Egyptian!!! Stand Together Like Patriots!!! . . . ;-)

Always remember this tried and true "Game Rule" that we just saw played out in Iceland, Tunisia, and Egypt:

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"Well, I'm gonna raise a fuss,
An' I'm gonna raise a holler.
I've been working all summer
Just to try and earn a dollar.
Gonna take two weeks
Gonna have a fine vacation
Gonna take my problems
To the United Nations
Well I went to my congressman
He said, quote: 'I'd like to help you son,
But you're too young to vote.'"
- "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran


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