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We Would Have Revolution Overnight If People Understood This One Thing

By Dennis Trainor Jr - Posted on 07 October 2014

Martin Luther King, Jr. was working towards a guaranteed basic income for all when he was killed. Wealth inequality, neoliberalism, the actions of the Federal Reserve, along with the greed and theft of the global elite have made the call for a guaranteed basic income for all even more urgent in 2014 than in the 1960s.

David DeGraw, interviewed here by Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TVclaims the alternative is a violent revolution.

In his new book, The Economics of Revolution, DeGraw writes:

“Having that much wealth consolidated within a mere 1% of the population, while a record number of people toil in poverty and debt, is a crime against humanity.  For example, it would only cost 0.5% of the 1%’s wealth to eliminate poverty nationwide.  Also consider that at least 40% of the 1%’s accounted for wealth is sitting idle. That’s an astonishing $13 trillion in wealth hoarded away, unused.”
In this clip from the full 30-minute interview, DeGraw points out that the Federal Reserve is already printing money and giving it away to the financial elite.

atv occupy supreme court


Well, it seems that a new Civil War has been long in waiting.  It's not something to wish for, but the way the "elites" rule, some people are going to want to burst these super-rich and financially hijacking "bubbles".

And with Washington et alia militarizing US police forces, in addition to all of the racial profiling, possibly also profiling of the poor, regardless of colour, it seems that someone is trying to "play with fire", wanting to provoke the population into committing Civil War, or taking actions much stronger than before anyway.  Perhaps most of the population would be people who'd let themselves be corralled into FEMA (concentration) camps, if those really do exist.  (Some people say those do exist, but I haven't visited any.)  Some will surely try to resist this, but to win will surely require either a majority, or a very sizable minority; 49% wouldn't be bad.

Winning without war is the best way; undeniably so.  But is "The Establishment" leaving The People much choice?

The "bubble" for the top 1% is bound to be bursted, sooner or later; or, so I'll conjecture anyway.  Someone is going to need to bust or pop that bubble.

Question:  How?

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