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Wisconsin 14 Senators: Press Conference 3-12-2011

By jimstaro - Posted on 14 March 2011


Protesters Trade in Rally Signs for (Recall) Clipboards


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Thirteen of those 14 held a press conference at Monona Terrace Saturday before appearing, to thunderous applause, at the massive rally on Capitol Square.

They seem to be a he.. of a nasty pair or duo, but what's going on, this fascism-corporatism, surely isn't only due to them, so it's important to find out who the other fascist-corporatist elites behind all of this roguishness are and then widespreadly boycott the corporations they head, et cetera.

About the video:

I listened to around 25 minutes of this and it's suprising, a little anyway, that the Dem. Party members who left and have now returned to Wisconsin speak, unintentionally (or so I suppose), as much about the roguishness of their own party as the Repub. Party. A lot of what they say applies very equally to both parties' leaderships, so much that it's nearly astounding that these Dem. Party members care to remain members of this rogue party.

It's almost as if there is some sort of sick con game being played on or against the general population by both main political parties; because little of what these Dem. Party reps of Wisconsin applies only to the Repub. Party and both parties' leaderships have behind-closed-doors relationships.

And what do these Wisconsin Dem. Party members do or say, and what have they said or done, regarding Washington, first under Bush and the Repubs, then (and now) under Obama and the Dems, giving hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to the robber barons of Wall Street? What about universal health care, the fascism-corporatism against this essential benefit for all US citizens and legal, permanent residents? Et cetera.

I hope that they're not doing this to try to make Obama look good just because he's President, C-in-C of wars of aggression, after having taken over from Bush, and that he's of the Dem. Party. And I hope that they're also not taking this correct stand to try to get the public to absolve Dem. Party leadership in more general terms. If this sort of political "gaming" is involved, then citizens definitely need to become aware of this right away and stand against it. Fighting for worker rights must not turn into supporting wars and other criminal US foreign policies, as well as any criminal national policies.

These Dem. Party reps of Wisconsin potentially could side with protesting workers and other Wisconsonite demonstrators just to try to draw favor for the Dem. Party among voters, hoping to fool them into supporting the crimes of the Dem. Party.

During the run-up politics to the war on Iraq and shortly enough before the invasion, an article reported that some workers in some northern state or states worried about possibly losing their jobs said that they'd support Washington's wars as long as Washington protected the jobs of these workers. I was totally disgusted, but it didn't improve reality. And it takes fools to believe Washington, which could have responded by saying, "Okay, we'll work to protect your jobs", drawing support from these heartless, selfish workers for Washington's wars; and, as is customary of Washington, it's end of the "bargain" would not be held.

Keep a close watch on these Wisconsin Dem. Party reps. We have much more than enough proof that the Dem. Party is just as dirty as the Repub. Party. Both regularly lie, try to con us, et cetera. There are some members in both parties who this description doesn't apply to, or not wholly anyway, but very many in both parties are very corrupt individuals.

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