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Cindy you are correct, 100% correct to pull back from both parties that pretend to have the American people's interest at heart. I have watched them beat you up with the psychological "baseball bat". I have admired your courage. The two party system in this country is a complete canard designed to hoodwink the American public, and most buy into it with abandon. Big money funds both sides! You made Casey proud by bringing to the attention of the naive how this war is just like any other war, designed to make money for the few with the blood of the many. I stand behind you!

Cindy, Where were you?? Why did you not show up after we waited so long??? Don't flake out on us now!

Dear Cindy,
Thank you so much for all you have done. We will miss you very much. You have been an inspiration, and even if you don't realize it now, you have touched the hearts of many, many people. We love you.

May you find a well deserved rest, solace and peace. It is now the responsibility of others to carry on. Attention seeking? How dare anyone level that charge. Your sacrifice and your grief driven passion stood out long before others had the guts to speak out and take action. I am partisan but I never viewed your quest as partisan. To me it seemed to be fueled by a mother's love and by the greatest loss a mother could ever suffer. So rest now, recover, and always know that your brave and passionate struggle will or should be long appreciated. Our country owes you much.

You are a Brave Women,You have what Most AMericans Have Lost,Secondly This IS NO LONGER AMERICA,IT HAS BEE TAKEN OVER BY SOME STRANGE ENTITY.
Good Luck Cindy and the Few That are behind you I REALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN,Are Also In your SPIRIT.......Good WORK,And someday ALl that Have caused this SHALL BE JUDGED By THE REAL JUDGE........

Thank you for all your sacrifices. You are my idea of a real American.
jeanne m. tucker, Ohio

Thanx for ALL you do Cindy!! i believe as you do, there is NOTHING worse that you can go through once you have buried your own child, i too have experienced my son's funeral. i know my son would want me to do what is right for his sister and i too will do anything i am asked to do to return OUR country to We the People! ALL of our children deserve to have the country that the Founders fought and died for to give to US!! WE must get THAT country back for THEM!

i volunteer right here and now to help you in any way i can with your campaign, JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO BE OF HELP -RUN CINDY RUN!!

Patti Holly
FAX 866.686.0999

Cindy You didn't Walk the Walk!!! Remember you had a flat tire in Charlotte On I-40 sounds like you have been riding some.... and you got a little lost.. I-40 is at least 40 miles north of Charlotte. At least try to live up to your own example....

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