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Sen. Feingold Seeks Citizen Sponsors for Censure Resolutions

Just in from Senator Feingold:

Over the last week, I've held Listening Sessions across Wisconsin and heard the same sort of comments that thousands of people like you have emailed my way over the last week - it's time to hold the President, and his administration, accountable.

Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor of Censure

The President and Vice President led our nation into an unwise war, under false pretenses, without adequate planning, and have mismanaged the situation that continues today. The President and Attorney General have time and time again thumbed their noses at the Constitution and the rule of law - on everything from warrantless wiretapping to undermining Congress' role to conduct adequate oversight.

If Congress stands by and does nothing to hold this administration responsible, we open the door for this President, and future presidents, to continue to undermine the very foundation of our government whenever they see fit. The President, Vice President and Attorney General must be held accountable.

Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor of Censure

The President has taken our country down the wrong path for far too long and it is up to each and every one of us to get America moving back in the right direction. As I mentioned above, thousands of you have joined our effort and signed on as Citizen Co-Sponsors of Censure. By showing your support today, Congressman Hinchey - the lead sponsor of both censure resolutions in the House - and I can show our colleagues in Congress that the American people demand accountability.


Senator Russ Feingold


Let me be crystal clear here: I support impeachment. Do I think that censure should be in lieu of impeachment? NO. But do I think that censure may heighten the public's push for impeachment, for the constitutional restoration of our republic with its democratic traditions? Do I think it's at least a minimal effort toward our national restoration? Could be...

It's another opportunity to tell Congress that the Bush administration cabal is the anti-thesis of authentic American values and the rule of law. Please join me in signing.


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To call on responsible accountability from our members of Congress. The most the Senate can do in light of a non-impeachment IS a Censure.

Where's Hillary's, Biden's, Dodd's, Obama's etc. signature to Feingold's Censure Resolution?

How willing are they to be held accountable to the people they serve if they aren't willing to hold those serving in Office NOW, responsibly accountable?

If we are to believe that any one of the candidates that are currently serving us NOW in Offices as a Senator, House Representative, or Governor, will be fixing the troubles we currently are experiencing on their watch NOW, when they get elected tomorrow, then we must also buy into the notion that this level of complacency displayed by them in Congress NOW, as a Body of Congress, is 'run of the mill' for ANY Congress. And that being the case, as is evidenced by the lack of responsible accountability showed toward such an over reaching and "LAWLESS" Administration, then once again, these candidates are suggesting that this is ALSO 'run of the mill' for ANY Administration to behave this way... even their own.

This is pathetic.
Now he wants OUR help, what is he deaf?



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