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Protesters Want Hinchey to Back Cheney Impeachment

Protesters want Hinchey to back Cheney impeachment

Five people who staged a sit-in this week in Congressman Maurice Hinchey's Hudson Valley office - demanding the congressman support an effort to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney - will meet again with Hurley Democrat to push their position.

They were among more than 50 people who met with Hinchey on Tuesday.

The five staged the sit-in at Hinchey's office later for several hours, refusing to leave until granted a further meeting to ask questions and get answers.

Hinchey agreed to the demand, though a spokesman says the date has not yet been set.

Bard College Professor Joel Kovel tells the Kingston Daily Freeman: "We wanted him to listen better than he did, to eventually realize how contradictory his position is."

Hinchey once called for impeachment, the first step toward removal of President Bush, accusing the administration of lying about the reasons for the Iraq war and ignoring constitutional rights with warrantless spying on Americans.

He has since called instead for censure of Bush and Cheney, which would amount to a reprimand.

Hinchey said there wasn't enough support in Congress for impeachment.

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The Cheney/Bush regime's attack on Iraq has lead to the deaths of over 1 million people and untold and uncounted other beings in the hapless country of Iraq. If I killed a million people, do you think Congressman Hinchey would want to censure me? There is no excuse for not holding these war criminals accountable. The Constitution does not say you have to have a certain number of votes in order to begin impeachment investigations. Honor your oath of office Congressman Hinchey! Do it now.

Appreciate you mentioning the video. It's super - especially that fellow's daughter's letter. Superb!

Congrats to Hinchey constituents for your superb presentation. The last speaker was so right. A sea change could happen at any moment. It is time to move on impeachment. Lead the people Congressman; don't follow Nancy Pelosi and the Bush/Cheney cabal as they destroy our country!

We dont need cowards in Congress;we need LEADERS. Has he ever heard
of good leadership saying "there is not enough people to support
my cause so I sit down and dont move!" That person is simply a coward.

So, he is either on a blackmail list, a member of a secret society
who took oath that if he didnt go along his throat would be cut
from ear to ear, or bought out, or a clone....

The facts are the American Empire and Bush NWO are EVIL PERSONIFIED.
To whine and whimper and shake before these facts is suicide for
Hinchey and all of us.

Where did we get such cowards to represent us? His penalty for
not acting on his conscience as he knows full well he should
should be front lines in Iraq or the sweat shops of our
own corporations ---

visualizing a safe world, alcyone

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