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Another Dishonorable Chicken-Hawk

By Cindy Sheehan

I know just a little bit about Mr. William Kristol:

He is the son of one of the founders of the "neo-conservative" movement, Irving Kristol.

He is a commentator on Fox News.

He was Chief of Staff for one of the political "geniuses" of our time: VP Dan Quayle.

He is editor of another Rupert Murdoch war-propaganda rag, "The Weekly Standard."

He is a member, and signer, of the Project for the New American Century, which is a game plan for US global hegemony based on military strength and one of its goals and objectives was the over-throw of the Hussein Regime in Iraq with a next stop in Iran and Syria (because the PNAC plan is going so well, so far).

By all accounts, Mr. Kristol is a brilliant man, who like his father before him, uses his brilliance for destruction. He is a shameless supporter of a failed, murderous, and miserable strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan and one of the "mushroom cloud" crowd.

One thing Mr. William Kristol is not, is a combat vet.

Although he was born in 1952, he never served during Vietnam. I am sure while at Harvard he was a staunch supporter of the American effort to enrich the war profiteers while ostensibly stopping that war's "enemy" communism from spreading across Asia. Secure in his studies during that quagmire, Kristol joins a long line of neo-con chicken-hawks who are drenched in other people's blood and love to send other people's children to die for their lies.

I don't know anything, or care to know anything about Mr. Kristol's private life. I don't care if he is another closeted gay Republican or is a happily married hetero with children. I do suspect, however, that if Mr. Kristol is married, his children are not serving in Iraq, being misused by the very same incompetent and cowardly Commander in Chief (who also did not serve in Vietnam) that Mr. Kristol shamelessly supports while the entire administration and Republican hypocrites are crumbling from corruption and scandal.

I do know one thing for sure about Mr. Kristol, he does not like to be bothered with those pesky little things called facts. On February 20, 2003, Mr. Kristol incredibly gushed: "If we free the people of Iraq, we will be respected in the Arab world." This statement shows an amazing lack of knowledge of the Arab world or any kind of foreign policy sophistication (but does show a great use of Rovian-Foxian expolitation of emotion). No one in the Arab world (except maybe, Israel, which is geographically located in the "Arab world") was calling for the US to "free" Iraqis. No one from Iraq except "Curveball" or the slimy and profit-motivated, Ahmad Chalabi, both Iraqis who weren't even living in the country at the time of the invasion were calling on the USA to liberate them. In fact, after many years of murderous sanctions against Iraq, a fierce nationalism arose in opposition to the US-UN led sanctions. According to National Intelligence Estimates, since the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, Islamic Jihadism has increased. Mr. Kristol is also incredibly ignorant of human nature and human history. No peoples like to be occupied. No child, brother or sister, or mother or father, who sees a loved one blown away by American or insurgent's bombs will love the oppressor. In fact, violence only creates more violence and more life-long enemies.

Now Mr. Kristol is safe behind his desk and computer calling for another attack against Iran. I think he hears the non-existent cries of the Iranian people to be liberated from their regime. The Iranian people are directly next-door to Iraq and they see what US "liberation" brings. It comes with the awful price of high civilian casualties; hospitals bombed, Doctors killed; no electricity or clean water; and eternal occupation.

In a recent op-ed for The Weekly Standard, Mr. Kristol makes many more tactical and fundamental errors. The ANSWER coalition is calling for mass mobilizations begining the week (Sept. 15) that the White House authored Petraeus report on the surge is due. Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), who are leading the September 15th march, are calling for a "die-in" to end the march and begin the rally. The vets, unlike the chicken-hawk neocons, have actually served in war, particularly the one that Mr. Kristol imagines is such a success. IVAW is asking activists to represent a killed service-member and at an appropriate time lie down. Taps will be played and also a simulated 21-gun salute. It sounds respectful to me, being the mom of one of the soldiers, and I will proudly, yet sorrowfully, be lying down for my son that day. Many of the march/rally participants will be "dying" to represent the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed for Mr. Kristol's deceptions.

Mr. Kristol calls on the "honorable" members of the anti-war movement to denounce the die-in and lumps with other organizers of the die-in. MoveOn is not associated with the die-in as they do not support non-violent, direct civil disobedience. What I find so amusing is that Mr. PNAC-Fox News-Chicken-hawk has made himself the judge of what is honorable.

Mr. Kristol has a problem with the anti-war movement using the names of the fallen without the permission of the families. No one got my permission when my sons portrait was used in the pro-war memorial at Arlington Cemetery. Casey's name and likeness has been used by pro-war people all over the nation without my permission. Why is that okay, Mr. Kristol? I know for a fact such memorials as Arlington West, Eyes Wide Open and our memorial at Camp Casey would remove names of soldiers at the next of kin's request. If any family member so requests, I am sure IVAW will do the same thing---but a word of caution:

Even though the members of IVAW (all my adopted sons and daughters) have a big problem with the occupation of Iraq and with the Bush crime family, they served their country honorably (unlike Mr. Kristol) and they all fought side-by-side with the fallen. They love their brothers and sisters and they would themselves have died to take the place of any one of them. Do not, never, ever, claim that we families, or the Iraq Vets are dishonoring our sons and daughters killed by the lies of The Weekly Standard, Fox News, BushCo., et al. That is the biggest lie of all, or maybe it's this one that Mr. Kristol told on March 1, 2003:

"Very few wars in American history were prepared better or more thoroughly than this one by this president."

I would laugh if I weren't crying so hard.

If Mr. Kristol gets his PNAC way, by this time next year, we will need a lot more people at a die-in.

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Thank you, Cindy, for writing this particular column. William Kristol, the epitome of a ChickenHawk to the fullest extent, was a major player and mouthpiece for the Project for a New American Century. We must continue to bring to the public's attention the Project for a New American Century and their September 2000 "Rebuilding America's Defenses" plan to (1) invade Iraq, (2) setup a permanent military presence there to launch further invasions of Iran and Syria, and (3) secure control of the natural resources (oil) in the Middle East. Page 51 of the September 2000 PNAC document stated in essence that the American people would not go for such an imperialistic war of agression unless the U.S. was to experience a "New Pearl Harbor". The "New Pearl Harbor" came a year later on 9/11 with many of the PNAC personnel (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Perle and more) were in the highest levels of our nation's Departments of Defense and State, as well as in Intelligence. It was on their watch that 9/11 was allowed to happen, and it was on that very day that the Bush and the PNAC gang began making a case for attacking Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Hadley, Bolton, Perle and the other PNAC traitors need to be fully investigated not only for their deliberate lies about WMD, etc., but also for their respective parts in the actual 9/11 attacks. Such investigations could very well lead to a number of them being found guilty of treason against the U.S. and guilty in the murder of 3,000 people in NYC and Washington on 9/11/01. A very good "mainstream" documentary exposing the PNAC and their lies leading to the U.S. invasion of Iraq is the 2004 "Hijacking Catastrophe" A very good "independent" documentary connecting members of the PNAC to the 2000 stolen presidential election in Florida, their ties to the 9/11 hijackers being trained in Florida and on U.S. military installations, the military stand down of NORAD interceptor planes during the 9/11 attacks and more, is "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" by John Albanese. Anyone interested in these films can watch them on line using Google Video, or get a DVD copy from me sent in the mail. Thanks for your continued hard work, Cindy, and I'm hoping to make it out to California next fall to help campaign for you.


Phil Restino
Daytona Beach, FL
Central Florida Veterans For Peace

Another great piece, Cindy.

But whenever one speaks of PNAC never, ever forget about 9/11. Because Kristol and his ilk didn't just recommend Global Imperialism, with its concommittant suppression of American democracy and civil liberty which they all knew would accompany it; PNAC virtually recommended 9/11 as the most efficient way to begin!

This was the "Operation NorthWoods" of our time - except they actually followed through with it.

The son-of-a-bitch Kristol isn't just a "chicken-hawk", he's a terrorist traitor - on a scale which is truly monstrous. And he has the gall to tell anyone about "honor"! This scumbag doesn't have the faintest experience or understanding of the word.

PNAC - and also their precursor, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) - are the scourge of modern American politics, and should be wiped off the map. (That's not "erased from the Page of History" but wiped off The fucking Map!)

Remember 9/11!

Semper Fi,


Progressives are finally starting to get around to the fact that all these "little" foreign policy, Constitutional Crises, official lies, unitary executive, stolen elections, environmental/energy, Katrina, War Inc. disasters are all empowered and underpinned by the maintenance of the Treasonous Big Lie of 911.

As more and more Professionals from inside and outside of our near-thoroughly corrupted American society sign on to the website, the snowball begins its unstoppable journey to the Great American Recovery. The "Trial of all Trials" in our history will see a cleansing throughout every department, agency, and large corporation unheard of short of violent revolution.

This is precisely why I do not spend as much energy trying to stop the Iraq War, or Impeaching Bush/Cheney (These are Extremely Important!) as I do on Exposing the full truth of 911: Neither Impeachment nor Iraq Withdrawal will uproot the "secret beltway" operating out of view, scrutiny or oversight of the Public that gave Power to the neocons in the first place. Only a full Publicly scrutinized and unimpeded investigation with unconditional subpoena power will restore sanity to our once great Constitution.

As you said, matty, "not "erased from the Page of History" but wiped off The fucking Map!"


Was it just luck that so many involved with PNAC
ended up in their positions before 911?
Isn't lucky that it worked out so well for them?
(sarcasm intended)

When Wesley Clark and other ex military and intelligence
want another 911 investigation...what does that say?
when the MSM ignores it...I think we know what that says...


I don't believe in "luck" any more - and I sure as hell don't believe in coincidences; not by now.

When I was five I saw, in black-and-white, the President's head get shot apart on TV. And within a couple years also his brother, too - right on the heels of Dr. King. And now 9/11 and all this shit to go with it.

I remember hearing many times over the years that, if an alien civilization ever did contact the authorities, they might keep it secret because of worries that Society might not be able to stand the psychological shock of such a revelation. Now we constantly upbraid and rail at the MainStreamMedia - and rightly so, given their abuse and oppression of our minds - as we seek the truth on one matter after another. But I'll tell you: the real shock to Society - the one that would really make everybody's "water fall on the floor" - would be to lay completely bare the full and accurate history of American Politics and Power - all of it - from the last 100 years.

Both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. (as well as John Kerry) were Brothers of "The Order of Skull and Bones":

Charming, huh?

And here's some other fellows wearing the same emblem on their caps (look closely):

No, I've been doing some reading and I don't believe in coincidences any more. Here are some names - some "dots" - for you to connect:

- W. Averell Harriman
- E. Roland Harriman
- Herbert Walker
- Prescott Bush
- Brown Brothers Harriman
- Fritz Thiessen
- Third Reich
- American Liberty League
- Russel Trust Association
- John B. Madden
- Robert A. Lovett

Look into the above and when you're done see if you can still believe in coincidences - like, say, the similarities between 9/11 and the ReichStag Fire, for example.

David recently warned us about the dangers of WWIII. But I'm not so sure we're finished with WWII yet…

Semper Fi,
-Matty in Florida

I know (and there's a tear in my swollen eye when I say it) about the JP Morgan, Prescott, DuPont, IBM Nazi connection and it is convincing, and worse, Real-Time.

What hurts for me is that my German Grandmother just died, the same Grandmother who consented with my Grandfather to name my father the very un-German name, "Channing" (English) in 1938 in direct opposition to the rise of the Third Reich. My Grandparents understood well, and taught me much (as did my father) about the "nice Germans" who stood by enabling that fascist-movement's growth into the monster it became. Meanwhile, back home in the present, my own father and mother have buried their heads in the sands of seclusion, opposed satan in the rural churches, restored their sanity in AA, and followed the faith in their anti-internet (end times!) short-circuiting, 21st century fascist-enablers in my own family, blind as bats, societally disabled, just what the Good Nazi Ordered...

I've just spent the last 30 hours plowing through disinformation campaigns, (some) ignorance, and some great commentary concerning 911 and Iran, trying to help open pandora's box among alternet readers. Good news is a lot of people are ready, willing and able to do what is necessary, and the bad news is we have not yet opened a new investigation, and therefor can not be sure tomorrow won't witness the most tragic of outcomes.

I've said before:

I will not rest until all inside components of 911 are exposed!

And no, Matty, I do not believe in coincidences.


My dream is to see you in the Congress and BushCo in the pokie. William Kristol should be sent to Iraq immediately to guard the green zone only he should be on the outside. Things are so peaceful there he won't even need a gun.

Kristol has had obvious facial surgery to make him look younger for his many TV appearances, and for his vanity. His face is false and so is the rest of him. He must simply enjoy his role of taking down to us ants.

It's yesterday's Downsizer Dispatch:

Spread the Downsize DC message to those you know. Forward this message to others.

Quotes of the Day:

"It has been said that the intelligence agencies have to be right 100% of the time, and the terrorists only have to get lucky once. This explanation for the devastating attacks of September 11th, simple on its face, is wrong in its value, because the 9-11 terrorists were not just lucky once. They were lucky over and over again. When you have this repeated pattern of broken protocols, broken laws, broken communication, one cannot still call it luck. If at some point, we dont look to hold the individuals accountable for not doing their jobs properly, then how can we ever expect for terrorists to not get lucky again?"
-- Mindy Kleinberg, one of the Jersey Girls (of the 9-11 Families)

"There was plenty of intelligence. That intelligence was mismanaged. Instead of addressing that mismanagement we gave the intelligence community more money, more authority, and they're less accountable. That's ultimately going to prove catastrophic."
-- Mike German, former undercover anti-terrorist agent for the FBI, famed Whistleblower, and author of "Thinking Like a Terrorist"

Subject: The Accountability Project

These are perhaps the most important insights we would like to share, with as many people as possible:

1. The institution of government tends not to work . . . because it does not have to.

2. The institution of government pays no real price for failure . . . instead, it usually rewards itself for failure.

3. Rewarding government for failure leads to a dangerous spiral of bigger and bigger disasters.

These three observations, in a nutshell, sum up the practical case for Downsizing DC -- the bigger government is the harder it fails. The rest is commentary.

The 9-11 attacks, and their aftermath, are a classic case study demonstrating the above points.

The first government failure implicated in 9-11 was long-standing U.S. foreign policy. Congressman Ron Paul is right, as is Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit. Both argue, as do bin Laden's own writings, that 9-11 was blowback, retaliation for U.S. foreign policy.

The list of these foreign policy failures -- crimes against people in the Middle East -- is too long to list here. We will mention just one . . .

The decade-long sanctions against Iraq did nothing to weaken Saddam Hussein, but they were devastating to the Iraqi people. The sanctions destroyed Iraqi lives as well as the infrastructure and civil society that could have helped us prevail there, once we invaded, which, by the way, was yet another failure.

One failure leads to another. It is the classic paradigm of government action -- the natural product of a monopoly, which is what the federal government is.

And the beat goes on. Having supported Osama bin Laden in the past, and having provided the pretext for him to attack us in the future, our government then shot itself in the foot, on the very eve of 9-11. The aforementioned government counter-terrorism expert, Mike German, sums it up in the quote at the top of the page.

Government officials knew the attack was coming. They knew how it was coming. They knew the names of some of the likely attackers. They even had a fairly good idea of the time-frame. They had all the power and resources they needed to stop the attacks -- they simply failed to do so.

And the beat goes on. The failure was rewarded, with new powers and resources, leading to larger failures. This pattern of rewarded failure has led Mike German, a former undercover counter-terrorism agent for the FBI, to go to work for the ACLU. Why?

Because German has looked at what does and does not work in counter-terrorism efforts around the world. He has even successfully practiced what works, leading to rare convictions of real terrorists. His conclusion . . .

"The Bill of Rights is the perfect counter-terrorism strategy."

German argues that the restrictions of the Bill of Rights force agents such as himself to FOCUS, and not waste time chasing phantoms. This is in line with an argument we make constantly -- government could accomplish more by doing less. Subtraction is addition when it comes to government. Downsize DC!

So German blows the whistle on the FBI for violating the law and then goes to work for the ACLU, fighting to protect the "perfect counter-terrorism strategy" -- what's left of our Bill of Rights.

Mike German and Michael Scheuer are both examples of a common phenomenon -- highly competent government employees who are stymied by the inherent incompetence of monopoly government. In government the worst are rewarded and the best are fired or quit in frustration.

And the beat goes on. Failure rewarded. Failure repeated. Again and again.

One approach to this problem is to downsize government. Another is to hold government accountable. These two approaches support each other. Accountability exposes failure and gives us entry to argue our case. So we're going to make more use of the accountability angle. Our 9-11 campaign has been RESTRUCTURED as part of what we are calling The Accountability Project.

Starting this month, and next week in particular, there will be showings in homes and theaters around the country of the film "9/11: Press for Truth," which might be better titled, "9/11: Press for Accountability."

Many national and local groups will work in support of these showings. Computers will be available in homes and theaters so that those who see the movie can log-on to and send a message to Congress, demanding accountability.

And I, will be practicing what I preach. Next Thursday, June 13th, my Read the Bills Meetup Group will meet in my home, in Northeast Ohio, for a showing, of "9/11: Press for Truth." We'll have the computer set up to send those messages through

We are going to hammer Congress for its lack of accountability. Please join those who will do the hammering, starting today, by sending a new message to Congress on this issue.

If you haven't yet seen the movie, you can watch it for yourself, on the Background page of this new campaign.

Maybe you'll decide to host a showing. If so, let us know. We'd like to report it. The anniversary of 9-11 is on the horizon. Now is the time to remember, and to act, to stop the vicious cycle of rewarded failure.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

Video Commentary You'll Never See in the MSM:
NOW PLAYING: Gonzo Update / Democratic Panhandling

Please don't worry Cindy, there is always the Hague... we will not rest until your son Casey and all the sons and daughters who have died for PNAC lies receive justice.


Yes Matty and thanks for the pictures.

So you probably know, Bush and Kerry are distant relatives,
Hinckly was a friend of the Bush family.
(I looked that up when I was working in the MSM
with a program called Nexus-Lexus..a large and expensive
data base that news organizations rely on)
Lieberman also belongs to a secret society...makes
you wonder what Constitution the are thinking about when
they take an oath (not that the oath seems to mean anything anyway)
The Bush family also goes back to England and was a major player
in the Opium Wars...a scheme that basically said to China...
buy our drugs or we will attack you!!! What a change in tactics
since then! I guess it shows that if you have force to rely will never need to develop your mind!
Yes the MSM...I reminded them practically daily in one
way or another in the newsroom (belly of the beast)
during the propaganda build up to the war and occupation
of Iraq...that it was a ruse...the inspections were a pretext...
(all the things Hillary knows now! She could have asked me...she is lying
about that anyway) they took notice of my concern by slowly
cutting back my schedule to a financial morphine drip...
more painful than a quick dismissal...less obvious to anyone
who might of cared (even after working on things that got them two
awards...just so you know it was not my performance...but my
outspoken thoughts about reality) but I digress...F the MSM
I knew what I was doing and with whom. Moral of the story...
The MSM needs to be investigated as well! Those are our airwaves
and they are brainwashing and keeping the truth and manufacturing
consent ( A Chomsky title) at the expense of Life & Liberty
We need to seriously examine our MSM culture and learn to over
come the prejudice that whomever is on a 6:30...or whenever
your national network news comes not your friend!!!
Also...airstrikes are better on a moonless week somtime
will be the next one...No moon watch. Desert Storm started on a moonless
night. Lastly...Cheney was in the news with his video from the 90's
describing the prophetic outcome of our current scenario as the reason
they did'nt do it the first time. The MSM rarely mentions...
Bush I (father Bush) said the same F'ing thing as Cheney and wrote about it
in his Autobiography!
David Ray Griffin says in his latest that the "new offical"
story re: flight 77 at the pentagon is that they did afterall
recover enough parts of the plane (at first it had evaporated)
to reconstruct it or account for almost all of it! Seen one part
anybody? Anything? No? Why?

why is the then owner of the Trade Center on camera talking about
Bldg 7...saying they made the decision to "pull it"
Kerry in Austin this year (youtube) was asked if he had heard this..
he said he knew 7 was demolished! Why is this not on the front page?

I think it was Mahr who said these people are so crazy that
even Caligula is saying...who are these people?!?!?

Back to the moment and phone calls on Thursday


In exposing 911 and all the inbred revolving-door corruption, it will invariably involve many Corporations. It will be left to the People to decide on the Revocation of Charter for all operating corporations. Corporate Law includes this clause as a "check" on renegade and/or destructive operations. Along with the creeping fascism we see in government and media, a big part of the belly of the beast is occupied "play-areas" allowed by a blind-eye in Public Oversight and Accountability... and there are a lot of nice, dark play areas.

It should go without saying that many corporations operating today would already have been revoked if not for the ignorance of the Revocation of Corporate Charter. Any "News" Corporation that Lies without commensurate Correction can no longer be called a News Corporation... Revoke their Charter, Restore Public Oversight!

Let's face it, today's corporations are operating with more Liberty than today's unalienable individuals, and part of the shift TO Constitutional Liberty is turning that around!

BTW, the same can be said for "Information", which does not belong to governments or corporations, but to We, the People! (see Alvin Toffler's Power Shift, 1990)


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