You are herecontent / Will MoveOn Step Away from Democratic Party now that Democratic Party Has Condemned MoveOn?

Will MoveOn Step Away from Democratic Party now that Democratic Party Has Condemned MoveOn?

I'm betting no. But we should praise MoveOn for having published the right advertisement.

Here's what Cindy says:

General Betray-Us and
By Cindy Sheehan

I have often been critical of, basically because I feel, for the most part that they support Democrats to the detriment of democracy. However, was a big help to me at Camp Casey in August ‘05 and organized the thousands of candlelight vigils that occurred across the country. I will always be grateful to them for that.

I had a policy when my children were younger. I would always try to catch them doing something “right” (sharing, being kind, etc) and I would praise them and give them a treat. In that vein, I have to give my 100% support to in regards to their right-on ad in the NYT that has become even the object of a Senate denouncement.

It must be hard for to have 21 Democratic Senators vote to denounce the ad when has been so supportive of the party. However, I don’t think that it’s appropriate for the Senate to be voting on newspaper ads, when it is a clear 1st Amendment right of anyone in our representative republic to place such ads, whether one agrees with them or not, and with almost half the Senate Dems voting to denounce MoveOn’s freedom of speech and the Dem leadership taking impeachment “off the table” and giving BushCo more latitude to spy on us, I wonder which part of our Constitution the Dems will defile next?

Today, George, in his unbridled and un-matched arrogance and just abject stupidity called the MoveOn ad “disgusting.” What I find more disgusting is a cowardly Commander in Chief and all of his supposed underlings lying to our country and the world and sending our young troops to fight, die, be wounded and kill innocent people when they were too “busy” to do the same in their mistake of a war: Vietnam.

What I find disgusting is CNN (where I just saw Eli Parisier of MoveOn debate a pro-war person) rarely criticizes the occupation or shows the tragic consequences of this war and they are raising money so a poor Iraqi boy can have reconstructive surgery on his badly burned face. That is great, but what about examining the reasons little Youssif was burned in the first place and start calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops? What about the millions of other Iraqis who have been wounded or displaced? Who is telling their stories and raising money for them to be whole and have homes?

What I find disgusting is General Betray-Us allowing himself to be used as a political force field for the lying administration and lying himself. Sectarian violence is not down 80%, the General Accounting Office report and the fact that hundreds of Iraqis are killed every month 50,000 leave their homes on a monthly basis directly contradict those “facts.” The only reason some places are safer in Iraq is because the neighborhoods have been ethnically cleansed and the sectarian militias are providing security to small geographic areas. In the very violent south; Shi’a Mahdi are fighting Shi’a Badr. It is a disaster that needs to be faced and solved now, not put away until the spring or prolonged so Dems can get the White House back in '08.

General Betray-Us has not only betrayed America and his oath of service, but he has betrayed the very troops he should care about more than being an “ass-kissing little chicken-shit” to a Commander in Chief who has spent years betraying the troops. It is time to truly support our troops and start withdrawing them immediately. Not to “pre-surge” levels but to “pre-invasion” levels. It is time to listen to the people of Iraq and force the mercenary killers and other contractors to leave and give the people of Iraq back their jobs (50% unemployment rate in some areas, some areas higher) and their country.

The occupation of Iraq is a disaster and I applaud MoveOn for moving a little closer to the true “anti-war” movement and encourage them to come with us farther.

Anyone who is concerned with the rapid slide to fascism should be supporting MoveOn in this battle.

Anyone who cares about democracy over Democrats (or Rethugs) should join me in supporting MoveOn in this particular struggle and in bringing MoveOn more fully to the table with the peace movement.

Thanks MoveOn for speaking for the majority of Americans and please stick to your so-called guns. The struggle is worthwhile!

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Robert E. Fisher, MSW

Now that the Democratic party has dumped, I hope that will get on the bandwagon and SUPPORT IMPEACHMENT rather than supporting Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel, John Conyers, Jr. and the like!

Bob Fisher, MSW

I don't believe it is a matter of MoveOn.Org stepping away from the democratic party they have just stepped away from MoveOn.Org. Is MoveOn.Org going to be like the democrats when they kiss a.. of the republicans and kiss a.. to the betrayus democrat party?
Maybe Independent isn't that bad after all when you just give time , money and effort to a party that kicks you in the a...
The democrats are not democrats anymore , they are Bush a.. kissers. They run off at the mouth until it comes time to actually do what they preaching they fold in a second.
Just tell me what has the democratic candidates done except run their mouth , since they took control in the 2006 election, not a damn thing. Bush not only keeps his dictatorial control , power of spying and running this illegal war , but every phase of his corruption has been increased under the democratic control since 2006.

MoveON must Move on to IMPEACHMENT or move on IMPEACHMENT.

Either way...

IMPEACH REMOVE INDICT....then,after the job is done,

perhaps reMoveOn

Can you believe that 29% of Americans STILL believe that Iraq attacked the twin towers on 9/11? It's merely coincidence that 29% of the people still support bush.

Bush himself has even said, straight out, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. It's even recorded... on VIDEO even!! Really, it's true. Look, you can even see it right here on YouTube

Iraq had zero, zip, zilch, nada, absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 in any way, shape or form.

When bush attacked iraq, he didn't attack them because of 9/11, he attacked for the oil. First they CLAIMED there were Weapons of Mass Destruction, they CLAIMED there were these mobile labs making biological weapons and they CLAIMED that iraq was a threat to the United States. None of it was true. We went to war on lies, 100% pure lies. When no WMDs were found, when no labs were found, when it was discovered that Iraq was no threat to the US, suddenly, "we attacked to remove saddam, yeah, yeah, that's it, that's the ticket, to remove saddam".

People actually bought that. Can you believe it? They really thought we had invaded Iraq for the soul purpose of removing saddam. WMD's were erased from their memories. They forgot about those mobile labs, it was to remove saddam...who suddenly attacked us on 9/11, even though bush himself tells us iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Wow, how could so many people fall for that. Well, saddam was removed and then.... "We attacked Iraq to bring democracy to it's people". Saddam was a distant memory, nobody remembered what a WMD was and there is no such thing as mobile labs for biological weapons, what a silly thought. Did you know that Al-Queda ruled Iraq? That's why we had to bring democracy to them.... yeah, they ruled it, that's what it was, they ruled Iraq, and they attacked us on 9/11, that's the ticket.

Slowly, people are remembering, coming down from their hyped up stupor leading to war as body bags are piling up and family members are being lost. Slowly, they are beginning to remember somebody named Saddam, and they can vaguely, only barely recall something about weapons of some sort of destruction.

Soon, as the adrenaline and thirst for oil blood wear off, they'll remember those WMDs, they'll remember the mobile labs and maybe, just maybe, they'll remember a guy named Osama Bin Laden.

We don't hear much from Osama, he's somewhere in Afghanastan or something like that. Some guy in a turban that has kidney trouble that did something to somebody before...what was it he did?...we can't quite put our finger on it...hmmmm

Oh well, at least we paid back those evil doers who attacked us on 9/11 and showed them that we deal out justice swiftly and accurately because we have a strong leader who would never deceive us.

Osama Who? ...No, no, you mean Obama, he's running for president. Don't vote for him, he attacked us on 9/11 with saddam or something like that....

We sure showed them, didn't we?

Yup, those 9/11 attackers got what they deserved instead of being let run free with no reprecussions at all ... we kicked their butts and now we're gonna make them a democracy like we are, or kill them trying. Thank gawd for geeorge bush, he has made us so much safer and protected our civale liburties and is such a good, christieen mayn....

Would someone please explain to me how Osama was able to lay all the charges that brought down WTC 1, 2 and 7 from a cave in Afghanistan? This is just something I don't understand.

Let us hope that MoveOn wakes up and moves on -- to impeachment.

And how about that BBC footage from the afternoon of 9/11, with the reporter talking about the collapse of WTC 7, while you can actually still see the building standing over her shoulder in the background?

Now THERE'S a real head-scratcher...

Video Commentary You'll Never See in the MSM:
NOW PLAYING: "Tell Me Why" - an anti-war song

the 'war profiteer party' the 'military industrial complex pandering party' and the 'mass murder for hire mercenary lovers party', and there is no other party........

don't you fuckers get it yet?

there aren't two parties anymore. they are now merged into ONE PARTY, but most brain dead amongst you haven't figured it out yet that they are one and the motherfucking, murdering, genocide dealing SAME FUCKING PARTY OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION FOR PROFIT!!!

get it??? pull your heads out and FUCKING GET IT!!!!


It is very clear now that the democratic party has dropped their concern for their core supporters. It is now up to us to carry the ball to take our country back for this dictatorial government. Now we have republicans that have over the past years invaded our democratic party with their candidates like LIEBERMAN and are destroying it by running on our democratic ticket..
We also have democrats that are more interested in their personal political career then to give a d... about it core voters and the wishes of the American people. What would have happen if our forefathers would have said they did not have a chance against the British and it is no use to fight against their control.
The republican party plan to take over and control our government and country and are doing one hell of a job. With the global corporations supporting them with their money and control over the news media and now our democrats we face a very strong wall. If Bush and Cheney are left unchecked for the rest of their term there will no longer be a democratic American, only a corporate republican America and our freedom , rights , jobs , healthy , retirement and economy with be a thing of the past as if it might not be now.
We have to start now to repell these democrats (republicans that call themselves moderate democrats like Lieberman and the Blue Dog Democrats) from our party and if they wish to run with republican policies then they can run on the republican ticket.
Anytime Bush holds a private secret meeting specially after an election like he did with the Blue Dog republicans then you know damn well what party they stand for.
What in the hell is the matter with us , the republicans would send these people hunting with Cheney.
When you have a democrat that refuses to stand up for the constitution , bill of rights and the protection of the American citizens then you know we have the wrong person in office as our democratic candidate.

From Congressional Quarterly (all Repubs voted yea)

Yeas - DEMOCRATS (22)
Baucus, M. (MT) Johnson, Tim (SD) Nelson, Ben (NE)
Bayh (IN) Klobuchar (MN) Nelson, Bill (FL)
Cardin (MD) Kohl (WI) Pryor (AR)
Carper (DE) Landrieu (LA) Salazar, K. (CO)
Casey (PA) Leahy (VT) Tester (MT)
Conrad (ND) Lincoln (AR) Webb (VA)
Dorgan (ND) McCaskill (MO)
Feinstein (CA) Mikulski (MD)

Lieberman (CT)
NAYS (25)

Akaka (HI) Feingold (WI) Murray (WA)
Bingaman (NM) Harkin (IA) Reed, J. (RI)
Boxer (CA) Inouye (HI) Reid, H. (NV)
Brown, S. (OH) Kennedy, E. (MA) Rockefeller (WV)
Byrd (WV) Kerry (MA) Schumer (NY)
Clinton (NY) Lautenberg (NJ) Stabenow (MI)
Dodd (CT) Levin, C. (MI) Whitehouse (RI)
Durbin (IL) Menendez (NJ) Wyden (OR)
Sanders (VT)

Mike Stark is looking at purchasing with the idea of supporting unelected progressives.

My own proposal is to let my money follow my conscience, as I suppose most of us do, and directly support MoveOn and the candidates and incumbants who appeal to us, such as Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, The other Senators who stood up for freedom of speech, Dennis Kucinich, and the author of this op-ed.

"I'm Cindy", and I approved this message

Even if Move On did miscalculate their equation of Patraeus with "BetrayUs" - not intending to piss off a lot of Congressional (Blue Dog; i.e., Republican) Democrats, which in the event they did - Move On still should take careful note of how heartily the AMERICAN PEOPLE responded to - and NEEDED TO SEE their ad.

"There are…those who do not want us to speak…because…words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning and, for those who listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there's something terribly wrong with this country…(many have forgotten that)…'fairness', 'justice' and 'freedom' are more than words (to be used as political fodder); they are perspectives."

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

Cindy, you are a magnificent Mom... if anything comes out of what you do for peace in this old world of ours, you have taught American politicians that Mom and ApplePie do in fact hold all our basic values dear, and illustrate the heart, mission and TRUE MEANING of our American democracy.


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