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Leadership Void

By Cindy Sheehan

“They are advocates. We are leaders.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in regards to “Anti-war activists.”

People of America, this is truly the problem with what was once a Representative Republic and now is a country run by “elected” officials who believe that they, individually and collectively, are above any accountability and are not answerable to their constituents. Our public servants erroneously believe that they are the leaders!

Ms. Pelosi made this statement to a group of reporters at a luncheon recently and she also went off on activists who have been participating in vigils outside of her chi-chi home in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco. The people who are vigiling outside her house regularly, in a Pelosi Watch are only exercising their rights as American citizens to make their concerns known to a Rep who was elected from a district that is wholeheartedly against the occupation of Iraq and for impeaching the liars who got us into the illegal and immoral situation.

No, Ms. Pelosi, you are not a leader. You have proven time and again in what you laughably believe is a “mistake” free run as Speaker of a Democratic House that you will do anything to protect an Imperial Presidency to the detriment of this Nation and the world, particularly the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

This Democratic Congress supported BushCo’s disastrous and deadly surge; handed him over billions of their constituent’s tax dollars to wage this murder; have by their silence and votes countenanced an invasion of another country; approved more restrictions on the rights of the citizenry to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure; Ms. Pelosi does not even know if “torture” (which violates international law and the 8th Amendment in our Bill of Rights) is an impeachable offense; and worst of all the impeachment clauses were taken “off the table” in an ongoing partnership with BushCo to make the office of the presidency a Congressionally protected crime conglomerate that is rapidly sending this Nation down a crap-hole of fascism. So, Congress has led us to a few things: war, poverty, oppression, unemployment, and an inexplicable continuance of the Bush Regime.

No, Ms Pelosi, you are not even a leader in the very narrowest of definitions. We do not elect our Congressional Representatives to be leaders, not to be used as willing marionettes for the war machine and other special interests that serve the elite to the detriment of the rest of us, but to represent the will of the people. We send our elected officials to DC and pay their salaries and subsidize their benefits to do the “Will of the People.”

No matter how many times Ms. Pelosi and George Bush share tea and giggles and no matter how often she “prays’ for him, George is not the Decider and she is only the Leader of the House of Representatives not the people. We are the sovereigns in this country and I tried to demonstrate this when I demanded a meeting with another haughty public servant: George Bush.

I cannot speak for every Democrat, Independent, Green or disenchanted Republican (and there are many) in America, but the consensus from my travels all over this country is that we put Democrats back in power in both Houses of Congress to be an opposition to the Bush Regime and to stop the annoying “bobble-headed, rubber-stamping” approval of all things criminal and murderous. We did not wish to keep heading in the same direction but desired to go another way, which would have required the Dems to finally step up and forcefully counter and stop the high crimes of BushCo. They have failed.

We are sick of excuses. We are tired of the blame being diffused on the Senate, the Blue Dog Dems, the Republicans or even, incredibly, the people of Iraq. A true leader accepts responsibility in ways that are not even dreamed of by BushCo or Congress Inc. A true leader would stand up and do what is intelligent and what is right and if he/she were a leader then people would follow. A leader does not wait idly by for a crowd of sycophants to gather around her before she does her job with integrity and courage; a leader leads the way and the Democratic Congress with an approval rating even lower than George’s had better wake up to whom they need to follow: us!

We have countless examples of true leaders throughout American history and if not for them, women would not have the right to vote, much less be Speaker of the House; Black Americans would still be slaves or at the very least still drinking out of separate fountains; workers would not have the right to unionize and children would still be mining coal; we would still have troops in Southeast Asia, and we would still be under the aegis of our close Cousins in Empire: the British. Some of our courageous leaders have had to pay the ultimate price for their bravery and vision and Ms. Pelosi should be ashamed of arrogantly whining over her rubber chicken that Americans exist who want her to do her job because people are dying and lives are being ruined with her complicity.

We have the right to hold both of the political parties accountable. We not only have the right, we have the responsibility.

We not only have the right and the responsibility we have the power.

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Right On Cindy. We can all run for congress in our home districts. Just takes a little courage.
Steady On
F. Michael Tuohey

Cindy Sheehan, you are a leader. A good leader brings people together, finds common cause, and works with her constituents. Nancy Pelosi does none of that. She seems to think that she is queen of the Congress and all must bow to her wishes (except the Republicans who she won't stand up to). What a terrible tragedy that the first woman speaker of the house is a complete bust. Let us not have to endure Hillary Clinton as president just because she is a woman. I'd rather have a good man than a bad woman in either of those jobs. Of course, you, being a good woman, would be best of all. If the good people of San Francisco would do us all the great favor of removing Nancy P and putting you in her place, we would all be so very grateful.

Cindy Sheehan , Hope you get your act together and run against Pelosi. We need people that will fight for the American citizens. Pelosi , is no longer a democrat and should run on the republican ticket in 2008 along side of Bush's friends.
We also need American citizens to run against the other democrats that have turn their backs on their citizens and their country.

These people are not republicans, not democrats nor even independents, I Hate to say this but they neo-cons and un-americans and zionists.

They destroyed this country and the world in more ways than one.

FDR, JFK & Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan are truly turning in their graves as we speak.

You are so right when you state that the "elected leaders" who slink around the Beltway believe that they aren't public servants, nor do they believe that they can be held accountable to the people who elected them to public office.

Not only are we in an immoral and illegal war in Iraq, but that immoral war is going to spill over into Iran, insuring that America will be in a state of pernament warfare. Combine this with the fact that millions of Americans are about to lose their homes due to the rapid collapse of the mortgage bubble. Unfortunately, the full depth and scope of just how bad the mortgage crisis has become has been completely blacked-out by the MSM in order to produce the following result -- a real solution to this deadly, accelerating national foreclosure crisis is prevented from happening, because the American people have been denied full access to the real truth of the mortgage collapse, and they won't be able to act quickly to stop the mortgage collapse and keep people in their homes. This mortgage collapse function, if allowed to fester unchecked, will lead to social chaos; social chaos the likes of which will make 1929 seem like "peanuts."

We must begin to have faith in ourselves and in the political power which we possess in order to hold both political parties accountable for their lack of action in stopping our nation from plunging into a full-scale social, political and economic collapse which will render America unable to function in its role as one of the leaders of the world. If we fail to do so, the repercussions of our failure to act against a two-party system which is rapidly becomeing a one-party system which supports war, fascism and the financial oligarchy, will echo across future generations ... if there are any future generations left, that is.

This might sound mean, but in feudal Japan, when leaders with honor, were publicly responsible for massive blunders, we might witness something known as "Harikari," an act of suicide brought on by a immense sense of shame!

I know that's mean, this damn Christian Blood I have, makes it impossible to fight; is it curse or is my faith gonna save cause we are all sinners? Forget I just said that! Please, no clue why I wrote it???

So what the hell are we gonna just sit around here and cry about it or
pray for it or what?????????????????????????????????????????

America's moral compass is completely broken we are so out of focused and cant see, Somebody has to give the American People a power viagra! these and I mean Bush and co. greedy backward S.O.B's have driving the country completely into the ground and if you didn't catch the ride you missed it.

Are we the free love'n, feel good, sex, drugs and rock and what was called-roll, free society or are we this hardcore, moronic, uneducated and believe in "fairy tails" one that cares about one thing oil, oil, oil??

I can't even think anymore I thought yesterday was Friday, oh, well, with love from

Those who are elected are PUBLIC SERVANTS ! Pelosi will just have to learn the hard way...boy, the higher they think they are, the harder they fall.

We need elected official to protect us from approvel of this type of policies by this administration, and Bush's water carriers the democrats...
Bush wants his Free Trade bill passed which sends our jobs to foreign countries....

Bush was Alarmed by slipping support for free trade (which translate to cheaper wages for corporation with much larger profits,by sending our jobs overseas) even among Republicans, President Bush is arguing that protectionism will cut Americans out of chances for more — and better — jobs (when you take work and jobs out of the country for cheaper wages how in the h... is it given Americans better jobs and wages).

We need to put a stop to these globalists for destroying the United states.

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